[3.4] Perma Gluttony of Elements, BV, RF, Facetank T16

You don't need a life flask with remove burning ? Personnaly i play all maps and certains maps have a layout wherein i can lose the glutonny buff. Then i prefer remose RF with a instant flask than wait the 1 life.
Hi. Can manage in this build using Vaal RF too?
Hi Lainbh,

yesterday, i tried to use Vaal RF insteed of RF to combine both effects and the damages are very high.

However, it takes more time to obtain the required souls for glutonny of element.

I think that the use of vaal RF is great for maps in order to burst the boss. I ran plenty of T16 maps and the boss died faster but for the mine classical RF is better to be safe earlier.

Moreover, i used a suggestion from Octo to use the following item in off hand :

Indeed, i can switch weapons when glutonny is up and keep rampage even if this weapon is not equiped.

A surprised thinks is that the duration of the rampage is improved by the self cast temporal chain. Thus, keep rampage up is no more an issue.

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Hi, a little late to start playing, but nonetheless, what do i do with the bandits? i can't seem to find any info on it
Hi i think that i've taken the point.

Moreover, i've updated my stuff :
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aallassault wrote:
Hi, i don't think that i'm purely immune to phys dmg.

If i take 1000 phys dmg :
420 dmg are taken as elem and
580 dmg are taken as phys

I'm heal of 105 because i've 75 all res and i take 417 dmg (considering phys dmg reduction with armour and endurance charges)

Thus, in theory, i think that should take arround 1/3 of each phys dmg.

However, in practice i think that i'm more tanky than a previous build with 90% phys dmg reduction because the huge regen and leech.

let's see the fight against the minotaur, i don't take that mutch dmg.

See, this is where I think you went wrong unless Im missing something.

Story -60 resists
Amulet -10 resists
Armour -60 Lightning resists

Total resist ?

Damage taken (considering just armour)
30% physical as lightning

a) You take elemental dmg (100)
If fire dmg heal you for 170% (170 heal)
If Cold dmg heal you for 170% (170 heal)
If Lightning dmg heal you for 230% (230 heal)

b) You take a physical hit (100)
30% become lightning dmg (30)
70% physical (70)
Results ?
Physical dmg = 70 - % reduction
Lightning dmg = 30 * 2.3 = 69 heal

70-69 = 1 dmg
Achieving a 99% physical dmg reduction without counting armour!

This is the kind of build I was planning to make if league wasnt so dead and near its end.

AS a side note.

This also mean RF heal you more etc.

Loving the build going to try it out.

But a quick question doesn't you're passive tree allow for 3 curses while you only use 2.

Sorry if I missed something.

Thanks for the build
Hi, i use corrupt gloves with elemental weakness. Thus, i use 3 curses : elemental weakness, temporal chain and wardlord's mark.

Concerning the proposal to play without any resi, it's sure that we are better with gluttony up but it's more dangerous during the phase of stack the souls.

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