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“Pacifism is a virtue indistinguishable from cowardice.”
― Brent Weeks, The Blinding Knife

We are Blackguard. We are a small group(as of now) that wants to play, help each other, and grow as a community.

What we are looking for.

Active Players.
we want discord to be active so people can party up or just socialize.

Maturity/sense of humor is a must.
most of the guild is military vets, we like to joke and have fun.

Adults only.
this is partly because of the the previous point, and also we don't want kids running around the guild.

All new members will be on a probationary status, this is to insure cohesion within the guild and not to make anyone walk on eggshells, be yourself and I'm sure you will become a full fledged member.

************Private League*****************
We are planning on crowdfunding a private league for next league start, we are opening our doors before that to build relationships before the league. if you want more information you can post in reply to this post and specify that you want more information on the private league. also if you are interested in joining the guild read below for more details.

Currently looking for veteran players.

✪ be able to join discord.
✪ be Mature and respectful.
✪ Play softcore league.
✪ Positive attitude.
✪ 21+.

If any of this interests you reply to this post with your
What server do you connect to(not league):
How long have you played:
What do you like in the game (are you a labrunner,mapper,delver etc.):
How many characters do you create per league approximately?:
What you hope to get out of the guild:
anything else that you would like us to know or a question you might have.:

Also feel free to pm me or whisper me in game @:pinkythepenguin if you have questions as well as asking questions in this post, however a forum post is required before a guild invite will be sent.


You can also pm Inksm3ar or whisper him @ his IGN: Inks(edited)
“This is what it is to grow up. It is to live beyond the blind rush of passion, or hate, or green luxin, or battle juice. It is to see what must be done, and to do it, without feeling a great desire or a great hatred or a great love. It is to confront fear, naked. No armor of bombast or machismo. Just duty, and love for one’s fellows. Not love felt, not the love that compelled action without thought, but love chosen deliberately. I am the best person to do this thing, it said, though I may die doing it.”
― Brent Weeks, The Broken Eye
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Hello i am new to guild here:
i would like to see a guild with actives members and equality in guild. I am happy to help other guild members if they are in need
NAME(IGN):kempitykemp(character name) kempogames(acc name)
Time played: steam says 993 but alot is afk time probably closer to 600ish
server: US
what you hope to get out of the guild: have some people to chat with while playing, learn more than i do now because im just coming back from not having a pc for a few months and im still by no means an expert.
May be interested, I just need to know if this guild if primarily standard, SC league, or HC league?
its primarily challenge right now, with standard play, but we are trying to get people from all over and from different leagues, i hope this answers your question
Sure, I'll try it out.

IGN: Ollivian
Time Played: By steam 5,106 hours, Though I only put in one to three hours daily anymore.
Server: US Texas
As far as what I hope to get? Nothing really, it's just nice to run with people from time to time.
NAME(IGN): SilverMinx

Time played: >25 hrs a week

server: Texas

what you hope to get out of the guild: Just looking for a group to buddy up with. Not looking for free stuff and willing to give of my time to help where I can.

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