[3.4]Elemental Hit Scion - Level 100 - 2:30 Uber Elder - 10k Life

Im thinking of doing this for my first character in betrayal league. Would you say it's viable running MF at start with queen of the forest and maybe mf gloves + 1 ring?

I would opt out of blood magic to have spot for grace to reach evasion cap and want to fit item rarity support on my 6-link clear.

Do you think dps and tankiness would be enough to clear up to shaper with that instead of regular version?
Hello Guys! I would like to thank for the build guide, it is so good that I managed to reach level 100 for the first time, I recorded the fight with uber elder, I died 5 times, I still have a lot of what I learn, but I am very satisfied.
I made all the content of the game with no problem, including reaching 600+ in the mine and all the bosses of the delve
My Current Gear

I will leave the link of the video uber elder fight, who can give me some tips of where I am wrong I apriciate!

With the 3.5 nerf to Chin Sol, is it really a big hit or could +2/+3 bows do just as good?

Welp followed ur tree, ended pretty close to ur dps, with the chin sold nerf the bossing dps got a bit hit, with the new crafts a crafted +3 bow is much better

https://pastebin.com/Bs85ZPDj there is my pob btw, ticked frozen to simulate the shock for yoke
(to count it as a ailment for ele hit/yoke without selecting the 50% shock that pob have by default)
Also the custom mod in the helmet is the +10% to lightning and chaos res craft, i still havent updated pob to make it show correctly so i just put it in as custom mod
and still havent got any of the helm/boot enchant lol, have been farming em quite a while but no luck

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