[3.5] Debeon Freezing Cyclone Abyssal Crier Champion - League Starter/Budget/Shaper/UAtziri

Edit :Nothing changed for this build in 3.5, still working except that The pandemonius is really expensive this league.

Hey, I'm playing on and off since open beta and my first real league was abyss.
I'm mostly playing melee build to not say cyclone only ^^
In Incursion I discovered the Debeon's Dirge axe, so I decided that I will eventually play around it in Delve. The Delve league concept and the change to the instant warcry made it clear, I'll defenitly play that.


Gameplay video
Pit of the Chimera ==> https://youtu.be/B8Yx7z_XMFk
I'll try to add a less clunky one later

What about end game bosses :
Atziri : ok
Shaper : ok
U Atziri : ok with advanced gears but not deathless (the trio is hard to manage)
U Elder : I don't think so.

UPDATE :11/23/2018 Some realistic DPS numbers lvl 93 with the gears in gears section

1==> Map setup (see gems setup)[PoB normal mob DPS] no totem, no frostbomb, no flask, 3 frenzy, warcry recently, ennemi chilled, taunted, intimidated, blinded, fortify
==> Bosses setup (see gems setup) [PoB Shaper DPS], no frenzy charge, no flask, no frostbomb, warcry recently, ennemi chilled, taunted, intimidated, blinded, fortify, bloodrage up without frenzy, protector up
3==> Bosses setup (see gems setup) [PoB Shaper DPS], no frenzy charge, no flask, frostbomb up, warcry recently, ennemi chilled, taunted, intimidated, blinded, fortify, bloodrage up without frenzy, protector up
4==> Bosses setup (see gems setup) [PoB Shaper DPS], no frenzy charge, flasks up, frostbomb up, warcry recently, ennemi chilled, taunted, intimidated, blinded, fortify, bloodrage up without frenzy, protector up

UPDATE : 09/27/18 - Shaper Down (Fist Attempt with this build)
It was easier than expected, as always for cyclone the 2nd void boss was more annoying than the shaper himself

Pros :
_Cheap cyclone build with decent DPS (in 3.5 the pandemonius il really expensive but can be replaced by a cold impresence while farming currency)
_League starter friendly
_Pretty safe once you get uber lab (fortify, blind, chill, intimidate, endu charges, cannot be stunned, shattering/chaos explosion)
_Fast clear speed : +35% MS during warcry + pack explosion with Abyssal cry
_Easy coloring (on Bronn or Debeon)

_League starter but maybe not ok for new players
_Low life pool if you are using Bronn 6k max (6k+ could be easily reached with belly)
_Res can be hard to cap
_You can have hard time until you get your Uber Lab
_Can be a pain if you are to lazy to cast warcry every 4s (but it is the purpose of the build)
_All sockets used (no space for gem leveling)

Base gears

Mandatory : Debeon + 2 x Cold steel

Highly recommanded : The pandemonius

Recommanded : Deidbellow

Play style and choices

This build is really flexible compared to some other cyclone builds (Tree and Gems setup). Note that some of my choices are intentionnaly not the better DPS options but it is usually to smoother my experience.

_I wanted to play Elemental Overload, I don't know if it's the best pace, but it gives a lot of int wich is nice (usually I always end up with a 55 int ring ...) and anyway from strenght we only get the life bonus
_With the new warcry nodes between duelist and marauder we can cast warcry instant and we have a cool down of 3.33s for our WC so we can recast it before the "if you have used a WC recentrly (4s)" I'm using Abyssal Cry AND Enduring cry. I'm mainly using AC to clear pack (1 cast every 2 packs) and when it becomes a bit tougher I alternate between both to have 3endu (12% phy red)
_Arctic armor is needed to chill mobs especially bosses to get 20% cold pen and perma blind from the pandemonius (if running elemental focus)
_There is no golem because I don't like golem ^^
_I'm using protector over warchief because imo, more attack speed you have, smoother feels cyclone
_I just bought a second 6L so I'll test an Ice crash setup for bosses.

My gears

The build is very cheap and you can have your 6L for 1ex (in delve)

My gears at the end of the league, still a lot of space for improvement

Note that the 5% AoE on both cold steel jewel gives +1AoE radius on the Clearing setup (22 radius with cyclone lvl 20), with cyclone lvl 21 only one is needed to have 23 radius so you can use a cold steel with "Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you" wich is really good for the trio of UAtziri
In 3.5 The pandemonius is really expensive, as pointed by @apachefx a cold impresence could be a really good alternative while farming for pandemonius

Ulab enchant

considering the really low supply of these and the small difference in DPS pick the first one you find, if you have the choice pick att speed

Note 2: With the return of double corruption in 3.5, the absolute goal for this build would be :
for clearing ==> to get a Debeon with +2 weapon range AND at least 27% increased area of effect that would give +5 aoe radius with the current setup
for bossing ==> +7 attack speed/+2 weapon range



Leveling is generally a personnal choice, I’m still using 2H sunder even after the nerf.
The Rustic sash + Blacksmith + Weapon can easily carry you to blood aqueduct where you can farm lvl 66 to equip Debeon. At lvl 45 a usually spend a chaos to buy a Blood reaper to accelerate my lvling and then I use it as a skin transfert :p

For bandits ==> kill all
19 pts
Classical duelist start 2H nodes + life
PoE Planner
31 pts
Life + instant warcry so you will be ready at lvl 33-34 to equip deidbellow + abyssal cry (at delve league start the prophecy was around 8c but it dropped quickly)
PoE Planner
For the next 10 points we are splitting the route, one way to the life wheel and one way to the maraudeur start, so if you feel you are to squishy you can focus on life nodes, if you are ok you can take some dps nodes
PoE Planner
61 pts
Dps route to onslaught on kill
PoE Planner
71 pts
We are now preparing the switch to Debeon, for that we need to 2 jewel sockets for cold steel at the duelist and marauder start and we should now do enough dps to rely on mana leech so we get the life and mana leech nodes
Note : if you already got an exalted orb, you can already buy your 6l debeon (they were 1-2ex at days 2-3 and stayed at that price all the league, so except if it becomes more famous it will be the same next league)
PoE Planner
95 pts
Make your way to Elemental Overload
PoE Planner

For the gems you can do :
lvl 1 Dual Strike + Onslaught
lvl 2 Cleave + Onslaught you can start to lvl Ruthless (you can also Molten Strike + Ancestral Call)
lvl 12 Sunder + Onslaught + Ruthless
lvl 18 Sunder + Melee Physical Damage + Ruthless
lvl 38 Sunder + Melee Physical Damage + Ruthless + Multistrike

Important : as soon as possible lvl cyclone, elemental damage, hypothermia and added cold and socket it to your debeon when you switch at lvl 66

Gems Setup

(setup once Debeon equiped)

Comfortable Cyclone Setup for clearing - 6L
Cyclone + elemental damage + Added Cold Damage + Hypothermia + (Elemental Prolif or Ice bite) + Increased Area of Effect
With this setup arctic armor is not mandatory

High DPS Cyclone for bosses - 6L
Cyclone + elemental damage + Added Cold Damage + Elemental Focus + Hypothermia + Concentrated Effect
But in that case Arctic Armour is mandatory to chill the bosses to proc "The pandemonius effect"

WARNING : you cannot just only switch gems before bosses as it is usually done (here Increased area for Conc Effect and Ele prolif/Ice Bite for Ele focus), ele focus will prevent any ailment and you will loose all the pandemonis effect so you should either switch herald of ice for arctic armor !

Cast When Damage Taken Setup - 3L or 4L
CWDT + Orb of Storm + Frost bomb + Immortal Call
Frost bomb ==> -25 cold res, huge on bosses
Orb of storm ==> huge increased chance to proc Elemental Overload
Immortal Call ==> mostly here to survive a big blue pack of Porcupine mobs, especially if you are using Ele focus only

WarCry Setup - 4L
Abyssal Cry + Enduring Cry + Blood Magic + Ancestral Protector/Warchief
Abyssal Cry ==> really nice for clearing
Enduring Cry ==> Free endu charges (3 = +12% all res and +12% physical reduction), nice for Vulnerabilty/Ele weakness map and bosses
Blood magic ==> almost mandatory, you will spam your warcry every 3.33s and abyssal cry is really costly, and you will not have so much mana left especially when running all the aura

Movement Skill - 3L
Leap Slam + Faster Attack + Blood Magic

Aura Setup 2L + 1S or 5L
Blasphemy + Frosbite and (Herald of Ice or Arctic Armour)
Blasphemy + Frosbite + Herald of Ice + Arctic Armour + Enlighten lvl 3-4

As I explained several time, if you are running Elemental Focus you are not doing any ailment with Cyclone, so you need a way to chill and we are using arctic armor for that.
And don't forget :
Bosses have 60% less curse effect on them AND 30% ele res
Shaper has 80% less curse effect on him and 40% ele res
so frostbite efficiency is really reduced but frosbomb still apply the -25% cold debuff


I choose champion because it's a good option for ele melee build running elemental overload and it has a really strong synergy with warcry (100% chance to taunt with warcry so easy 100% accuracy)

The 3rd lab is pretty useless as we are not running Fortify, but it becomes ok when you get your Ulab

Skill tree

My tree at lvl 93
PoE Official
PoE Planner

Theoric tree lvl 95 (not tested) with another path allowing 5% additional cold pen (+50-100k dps depending on the buffs) but needs a bit more int on the gears (20-30)
PoE Official
PoE Planner


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I'm playing this build right now and loving it. Would love to hear any updates.

I actually tried to throw Empire's Grasp gloves in because I'm edgy and playing with a friend who is running a bit of MF. The knockback from warcries is a bit underwhelming or I think the empire's grasp would be really cool with this build.
Hey, nice to hear it.

My play time is really limited this league (especially until mid-october) but I'll try to reach shaper as soon as possible and report that here.
I'm currently lvl 90, completing T11-12-13, Delve 160 and everything is fine.
I plan to reach lvl 93, this is where I usually end-up my char, and I'll see where to spend the 3 last skill points (probably more life to try to reach 6k with bronn).

I changed my setup a bit.
For clearing, I dropped elemental focus to get the freezing ability and so the chattering effect with HoI + also Abyssal Cry, it's another layer of defence againt on death effect (really nice for Delve).
So my current 6L for clearing is :
Cyclone + elemental damage + Added Cold Damage + Hypothermia + Increased Area of Effect + Elemental Prolif
With Blasphemy-Frostbite + Herald of Ice

And for bosses and Vaal outpost I'm currently using Ice Crash, but I plan to swith to a High DPS Cyclone Version with :
Cyclone + elemental damage + Added Cold Damage + Hypothermia + Concentrated Effect + Elemental Focus
But in that case Arctic Armour is necessary to chill the bosses to proc "The pandemonius effect"
I'm still waiting to 5-6L my bronn to have this setuo
Enlighten + Blasphemy + Frosbite + Herald of Ice + Arctic Armor

About Empire's Grasp you are loosing too much DPS and life compared to Tombfist or even Southbound or Hrimsorrow. And personnaly I don't feel the knock back at all, if you are using Abyssal Cry in a pack, the entire pack should just explode. But as I said if it feels smoother for you like that, keep these gloves and switch if you start hitting the wall.

EDIT : I took a look at your char, you are currently using ele focus (so you are doing no ailments with cyclone no chill/no freeze), so HoI is not necessery for you atm (because even if you are chilling with arctic armor, you are not chattering mobs because they need to be frozen for that), you will get way more DPS and clear speed with Blaphemy+Frosbite. Or you can try to switch ele focus for ele prolif and run HoI+Blasphemy-Frosbite

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bump, it seems nice and cheap, I'll probably give it a go during the next event !
great guide, you could use aspect of the cat and the farrur boots, to auto warcry and get even more move speed/atk speed
Hey, thanks for your suggestion, I'll take a look at that.

I almost skipped Bestiary and I didn't do my homework about all the uniques and aspect stuff.

But there is already 3 things I can see :

First, as I said res can already be hard to cap, so with Farrul's boots it will be even harder as boots are our main source of res with belt and rings (and one of them will need aspect of the cat).

Second, as all warcry share the same cooldown, it will significantly reduce the number of Abyssal Cry (or Enduring Cry for tough map) we can cast and then slower the clear speed (even if we get more attack and moove speed with Intimidating Cry).
But I could be a little bit biassed as packsplosion is one of my favourite mechanic. :p

Last, we are already running 3 aura so I have to mess up with PoB to see if it's worth to drop one for aspect of the cat.

Anyway I'll definitly give it a try in standart between the leagues.

EDIT : I did some test about that, and it is not that good, as I said we have to drop a lot of things to run Farrul's boots and aspect.
And at the end it is only an automatic cast every 10s, so it's far from a perma auto war cry. If we want to add an other warcry inbetween the window is really short.
Indeed, after Intimadating cry is autocasted we have to wait 3.33s to cast an other war cry BUT we have to cast it at least 3.33s before the next Cat's Stealh end (or it will prevent it because it will be on Cool down).
So finally it is a 3.33s window to cast an other warcry between 2 Intimidating cry, not really convenient.
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added leveling section
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what about go ascendant

champion/slayer + raider/pathfinder?
You would loose a lot of dps. You will have to pick Resolute technique and loose Elemental overload (40% more damage is huge).
Also, as I said Champion has a really good synergy with the taunt from warcry to get 100% accuracy + all the defences it provides.
wanted to know the pantheon trail and bandit choosing for this

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