[3.4] FAST DELVER/MAP CLEARER Tanky, Fast, and VERY CHEAP Phantasm Necromancer AutoSummoner

This is my first forum build guide and also my first ever summoner character so I had absolutely no idea what to expect coming in to this character and was quite pleasantly surprised with the clear and single target.

The core of this build revolves around the new unique introduced with 3.4 delve league: Soulwrest

What this does is every time we consume a corpse (offerings, detonate dead, Bubonic Trail death walk) we summon a phantasm, normally you can have a maximum of 10 summoned phantasms which is enough but you can double that by socketing SPOK (summon phantasm on kill) support to 20 phantasms which is quite a bit.

This particular version of the build uses Vis Mortis and the passive death attunement to have 3 spectres which will get us the first couple kills to start off the bubonic trail autosummons. 6 zombies provide an additional meatshield for our character while the phantasms and spectres provide an absurd amount of clearspeed. My character is currently decently levelled at level 86 in just under 18 hours. I have terrible gear aside from the 5 link Vis mortis which isn't necessary. Completed up to tier 10 maps on the atlas no problem and delved down to about depth 150 very easily.

Ultimately this build is not intended to be a boss slayer though it's single target is respectable. It is made to run as fast as possible through maps to get sulphite to delve very fast and earn a lot of currency from delving, it is my second build of the league though I could easily have started with it and geared no problem.

With better gear i expect to be able to reach delve 250-270ish and t15-16 maps and farm it for currency to fund later builds. current cost of gear at the time of writing this guide is about 50 chaos, however can be played for under 10 chaos easily.


these are the only required uniques however some good other uniques include Vis Mortis for an additional spectre and unholy might on kill

as well as Sidhebreath for various minion benefits

Passive tree:

Bandits: Kill all, or Alira for resists up to you

Gem links:
In a 6 socket Soulwrest
Greater Multiple Projectiles-Minion damage-Spell Echo-controlled destruction-SPOK-Faster proj with slower proj swap for bosses

Vis mortis:
Raise spectre-Greater Multiple Projectiles-Minion damage-Spell echo- 5th link minion and totem elemental resistances- 6th link probably minion speed for QoL or faster casting for DPS

4link #1 (helm or gloves)
Increased Duration-Phase Run-Desecrate-Flesh Offering

4link #2
Melee phys or minion and totem elemental resistances-Raise Zombie-Fortify-Minion Life

3link boots:
convocation-hatred-flame dash

Eventually the plan is to go Mind over matter for deeper delves and get 2 socket Bubonic trail and drop hatred.

Levelling guide:
I levelled as a summoner all the way using SRS from level 4 in a tabula and Mark of the Red Covenenant for some extra SRS damage, picked up raise spectre at level 28 and ran from there using the fireball ribbons from solaris temple. with LMP then later GMP, Spell echo, minion damage, SPOK, and controlled destruction, once I got to solaris in act 8 I swapped from fireball ribbons to solar guards with the same supports

Playstyle: At the beginning of the map or delve I desecrate 3 times and flesh offering it to get initial phantasms then pop movement speed and run, build plays itself from there on out. For bosses use desecrate every now and then with flesh offering to reset and buff your phantasms, otherwise just run in circles and dodge slams, convocation every now and then to move minions around. convocation every now and then so your minions can catch up with you.

Additional info: I forgot 6 skill points and didn't finish cruel labyrinth until around level 80 when I noticed, I also leveled to level 86 with only 4 flasks equipped so it's xbox viable as well. My gear is extremely bad and I still have only died once or twice due to being stupid. Jewels can use a lot of work and so can the rares.

total cost:
soulwrest 6socket 5l: 1 alch for base, around 10c of jewellers and fusings for the links
Vis Mortis: 1c
Jeweller's touch: 26c
Bubonic trail: 1c
Rares: 1-2c each
Jewels: found all

total: about 50c
without jewellers touch 5l Vis Mortis: about 25c

Overall its probably the best clearspeed I've ever gotten on such a low budget.
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Fairly sure you dont need to link the staff, its a auto 6L when you 6 socket it, like whispering ice.
Fairly sure you dont need to link the staff, its a auto 6L when you 6 socket it, like whispering ice.

I initially linked the staff because I thought the the SPOK support phantasms would need the links however after further testing I have confirmed that this is false and you only need 6 sockets
Was thinking of trying something like this. I started occultist, but the more I think about it I'd rather go Necro. I was going to use Skelebros for single target and the boots for auto summon. I haven't decided if I should go brutality with other auras or Hatred/ect but time will tell. Will be keeping tabs to see where you go with it!
Can u fix link Skill point ?
What's the best way to level this? SRS?

Edit: Wrong thread, sorry. :|
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I might try this- looks good.

(╯ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ǝ︵ o︵ d

I'm out.
path of building pls
alohadancetv wrote:
path of building pls

why do you need a PoB? it doesnt know how to calculate the dps, you have the skill tree, and i showed you uniques that are helpful. The rest of the gear is just life/res rares

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