We've just released the Plague Scribe Staff that replaces the your staff with a rune-covered wooden staff which emits a blue flame. This staff skin is a perfect addition to your Scholar Armour Set from one of the War for the Atlas Supporter Packs. Check out the video below or get yours here.

The Plague Scribe Staff also looks good with Arcane microtransactions from the store. Try it out with the Arcane Armour Set, Arcane Weapon Effect and the Arcane Character Effect. You could also replace your portal with the Arcane Portal Effect.

Thank you so much for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
I am First, I am not cool, Staff not cool, Second is the best.
an mtx with motion
truly revolutionary technology
Like the way sheets are waving, but still, it's a staff.
It's a sign, bois, staves are gonna be getting some love in December. Mathil effect when?
It sure looks awesome with the Arcane set, which is my fav.
GGG please, stop taking my money.
Check my YouTube Channel if you want :)
Very cool!

Hi mom
Just gotta say, the witch is still using her immense arm strength to hold that staff aloft in the air instead of letting it rest upon the ground. Friendly neighbor reminder for character model rework ;)
Well, I suppose, if that’s your thing.

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