Consecrated Path

Would it be possible for us to get information about the base radius of the slam? As far as I know it is not available anywhere.
my feedback:


- Yet another phy to x conversion melee skill. Why are we forced to choose elemental conversion when playing melee? The skill would have been better off with pure phy and let players decide if they want to go the elem route or not. When you do that, you make bleed and poison useless and those 2 are the staple of melee dot builds.

-this is yet another fire conversion skill. Personal choice here but I am tired of fire skills.

- I don t like the skill require no targeting at all. you can just click randomly around a monster and it will teleport to it. That is dumbing down the gameplay, good for kiddies and console players but not good for normal human users with normal hand to eye coordination. Stop the dumbing down of skill targeting please.


- fun to play, a better improved flicker strike. I don t have nausea using it like flicker and it does not require charges which is great.

- AOE included in the skill help for spreading elemental dots and freezes (since the skill decided bleed was not a thing for melee) and is good for pack clearing.
Poe Pvp experience
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^ Totally agree about elemental conversion, even if its often the optimal choice to scale elemental with melee we've seen it so much of it, just more blandness.

I remember when it's name was announced with even a description (that didn't, and still doesn't mention fire) out I was thinking of herald of purity and all this themed stuff maybe it'd be a regular physical gem then nope its conversion.
Was even excited since it allowed use with unarmed.
Hey GGG,

I love the changes to Leap Slam and Shield Charge. The screen movement is SO smooth. I was wondering if Consecrated Path was going to get the same treatment? It seems to move like the above skills used to, not how the improved skills currently move. Think that's a possibility?

Thanks for your time.
Truhls wrote:
if i teleport past mobs it seem there is more of a chance the skill just plain misses in general.


It misses so much. And the mob doesn't take any damages even if it's in the circle.

I even tried Resolute Technique to see if I would it more consistently but that doesn't work and it seems worst with the new changes to targeting in 3.7

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