We're starting this week with another boss battle video! While watching the Vaal Architects fighting each other was pretty fun, we decided it's time for serious bosses to show who's the real boss. Today's challengers are Queen Atziri and the Vessels of the Vaal!

If you've missed our previous videos showcasing boss vs. boss encounters, you can check out the Kaom vs. Daresso fight here and the Unholy Trio battle here.
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Damn. I love these. Keep it up, please.
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I love these!

Who do I have to bribe to get Dominus in more of them? :P
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Well idk....who wil it be? So excite
How do I fast forward the healing phase like that???
Now the Trio!
Considering that the Vessels of the Vaal death rattle is my favorite sound effect in the game this was fucking epic! :D
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So she is strong!

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