[3.4] RUNNING ON THE MOON - Crit Jugg Lacerate Terminus // Fast and Tanky --> GIVE ME ADVICES

Hey guys, Dave here

Started this char with cyclone but didnt like how that skill works on single target (attack while moving).

Changed into lacerate and i like it a lot more.

Its always a budget build, and always you can improve the char if u want.

I wanted to combine the jugg ascendancy with Terminus ( i realy like that sword ) not the best phys damage , but good attack speed/ free frenzy generation/ high crit chance , its very good for jugg.


Cheap to start
No Vaal Pact
Fast mapping
Very good lab farmer
Decent single target damage
Tanky ( life regen - armour a lot - good leech/gain on hit )


Cant run phys reflect / no leech maps

Lab example

No Traps problem - without flasks



-Terminus You can start with 5link that cost 25choas or no link for 1 alch, i get the 6link for 3.5 ex (so cheap for a 6l)
-Abyssus the best dps ( you can use starkonja or rat's net .. devoto's is good for lab)
-Brass Dome make us very tanky even with abyssus ( loreweave for more damage )
-Belt of the deceiver phys damage, intimidate, some life, some all res
-haemophilia Some clear boost

On rare search for:
Ammy/rings - add phys damage/crit multi/life/res need some int somewhere
Boots - Life/res/movement speed
Jewel - life/critmulti/attack speed/area damage

My current Gear


Some Stats and Numbers


At lvl 95
- 5.600 HP
- around 14 attack per second
- Around 1.3M dps
- Plus 460k dps totem
- Plus 200k dps vaal double strike
- 38k armour , 90% phys reduction
- 3 sec immortal call ( 4 sec to get maximum endurance charges in worst case )
- You can get 6.000 HP easy with better gear



Unstoppable - stun, freez/chill/temp chain immunity .. awesome for levelling(end game too)

Undeniable - Accuracy, attack speed .. We dont need any accuracy on gear

Unflinching - Free endurance charges generation, +1 charge

Unbreakable - Life regen, 5% reduced generic damage taken, double armour from chest( with brass dome its like 30k armour only from chest )

Kill all bandits
or help Alira for crit multi, res
or help Oak for more tankyness


For major god grab Arakaali ( get all upgreade )
For minor god u can use gruthkul - Ryslatha( for lab is good ) - Tukohama

Pastebin/Skill Tree

Video Work in progess


PEACE and thank you
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"advices"? ya, ditch Lacerate.

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