Since the start of the Delve League our players have been experiencing a lot of amazing moments in the Azurite Mine. Today we'd like to share some highlights from the Delve league with the community.

We also would like to take a moment to give a shout-out to one of our community members, Drakunia, who runs the GamerForLife YouTube channel with video compilations of the Path of Exile highlights. If you're not familiar with this channel, click here to check it out!
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That is my level mad I'd get if I randomly died in hardcore.
Hmm. Wish these videos showed the developers how "normal" people play their game.
Shagsbeard wrote:
Hmm. Wish these videos showed the developers how "normal" people play their game.

Good idea. I nominate you to start a twitch stream :D
Wish that dude at 1200 depth was playing in HC. Then he would have stopped spamming the living shit out of everybody with those progress messages at every single level.
Empyrian? Nah, it was a bug with the party system counting a party as solo. Not their fault by GGG's for not fixing that before league (aka play testing) not to mention - how bad is that, white mobs one shotting you. ugh. With aurabot no less. Also good on him for not being an idiot and playing HC, not everyone likes logout macros.
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