🔨🔥🏠Hideout Architecture: new Ruins of Suramar Full Hideout [Coral tileset]🔨🔥🏠

I found one of your hideouts (Shogun one) a few weeks ago and fell in love, it is beautiful! I was so sad when I realized I didn't have the overgrown hideout and the league was pretty dead so I had to wait for Legion to buy it. Meanwhile Legion arrived and I got it!

However, I'm having a problem using the map device. When I click it nothing happens. I'm missing Jun 5 and Alva 7, could that be the reason? I noticed removing the "Small Relic Display 1" on top of the device allows me to click it, but looks kinda bad.

Can you replicate the problem or have any suggestion?

Regardless, thank you and a big thumbs up for how good your hideouts are. Like was said before in this thread, you made me care about leveling my masters for the first time since the revamp.

EDIT: Got Jun 5 and her decorations and nothing changed. Looking at the Alva 7 decorations I'm missing, it doesn't seem they will change anything.
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