3.4.3d Patch Notes

Great, thanks for the update! Could you please think about the possibility of stacking fossils and resonators? That would be wonderful. A search function for the Delve overview also would help to farm more specific. Thanks for the time, best regards
And was thinking maybe they would remove sulphite as no one likes it. Nope still there guess league is still dead to me.
SoM wrote:
my cap is still 18k, 12 flares

where's the upgrade ?

My too. Upgrade costs 21k Az for +11k Sulph cap..
Thats BS.

Every patch feels like not much improvement. Just more grind, whats not fun at all.
Fixed a bug where Dynamite could heal monsters in extremely deep Delves.

Best bug ever.
Oblitus wrote:
Exile009 wrote:
Ashriel wrote:
"Boy, sulphite sure is a fun, engaging, and well-thought-out mechanic"...

It's not fun or engaging, I agree, but it is well-thought-out. It's not meant to be fun or engaging to begin with. It's purpose is to preserve the longevity of the Delve mechanic by preventing it from going stale too quickly, as well as the longevity of the game as a whole by preventing the creation of a separated realm that doesn't interact with the rest of the game's contents (which preserves design space for them for future content that doesn't involve the mine). Think of sulphite as a necessary evil, and think of harvesting it, not as a grind, but just as playing (other parts of) the game.

It achieves exactly opposite. It massively dilates new fun content with old stale content, making new content feel stale as well.

Totally agree, it achieves exactly the opposite.
Fun update.
As soon as try to enter my hideout, game crashes to desktop with no error message.

I guess I'll wait for a hotfix...
-ASPirine- wrote:
There is no reason to delve deeper. All drop available on tier1 depth and running low levels is more profitable.
RNG on 300+ depth is shit. I dont't want to get 1 currency chest for 1k+ sulphite cost.
Now I have to join to 80-90 depth farmers.

There is a misconception flying around the community that the only way delving is to go down. I believe GGG has never intended this to be the primary way and their costing model suggests it as well. Players are encouraged to delve down to complete certain challenges but not go down forever.

Everyone should fine a compromise among time spent acquiring sulphite, risk & reward ratio and time spent in the mine. This "ideal" depth will be different for every player because people will have different criteria, however, that is perfectly fine. The mine is a place where you can mindlessly farm low level deptsh at no costs, you can challenge your character by going extremely down to see how much you can survive or you can hunt for specific delve encounters (which would drive at what depth you will be delving).

It is incorrect to say all rewards are available at all tiers. Bosses and certain biomes only spawn past certain depths. Biomes also have different quantity modifiers and the deeper you go, the higher quantity (with more dangerous mods) appears. Quantity on biomes seems to have significant impact on chest drops.

My goal is to delve at around 240 depths where I expect to get ilvl83 items from rares. I'm currently around depth 220 where monsters are already lvl80. This depth also ensure all biomes can spawn. Once unit delve costs around 550 sulphite, which is inline with single pick from low red-tier maps.
What's the point to go deep in delve? You get same amount of fossils in 80-90 depth and 200. I suggest to increase fossils drop, depending on the depth level, to motivate players go deeper in delve.
Qarl wrote:
3.4.3d Patch Notes
  • Added new Delve chests which have very low chance to spawn behind Fractured Walls. These chests contain currency as well as league-specific Unique items.

Raligard wrote:
How about this GGG:
For maps T11-14, guarantee at least 2 sulphite nodes per map.
For maps T15-16, guarantee at least 3 sulphite nodes per map.

I would say it needs to be 'guarantee at least 2 sulphite nodes per map', period.

Also, +1 vote from me for sharing sulphite across all characters.
Mastermind fight bugged out at last quadrant. Fixed yet?

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