[3.4][Guide]Caustic Arrow Initital Hit/Chaos explosion

I am at lvl 52 now with this build and trying to defeat Aberrath (the goat god). I get killed fairly easy. My gear is not so good but most of the bosses up until now have almost been able to kill me in a shot or two. Usually I stay alive by running around but now with a tight spot to fight in, I die in a few seconds. Any advice?

I've just started this build and so far I've enjoyed it a lot.

Couple of questions though:

What's the skill tree progression for lower levels?

Also what's the order for using the ascendancy points?

i'll upload gameplay of a t15/t16 map and perhaps some bosses.

still 4 weeks ago, did you forgot the videos? a tier 10 map isn't a reference to see if the build is good working, everyone can do a tier 10 map with white gear. interesting is it on higher maps with some more mods or corrupted.
I posted this over in one of your Raider builds, but then found this Deadeye thread -

Ok, so you say that CA is the most powerful/effective, but everyone else keeps saying that Tornado Shot is better.

I went with a Deadeye over Raider. Could you PLEASE take a look at my build and see where you think I went wrong?

I've done everything that was "logical". Now that doesn't account for not having the specific Unique (or even rare) items.

I'm getting SERIOUSLY smacked down by even T1/T2 bosses :( And I'm beginning to lose hope that this is a failed build, and my interest in the game is waning fast, as I seriously hate having to re-do the 10 Acts every freaking time :(

I really don't have the resources to do all the crafting necessary, so I'm having to grind The Bone Pits (over and over and over) just to collect 1-2% exp and supplies :(
Ok, I have made some adjustments to the selected skills. I respec'd a lot, but I left in Bloodless, for the leech mobs and bosses. I've heard 50/50 on it - some say keep it, you'll need it, others say it's not needed.

One thing you didn't indicate was your life.

I keep reading that min 5k is needed for Elder/Shaper/etc.

I'm only seeing a path (once at lvl100 !) to getting around ~4200-4300.

I'm playing just second day,but i think this should be good build :)

is it just me or can anyone explain me why i cant see the Skill-Tree??
It stops at 97% every time.

Thx guys
Hello guys, got interesting bow which i can give for free until the end of the league, I was planing to test the build but there will be not enough time for me(work, life, etc)
. I know the phys dmg is low, but do you think this will be better then chin sol?

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