[3.4] Quad Herald Teleporting Explosions [Consecrated Path] [Multi-screen clearing] [1 MIL+ DPS]

Welcome to my first ever guide written for the forums and my favourite build I've played so far since the Harbinger league!

Today we'll be looking at a lightning fast offensive variation of Mathil's Voidforge Elementalist combined with the interaction of Inpulsa + Three Dragons (used in Somayd's blade flurry build) to teleport and explode multiple screens of mobs while still scaling all the way up to the endgame.

I've been playing this build ever since Mathil showcased the original Voidforge CP video, however I decided to try and put my own twist on things using a few ideas taken from Somayd_'s popular Elementalist BF build which I played last league.

Ultimately this build has been an absolute blast to play all the way from levelling to early-mid-lategame maps and is in my opinion a much more fun variation of the original Voidforge CP build.

Do you enjoy

Very strong clear speed + mapping
Fast farming thanks to CP's teleport/mobility
Good DPS against bosses
Watching entire screens of mobs explode from your insane Inpulsa + Quad Herald chains
Being able to scale into endgame content
The option to use a variety of different equipment e.g. 1 hand weapon + stat-stick to great effect

Then this build is the right one for you!


My current gear

POB link + Stats (Two handed build)
POB: https://pastebin.com/pbZAVWa4

Note: These stats are based on a modest mapping configuration where 99% of the time you will have 3 Power + 3 Frenzy charges + most of your flasks active. This does not include any of your Elementalist ascendancy buffs such as Beacon of Ruin / Pendulum of Destruction or the "Is the enemy shocked?" option that can boost DPS further. These aren't enabled due to you 1 hitting most mobs, but they can come into effect vs bosses. Play around in POB yourself to find different results!

Gem Links

Herald of Ice - > Ice Bite -> Cold to Fire -> Innervate

These gem links are 100% needed for your Herald of Ice to cause multi-screen chains and explosions when combined with either the Three Dragons Golden Mask/Voidforge Sword/Yoke of Suffering Amulet + Inpulsa

Using Terminus Est

Consecrated Path -> Hypothermia -> Physical to Lightning -> Elemental Damage with Attacks -> Melee Physical Damage

Your 6th link can either be Ruthless (Damage) or Fortify (Defence)

Using Voidforge

Consecrated Path -> Hypothermia -> Increased Critical Strikes -> Elemental Damage with Attacks -> Melee Physical Damage

Your 6th link can either be Ruthless (Damage) or Fortify (Defence)

We swap from Physical to Lightning to Increased Critical Strikes when using Voidforge due it's low critical stats. Terminus Est has high critical chance built into the weapon so this gem isn't necessary when equipped.

By maintaining our good crit chance within the build, this in turn boosts the utility and usefulness of the Quad/Tri Herald setup. Our critical strikes will cause Herald of Ice to shatter packs of mobs frequently from the explosions. This will also allow our full elemental damage to inflict ailments (such as Shock which massively increase damage to both monsters AND bosses) with the ascendancy Beacon of Ruin then spreading them in a radius around us.


Two Handed Melee Weapon
Vaal Ancestral Warchief -> Hypothermia -> Concentrated Effect -> Elemental Damage with Attacks -> Melee Physical Damage

Your 6th link should be Ruthless for maximum DPS against bosses.

The idea is before every boss fight you place your 2 Vaal Warchief totems and begin hammering away with Consecrated Path. My 2 totems add around 630k+ additional DPS on top of my own attacks allowing for quick bossing on most maps. Additionally the totems boost your own damage making you hit even harder.


The final gems in this build are where you will fit in the remaining 2 or 3 Heralds + utility/defensive gems depending on your play style.

Herald of Ash + Herald of Purity are your key Heralds for the Tri setup.

If you're going for 4 Heralds then include Herald of Thunder too.

Summon Ice Golem is used to boost our attack accuracy and increase our critical strike chance.

Next I highly recommend taking some form of movement gem to help you speed through maps or re-position against bosses.

Flame Dash is great since the mini-rework this league, otherwise you can choose Leap Slam + Fortify for improved physical defence.

Ultimately choose whatever feels most comfortable for your gameplay.

Bandits + Ascendancy Points

HELP Alira for the Critical Strike Multiplier, Elemental Resists + Mana Regen.

You can choose your Elementalist Ascendancy Points in 2 different ways which I will touch upon below. Each have their own set of pros and cons.

The Recommended Path for optimal Atlas Completion + Boss Killing

Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord -> Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin

By taking Pendulum of Destruction + Mastermind of Discord first, you can quickly use your Tri/Quad Herald setup for a MASSIVE 30% DPS increase. This will smooth your early mapping experience and allow you to kill bosses before you can invest in stronger gear e.g. Voidforge.

The disadvantage is that you lose out on having the satisfying multi-screen explosions that your Beacon of Ruin creates through it's innate elemental proliferation.

Clearing maps will still be very efficient and fast, but if you're looking to constantly farm lower tier maps (1-5) then the other path may feel better for you until you are able to finish your Uber Lab.

The Recommended Path for Speed Farming Tier 1-5 maps

Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin -> Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord

By taking Shaper of Desolation + Beacon of Ruin first, you can begin power farming lower tier maps and start destroying huge packs of monsters with ease. You will be creating similar size explosions (if not bigger) than the examples in the GIFs above which will allow you to beast through maps like a speed demon!

The disadvantage is that you will straight up lose 30% of your DPS compared to the other Ascendancy path. This will effect your ability to kill bosses cleanly at the start of your mapping, especially if you're only using basic gear without too much investment. Furthermore yellow tier and above maps can be difficult when only using a Tabula or lacking other important defensive stats.

The best defence is your offense as a teleporting melee. Being able to reliably 1 shot most packs as you smash into their face is a necessity at higher tiers, which is harder until you have strong enough gear to offset the DPS decrease from not having your Tri/Quad Herald setup.

Levelling + Early Mapping Guide (Two Handed Melee Build)

General Tips

Your passive tree begins by starting on the right side and heading downwards. Prioritise your nodes based on the needs of the character and their current level of gear e.g. if you're feeling squishy take Life nodes, if you're lacking damage take the DPS instead.

Goldrim Leather Cap + Tabula Rasa are fantastic for levelling and will last you even into yellow maps before you have your Inpulsa + Three Dragons.

During early Acts before you have access to all of the gems available from the Library (Act 3)/Lily Roth (Act 6), Added Fire Damage Support + Onslaught + Faster Attacks are great links for your Smite/Static Strike/Consecrated Path setup. If you're using a Tabula Rasa stacking more Elemental Damage Support gems is also great.

The best Heralds to use before you have finished Cruel Lab and can achieve the Tri/Quad Herald setup are Herald of Ash + Herald of Purity. They give the biggest DPS increases to allow you to smash through the acts and the utility/damage of the spawned minions in HoP is underrated during the levelling process.

Try to finish both your Normal + Cruel labs ASAP, preferably before you begin maps. Mastermind of Discord is a 30% DPS increase with your Tri/Quad Herald setup and will allow you to breeze through any Acts remaining + early mapping becomes much easier.

My personal method for optimising the build during levelling (or even after) is to load your character into Path of Building and then open up the Consecrated Path/Levelling Skill you're using. Once you click each of your current gem support links, POB automatically lists the support gems available in order of DPS. Play around with your skill's support gem setup to configure optimal damage e.g. Added Fire Damage Support is strong early, but Physical to Lightning scales much better later.

Levels 1-28
You have three options for starting this character depending on your play style and uniques you have already e.g. Lifesprig Wands or Wanderlust Boots.

1. You can begin by using basic caster spells such as Freezing Pulse or Arc until level 28 and switch to Consecrated Path. Damage will be slightly weaker than normal due to not taking any caster nodes in the tree, but Arc is powerful enough to grab at level 12 to carry you to 28. A good choice if you have Lifesprigs and other levelling uniques designed for casters.

2. You can begin by using basic caster spells such as Freezing Pulse until level 12 and switch to Static Strike. Static Strike can then either be used throughout the entire levelling process until maps otherwise you switch to Consecrated Path at level 28.

3. You begin by using Smite, either until level 12 switching to Static Strike, level 28 switching to Consecrated Path or through the entire levelling process until Act 10/Early Maps where you will swap to Consecrated Path regardless.

Note: You will need to buy Smite from another player unless you have one available in your stash or wait until you reach the Act 3's The Library.

My personal method was to use Smite until 28 and swap to Consecrated Path. Some players prefer Static Strike instead of Smite but I found the skill kinda clunky.

At level 22 buy the Edge of Madness Greatsword. This weapon will take you through to level 51 where you will swap to the Terminus Est for a HUGE damage increase.

Levels 28-51
Continue levelling and smashing through the acts with either Smite, Static Strike or Consecrated Path until you reach level 51. You will then equip your Terminus Est

This is a massive milestone for your build as you will now be using a weapon that will last you from this point forward until Red Maps. The damage you will be inflicting will be incredible compared to the Edge of Madness.

With your Terminus Est now equipped, if you have been using Increased Critical Strikes swap the gem with Physical to Lightning support instead. We do this because the Terminus Est has naturally high critical strike stats making the gem much weaker compared to before. Higher damage can be achieved by changing to Physical to Lightning.

If you're unsure about your other links, open POB and play around in the skills tab to optimise the support gems for your chosen attack.

Levels 51+
Levelling should be almost too easy once you have Terminus Est + decent gear. Continue to speed through the acts picking up all of the skill points along the way until you reach maps.

Farming lower tier maps such as Beach (Tier 1), Arcade (Tier 3) or Burial Chambers (Tier 3) can be useful for both gaining EXP as well as potential currency. Ultimately you can run almost any map and make returns. Just fill in your Atlas as required and try to push further as you acquire better gear.

I recommend doing the Merciless Lab in your mid 70s.

Uber Lab should be completed during your mid 80s+ once you have some jewel slots (3-4) unlocked in your passive tree.

Note: If you're struggling with surviving the traps/gauntlets in your labs, a viable strategy is to replace some of your DPS jewels with Maximum Life + Life Regen per second jewels instead. This will make the traps more forgiving and allow for mistakes as your innate life recovery in this build isn't great.

Equipment choices (Levelling + Maps)

Two Handed Weapons


The Edge of Madness will be your first buy at lvl 22 while levelling and will carry you until 51 where you can then equip your Terminus Est instead for a huge damage boost. An item with similar rolls above can be bought anywhere from 2-3 alcs up to 1c. The flat physical damage + chaos damage % increase will scale while you level which is a nice bonus.

Try to find a Terminus Est with 60%+ Critical Strike Chance and 240%+ Increased Physical Damage. If you're going the Two Handed route this will be your best option until you can afford your Voidforge.They can be found for 1c+ depending on the stat rolls so equip at lvl 51 ASAP to get an insane DPS increase while levelling. It will destroy white maps and carry you deep into Yellow maps easily with just a Tabula Rasa chest and sub-optimal gear.

This is your ultimate endgame two handed weapon and will give you a roughly 50% DPS increase over your Terminus Est. Giving excellent elemental damage, maximum life, attack speed + increased AOE for Consecrated Path, it synergizes amazingly with all of the stats being useful. The amazing utility of the "Elemental Damage can Shock" property means that we don't necessarily need the Three Dragon's Golden Mask in order to proc the crazy explosions and begin obliterating entire screens of mobs with ease.

Unfortunately these are nowhere near as cheap, ranging from 3ex+ with the cost increasing depending on the stat rolls. The one I'm using above was approximately 3.5ex.

One Handed Weapons


This is an example of a 1 handed sword you could use with a stat stick for relatively cheap.

You're looking for the main stats below:

High physical DPS (Increased Physical Damage %)

Increased Attack Speed % (The higher the better)

Elemental damage (Cold, lightning or fire)

High Accuracy (Unless you're using a shield such as Lycosidae which stops you from missing, you will need accuracy on your gear to increase your chance of hitting mobs)

Adds # - # Physical Damage (Further improves your DPS)

This is an example of a stat-stick you could use with the other sword above for relatively cheap. The purpose of this off-hand weapon is to convert the high physical DPS of your main hand into elemental damage giving big DPS increases.

You're looking for the main stats below:

Gain % of Physical Damage as Extra Elemental Damage x2 (Try to have two of these on any element to convert your main hand's physical DPS into additional elemental based damage)

High Accuracy (Unless you're using a shield such as Lycosidae which stops you from missing, you will need accuracy on your gear to increase your chance of hitting mobs)

Global Critical Strike Multiplier (We're stacking this throughout the build for higher DPS and critical strikes which give us a better chance of shocking, freezing and igniting)



This is your basic starter helmet that can take you all the way from level 1 to starting maps. It helps keep your resists capped and the additional rarity increase is the cherry on top. The item cost ranges from 1-2c.

You will most likely keep this helmet equipped until you have your Inpulsa, in which case you switch to the Three Dragons Golden Mask.

This is the second helmet you will use ONLY when you have your Inpulsa. It's very cheap to buy and should only cost 1-2c at the most. Now while the tri-elemental resists are nice to have, the stats aren't anything too special at all.

The real reason we use this item are because of the unique properties below

Your Fire Damage can Shock but not Ignite
Your Cold Damage can Ignite but not Freeze or Chill
Your Lightning Damage can Freeze but not Shock

The whole crux of the amazing synergy between our Herald of Ice + Inpulsa causing huge chains/explosions across multiple screens is due to these properties and how they work together. It's the core principle of the build and why it's as effective as it is.


If you meet the above requirements you can replace the Three Dragons Golden Mask with this instead. You will give up resistances for more offensive stats such as Critical Hit Chance and Increased Attack Speed resulting in an approximate 7.5% DPS increase. As a bonus you will also gain extra Evasion and 200+ Maximum Life with your passive tree filled. A very good choice to replace your Three Dragons with once you have acquired the rest of your equipment.



A Tabulsa Rasa will take you through the entire levelling process all the way to mid-high yellow maps. Try to buy one if possible as the 6 links will provide easy Act 1-10 progression and surprising damage. Lack of defence can cause issues with certain map mods or just higher tier maps in general. As soon as you have a 5-link Inpulsa you will swap to that + Three Dragons Golden Mask.

This is the chest that forms the core of the build and will boost your damage through the roof. Try to buy this as soon as possible and 5-link it so you can begin seeing the true power. Once you reach this milestone the real fun begins! Mobs will explode dealing Maximum Life % Damage to others around them, thanks to the Shock you will gain further DPS against bosses/mobs as well as additional life. Your clear speed will begin ramping up to 20 after changing from Tabula to the Inpulsa.




Any rare gloves like the above will do. You're looking to fill in any defensive stats you're missing such as Elemental Resists or Maximum Life. Increased Attack Speed is another valuable attribute as well as Elemental/Physical Damage to Attacks for improved offence, however prioritise defence first until you have the currency to afford gloves with both.

If you have the currency to afford them (135c+) and resists are capped elsewhere, these are a fantastic replacement for your standard rare gloves increasing your offensive power.

By placing 2 Murderous Eye Abyssal Jewels into the sockets, you gain more DPS through a combination of the jewels + Tombfist gloves unique effect "With a Murderous Eye Jewel socketed, Intimidate enemies on Hit for 4 seconds with Attacks". Intimidation alone causes enemies to take 10% increased damage without taking into account the stats of the Abyss Jewels themselves.



Great levelling boots to wear with useful stats before lvl 28 and are able to equip Wake of Destruction to carry you until early maps. Should only cost 1c at the most.

Once you reach lvl 28 you should equip these bad boys if possible. They provide some decent offensive and defensive stats while the Life Gain on Kill is amazing for sustaining HP while fighting packs of mobs. You will most likely switch to Rare Boots with Elemental Resists once you finish Act 10 and begin mapping if not before.

Just your every day Rare Boots with Elemental Resists, Movement Speed + Maximum Life. Nothing special about these although the 12% Increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've killed recently is nice if you can get the enchantment. Just fill in whatever resists you require to reach the 75% cap first and work on gaining the life + movement speed stats later when you can afford them.

These are probably your best option for boots if you have your resists capped elsewhere and 3.5+ ex to spend. Unfortunately I'll need to change a few pieces of equipment before I can use these optimally, but they will allow you to socket further Abyss Jewels to increase your Damage + Life. Gaining 10% damage for each type of Abyss Jewel affecting you certainly helps too! Huge DPS increases are possible here if you can fit them into the build.



The main stats you're looking for in a Rare Amulet are these:

Critical Strike Multiplier (We're stacking Crit in the build so this stat is a must)

# to Accuracy Rating (Aiming to have at least 88%+ accuracy when using Consecrated Path)

% Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills (With great amounts of Elemental Damage and Physical conversion already, our DPS is boosted higher)

Maximum Life (Self explanatory; we don't want to die so easily)

Fill in any additional resists you may be missing as required. If currency is low prioritise defensive stats first. It's better to take longer finishing a map than consistently die to trash mobs etc.

The amulet I'm wearing above accounts for a MASSIVE 15% of my overall DPS.


The Yoke of Suffering can provide some decent damage and Chance to Shock, but it's main purpose is the utility the amulet provides through the effect "Elemental Damage can Shock". By utilising this powerful effect, we can remove the need to use a Voidforge or instead wear a Starkonja's rather than The Three Dragons helmet, while still maintaining huge chains of explosions that absolutely obliterate monsters.



Wearing 2 x Le Heup of All Iron Rings was very effective during levelling. They provided a good balance of offensive/defensive stats to smooth out the entire experience. Can be used during early maps too.

The 2 rings above are the ones I began using during white/yellow maps before I was able to purchase my Mark of the Elder + Shaper rings.

The main stats you're looking for are the following:

Elemental Resists (Fill them in as required)

Maximum Life

# to Accuracy Rating

# - # Elemental Damage to Attacks

These are the endgame rings which synergise together to create a big DPS increase and allow us to start gaining power charges to further improve our Critical Strike potential.

Through the unique effect of the Mark of the Elder Steel Ring "#% Increased Attack Damage if your other ring is a Shaper Item" our damage explodes. My personal strategy was to save enough currency to buy both this and the Shaper Ring so that they could be equipped simultaneously.

For your Shaper Ring you want these stats:

Curse Enemies with level 12 Assassin's Mark on Hit (By cursing enemies on hit with this effect, we make them become vulnerable to Critical Strikes + generate Power Charges)

# to Accuracy Rating

# - # Elemental Damage to Attacks

Note: Prioritise the above offensive stats unless you're very wealthy. Shaper Rings which include the above + Maximum Life/ Elemental Resists become expensive extremely fast. It's much more cost efficient in my experience to gain those stats in other pieces of equipment.


Examples below:

Two handed crit multiplier jewels -> One handed crit multiplier jewels

Two handed melee physical damage nodes -> One handed melee physical damage nodes

Sword + Stat-stick = Take dual wielding nodes on passive tree instead

My POB link is optimal ONLY for Two Handed weapons. While it does give an approximation of your DPS/stats if you load different gear into it, you will need to adjust the tree + jewels accordingly. Your DPS could be anywhere from 20-30%+ lower than reality without making the correct changes.

Change log
5/10/18 - Added Quick Levelling + Early Maps section including general tips. Made small adjustments to formatting and fixed various spelling errors.

10/10/18 - Added Gem Links section + cleaned up previous sections


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First to say looks GG and excited to see the full guide.

Would be keen to know how viable it is as Uber elder farmer, mf farmer, and Uber lab farmer!
Hey , gonna try your build.
Which side of the tree is better to go, left or right side ? to start to level.
dont like this. chaos wasted.
Last edited by Kross0m on Oct 5, 2018, 2:22:15 AM
Really like the looks of this.

Just a quick note....I think you mean to help Allira, not kill her.
Looks fun. I'm gonna give this a try but maybe with 3 Inspired Learning jewels and rampage for extra fun times.
bankai1009 wrote:
First to say looks GG and excited to see the full guide.

Would be keen to know how viable it is as Uber elder farmer, mf farmer, and Uber lab farmer!

Thanks for reading! I will be writing up some new sections now and recording better GIFs and possibly some videos of gameplay as well soon.

Uber Elder Farmer: Won't be the most efficient or safest build for this purpose. Nearly everything in that fight can one shot you and with how Consecrated Path teleports your character around, it can get you killed. Your damage is certainly good enough though. Ultimately it's up to your mechanics and how well you can dodge etc. which for me would be way too difficult haha!

MF Farmer: Very viable and a great farmer if that's your style of mapping. You'll lose quite a lot of damage especially if you were previously using Tombfist/Bubonic Boots or strong DPS amulets/rings, but I'd imagine this would only become a real DPS problem when vs certain bosses. Resists can be solved with nicely rolled Ventor's Rings which isn't an issue.

Uber Lab Farmer: Funnily enough this was my first char that I completed Uber Lab by myself! Normally I purchase an Uber Lab carry because I'm terrible at getting past the gauntlets and traps. Izaro is a piece of cake though with this build and if you can get past the traps with ease, I don't think you'll have any problem running Uber Labs at all.

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful and good luck with the build :)

Kross0m wrote:
Hey , gonna try your build.
Which side of the tree is better to go, left or right side ? to start to level.
dont like this. chaos wasted.

You'd start from the right side pathing downwards. If you lack damage prioritise the damage nodes, if you feel squishy take the Life nodes. Do whatever feels best for your levelling experience with the gear you have.

Sorry you didn't like it though, any particular reason why? Thanks for trying it out though!

jaredh wrote:
Really like the looks of this.

Just a quick note....I think you mean to help Allira, not kill her.

This is why I shouldn't write the guide early in the morning :P

Thanks for the correction, will make the change now.

Zophronios wrote:
Looks fun. I'm gonna give this a try but maybe with 3 Inspired Learning jewels and rampage for extra fun times.

Let me know how you get on! Just note that each jewel makes up roughly 8-10% of your overall DPS so if your damage feels lacking with that setup, considering changing 1-2 of them to two-hand crit multi/attack speed instead.
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Hey Im lookin for a build that can farm t10+ maps FAST for sulphite then hang around delve 300 Do you think this fits the bill? Currently I have a elehit scion and would like something faster.
Looks very fun, will try it asap, thx.

Just threw some enchanted fossils at a helm and got this, worth using? or just selling?
foster21 wrote:
Hey Im lookin for a build that can farm t10+ maps FAST for sulphite then hang around delve 300 Do you think this fits the bill? Currently I have a elehit scion and would like something faster.

This build farms like a monster so yes, you could farm T10+ very fast and kill bosses pretty easily. In terms of delving I have no idea. I'm nowhere near depth 300 but as long as you can still 1-2 hit mobs you shouldn't have too many problems.

Zietlogik wrote:

Just threw some enchanted fossils at a helm and got this, worth using? or just selling?

Great rare helmet with that enchantment for this or any other Consecrated Path build.

Selling that helm and buying a Starkonja's with the helm enchant is a solid choice if you don't wish to use it.

Just remember you either need a Voidforge OR Yoke of Suffering Amulet with an Inpulsa to get the huge chains in the build, otherwise stick to the Three Dragons Golden Mask until you can acquire either of those.

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