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Video Guide

For those of you who prefer a video rundown.
Includes Full T16 Hydra run at the beginning.


Hey guys, I'm Zein and welcome to my build guide for "Queen Explodokill"
The build initially started as an inpulsa blade vortex character, but ended up becoming a hybrid autobomber-blade vortexer. The clearspeed is fantastic and supports very lazy playstyles, and the single target's also very strong.

Using abberath's hooves to start explosion chains was inspired by Demigodkinglol.

The only thing I want to say before anything is that you take off the abberath's hooves before going into a boss in favor of Kaom's roots.

0. Videos and tl;dr
1. Concept
2. Pros and Cons
3. Bandits
4. Ascendancy and Pantheons
5. Skill Tree
6. Gear
7. Links
8. Leveling


T16 Hydra (only at the beginning, the rest is a video guide)

tl;dr guide
PoB pastebin


Skill Tree


tl;dr Gear


Elementalist is known to run Inpulsa+triple herald and to have really strong clearspeed thanks to that.

Now inpulsa has a very strong mod on it.
"Shocked Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 10% of
their Maximum Life as Lightning Damage which cannot Shock"

The reason for the "which cannot Shock" is probably because if it could shock, it could chain indefinitely on its own.
But, thanks to that wording, it doesn't stop Freezing.
So if we can convert the damage to cold, we can make inpulsa explosions freeze enemies on hit.

How do we do that?

This lil guy. Call of the Brotherhood converts 40% of our Lightning damage to Cold damage. Thus, our inpulsa explosions can now freeze.

But why freeze?

Herald of Ice! Herald of Ice makes it such that if you shatter an enemy, it causes an AoE explosion of damage. This explosion, hits other frozen enemies.

Giving Herald of Ice a way to shock is the next step, and we easily do that by supporting it with Innervate and Elemental Prolif for lightning damage and a lot of chance to shock.

So now we have a cycle:
Kill shocked enemy -> Inpulsa explosion freezes enemies and deals damage -> Herald of Ice explodes and shocks enemies -> Inpulsa explodes those shocked enemies -> Repeat.

This, with a 5-6 linked Herald of Ice leads to extremely long chains. The gif above, or the beginning of the build guide video for a more visual representation of the result.

Pros and Cons

+All content
+Shaper/Uber Elder farmer
+Huge explosions
+Great Single Target
+Great Clear
+Very easy to play, though end-game bosses like Guardians and Shaper require some level of skill to do deathless
-Not immortal
-While autobombing, you are a squishy character, and should be wary of dying.


We help Alira.

Ascendancy and Pantheons

Classic Elementalist w/ Heralds

NORMAL LAB: Pendulum of Destruction
CRUEL LAB: Mastermind of Discord
MERCILESS LAB: Shaper of Desolation
UBER LAB: Beacon of Ruin

Your preference entirely

Skill trees

POE tree





Literally anything you want goes here.
If you want stronger autobombing but less-boss killing, Doryani's + Esh's mirror

If you want to scale blade vortex the best, run two stat sticks with the following mods:
-%Increased Spell Damage
-%of Physical gained as Extra elemental damage (doesn't matter which elements, just get as many of these as you can)
-%Global crit multi
-%crit chance for spells


Since our Inpulsa is reserved for 6 Linking our Blade Vortex, we want our helmet to have innate supports and high life.
To do this, we go for a shaper helmet that at the very least has "Socketed gems are supported by level # increased area of effect"
The other mod would be innervate.

A helmet like this with 90+ life and some res is as cheap as 5-10c.

Body Armor

Inpulsa! Obviously. Prioritize the damage of explosions when purchasing one:


Hrimsorrow is really strong when using Blade Vortex. It converts some of Blade Vortex's physical damage to cold, enabling it to freeze and scale off elemental damage.


For autobombing and map clearing:

This enables us to just walk and proc inpulsa/heralds, turning us into a phase run spamming autobomber.
Added Lightning + Added Cold + Concentrated Effect + Increased Critical Strikes are the supports you use.

For single target/bossing:


Anything you want, probably just want life and res.


Warlord's Mark ring to sustain mana on bosses when casting blade vortex.
Res and Life are good plusses. Note that this is an Elder ring.

For autobombing:

This is 100% necessary to make Inpulsa freeze and start massive chains.
Only necessary when clearing though.

Swap to:
Any ring you want when doing single target, such as

Mark of the Shaper is a good choice since you have an elder ring in your other slot at all times. Make sure your resistances are still capped out though, call of the brotherhood gives lightning and cold res as an implicit.


Anything you want, huge plus is getting % of Physical Damage as Extra elemental damage with high life like this:

Otherwise, prioritize life and res.


-Res if needed
-Attributes if needed
-Damage to spells


Anything you want.
Only mandatory items are a life flask (strongly suggest an instant life flask)
and a diamond flask.
Also, on your non-unique flasks, you need staunching and heat.

Good options include:
The Wise Oak
Taste of Hate
Quicksilver flask

My flasks:


6L (Chest) : Blade Vortex - Increased AoE/Concentrated Effect - Increased Critical Strikes - Controlled Destruction - Hypothermia - Increased Critical Damage/Phys to Lightning.

Phys to Lightning converts 100% of Blade Vortex's damage to elemental, but also gives a bit less dps than increased crit damage for our build.
Not worrying about phys reflect is a huge buff though.

3L (Weapon 1) : CWDT (level 1) - Immortal Call (level 3) - Increased Duration (level 20)

3L (Weapon 2) : Links don't matter here, Herald of Ash+Herald of Thunder

Assuming you have an Innervate+Increased AoE helmet
4L (Helmet) : Herald of Ice + Elemental Proliferation + Cold Pen + Frostbite
4L (Helmet) : Herald of Ice + Elemental Proliferation + Onslaught + Spare socket for whatever you want.

Both setups are fine, the first ensures the chains are as large as possible, regardless of whatever mods are on the put. To run the first, you can only run one herald though. I tend to run Ash with it.

I prefer the second one since I don't feel that the extra cold damage is necessary for the massive chains. Increased AoE+Elemental Prolif are usually enough in T16s, and if not, all I do is walk a little further. Also, it allows me to run all three elemental heralds, which maximizes boss damage.

4L (Gloves) : Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Phase Run + Increased Duration

4S (Abberath's) : Added Lightning + Added Cold + Concentrated Effect + Increased Critical Strikes


Level as any skill you want until level 28. Then take blade vortex and zoom zoom across the acts.

That's everything I could think of writing into a guide. Remember that a guide isn't absolute. You can alter the build in any way you feel is more comfortable for how you play the game. If you have any questions or notice that I've made any mistakes, please feel free to bring it up with me. Have fun mapping~
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why do you not just weapon swap for running the map till the boss ? would be much faster with dori+esh running the map, pushing one butten at the boss so your % MORE statsticks for BV appear, you change your boots and ring fast and go go boss ? ^^
Mekadrill wrote:
why do you not just weapon swap for running the map till the boss ? would be much faster with dori+esh running the map, pushing one butten at the boss so your % MORE statsticks for BV appear, you change your boots and ring fast and go go boss ? ^^

This absolutely does work, and I would do it if my links were a little more flexibile. Also I feel like it isn’t necessary for mapping. The only part of this that slows down mapping is when a rare appears, or a tanky magic pack. Clicking blade vortex once tends to fix that.

If you want to run Doryani+Esh and swap to stat sticks, just make sure none of your mana reservations are in your weapons!

Also update: Uber Elder downed(not deathless). Will be recording a cleaner run later this week.
How does it performs in mines?

Is it fine for fossil farming at 400-500+ depth?
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kewkie wrote:
How does it performs in mines?

Is it fine for fossil farming at 400-500+ depth?

I think it’s fine, but going past 600 may be tough. Not due to damage, but due to how squishy we are without phase run.

Damage-wise it’s fine, especially with blade vortex for pesky rares and node objectives/encounters. Your primary concern will be defenses. But phase run is extremely strong in delves, so that should trivialize fossil farming.

Demi runs this really well in 300+ and I haven’t reached that far as i’ve been more focused on uber elder.

I would suggest if defenses are too low to stay alive while autobombing+phase running, just dont autobomb and use blade vortex to proc explosions and shred tanky monsters so that you can wear Kaom’s roots for 6k+ life.
I'll try this build. ty! looks fun.
Don't usually post in build threads, but I wanted to ask about curses. I see you got listed hrimsorrow with eleweakness and ring with warlords mark, but for the life of me can't find any additional curses on your setup? Did I miss the double curse setup?
What's the purpose of using whirling blades AND phase run?
What's the purpose of using whirling blades AND phase run?
Whirling blades don't work too great in tight spaces, so you can use phase run to get through enemies. Also phase run makes you take more steps -> more damage.

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