3.4.3b Patch Notes

3.4.3b Patch Notes
  • Fixed a bug that affected parties with an even number of players. Sulphite gain was based on one less party member than these parties actually had.
  • Capped the maximum Sulphite costs of Delves at length 6.
  • Reduced the Sulphite cost of longer Delves (starting at length 2) slightly, with a larger discount for longer lengths. At length 6, the discount is 25%.
  • Changed Sulphite Costs/Acquisition to scale linearly between map tiers, rather than exponentially. The overall scaling factor has been reduced also. There are still incentives for playing higher-tier maps, but they are nowhere near as large as in 3.4.3.
  • Provided slightly more Sulphite bonus for Map Item Quantity.

You can read the manifesto post related to the Sulphite changes here.

Last bumped on Sep 27, 2018, 5:44:35 PM
It's unfortunate that the cost to Delve has gone up like this, takes the fun out of this aspect of the game.
Last edited by Morpheus666 on Sep 22, 2018, 10:06:43 AM
my wife's son likes this
Oh dear GGG, I am losing faith that you know, what you are doing sometimes :-/
Surprise me
Let's await the new wave of Sulphite complains on Reddit after this patch...
Every delve should just cost exactly 1 sulphite more than your current max capacity :P

I'm like depth 250ish and all my paths cost 1700+ sulphite, it's really not very fun to play delve like this. Why does the content need to be so fragmented? This would be so much more fun if I could delve for like 20-30 minutes at a time, right now I can delve for 45 seconds to like 3 minutes before I need to go back to mapping. Getting the next sulphite capacity is super grindy and isn't a significant improvement.
this was a crazy quick change
aldorus wrote:
Oh dear GGG, I am losing faith that you know, what you are doing sometimes :-/
Surprise me
At least they patch as fast as possible unlike some other game makers where you have to live with bugs, glitches and etc for months and months.
To paraphrase Tropic Thunder... Never go full exponential.

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