[3.4] Caustic Rain [Why not both?]

Is it huge dps loss if i use quill rain instead of a crafted +3 bow with vicious? (you said is mandatory but i had to ask:P)

I want to use this build mainly for shaper/uber elder farming and pushing delve is it viable for these activities? (since i use my main build for mfing)
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Quill rain isn't as strong for CA as a +3 bow, but toxic rain really shines with attack speed since the dot stacking. Give quill a shot, but would swap to toxic rain as main skill :P

And ye, I'm sitting at 320 solo depths and pretty comfortable - only things I die to are darkness/weta explosions. Shaper is a breeze, and so far I've cleared 3 Uber Elders with 1 death each. If your comfortable doing both of those bosses and know mechanics then you should have an easy time
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Loving this build so far! I did ditch blink arrow for flame rush. freaking run everywhere like a mad woman watching everything die in flames ;)

Also did a few other tweaks but not really that much because the build is so much fun (and anyone reading this, try out flame rush. basically will even jump chasms like leap slam, but most monsters my level die just from the fire, not counting bosses)

Either way, still only lvl 55 so I have a ways to go. Just great build all around and i love my mirge archer cleaning up after me after one shot of caustic nd then a few shots of toxic rain ;)
Game needs monkey pets.

Enjoying this build so far, thanks for putting it together. Any guidance on the passive leveling would be awesome - even some general guidance of what key passives are early priorities would be great.

Ahh sorry about that, adding to main post as well as reply :)





lv90 + 22 skill pts

lv90 extra resists

lv90 no extra jewels

Probably some different variations that could be better, but that's how I'd spec if leveling again

I've been following this build this season and have had a great time with it so far. Lvl 81, I just pulled some tombfists, you say they are mandatory for the build, can you please elaborate a little bit on that for me? What exactly is it that I am gaining with them?

You get an abyss jewel (flat life, damage over time, or utility), and Maim if the jewel is a Searching Eye which helps slow monsters down so they stay in your DoT

Life, and attack speed are the best rolls on gloves you'd want if you're resist capped and the corruption is easy to come by :P (Despair on hit is probably better in 3.5, since slow has a max cap of 75% from all sources now)

I just think a really solid pair of rare gloves just fall short, but I could be wrong this league with the new crafts

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