[3.4] Consecrated Path / VAAL Ancestral Warchief - Tank Jugg - Self Immortal Call - 2.25 Million DPS

Previous BOTW and self-freeze creator. Time for self-immortal call!







Cool Build Defining Features:
*CWDT + Blood Rage + IC and Consecrated Path/Soul of Arakaali adds 9% life regeneration per second

*Gluttony generates endurance charges and activates Immortal Call through self hits via Leap Slam/Consecrated Path/Unflinching. The secondary damage from gluttony cannot be reduced by armor or dodged so effectively it triggers Immortal Call often.

*Enlighten level 3 allows us just enough mana to use non-vaal ancestral warchief totem for DPS boost.

*Intuitive Leap used effectively to save 5-7 passive points (5 points after loreweave is obtained)

*Downside of hiltless is actually an upside as it also helps activate immortal call quicker. Crit chance, high flat damage, blood magic, weapon range all benefit the build greatly. Does more damage than a starforge!

*Up to 7 endurance charges

-incredibly strong dps
-fast paced
-tanky defense (fortify, acro/phase acro, jugg, loreweave, 5500 life)
-cheaper cost because its not mainstream
-vaal ancestral warchief is very strong bosser

-Takes high level of gameplay skill to maintain leap slam fortify, consecrated path targeted ground pound location, ancestal warchief placement/timing, self inflicting immortal call before starting off certain fights.
-Not the greatest single target DPS
-Difficult for beginners to know when to hit the tipping point of switching from Terminus Est/Res belt to Hiltless/Gluttony (i.e. when the build takes final form and you don't kill yourself)



Hinekoras Sight is also an excellent amulet for this build.



Trash Clear:
Consecrated Path + Conc Effect/Inc AOE + Melee Physical Damage + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Physical to Lightning + Elemental Focus

***1st Alternative (less consistent damage but able to shock/freeze for higher potential damage minus shaper,easier colour on weapon):
Consecrated Path + Conc Effect/Inc AOE + Melee Physical Damage + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Physical to lightning + Ruthless

***2nd Alternative (less damage/less AOE but easiest colouring on weapon):
Consecrated Path + Melee Physical Damage + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Physical to Lightning + Ruthless + Maim

Bossing/Tough Mobs:
Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Conc Effect + Physical to Lightning + Melee Physical Damage + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Ruthless

Leap Slam + Blood Rage + Faster Attacks + Fortify

Herald of Purity + Herald of Ash + Hatred + Enlighten (level 3)

The forever overpowered CWDT Combo:
CWDT (level 1) + Immortal Call (level 3) + Blood Rage (level 7) + Increased Duration

Crit Multi/Life/Res rares
Might of Meek
Intuitive Leap
Atziri's Reign (good for AW totem duration)
Pure Talent (for leveling only)

Kill All

Major = Arakaali
Minor = Shakari

credit: to Kizx for helping develop build


My other builds:

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interesting take, a video would be pretty cool
Ralouch wrote:
interesting take, a video would be pretty cool

here you go!
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Hiltless makes you take damage whenever you use Consecrated Path. That generates Endurance Charges which then are transformed into Immortal Call. Gluttony Belt makes the process smoother by removing armour completely which otherwise could prevent Immortal Call from triggering. This loop provides nearly permanent Physical Damage Immunity!

The single target sustained Shaper DPS is around 611k - very good considering the defenses.

Now that's an interesting and cool mechanic! Awesome non-mainstream build definitely worth trying out! Good clearing speed, good single target damage, very tanky!

Many thanks sir!
Already playing the build and having a blast !
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updated guide, added all guardian/shaper videos. enjoy!
Looks really interesting. In what order did you take the ascendancies and when did you switch to hiltless/gluttony?
skill tree pls
I just hit mapping on this build and the damage output/tankiness is already impressive. It's a unique idea, and definitely the most interesting Consecrated Path build I've seen on the forums. Nice job.

I am wondering, however, what you would suggest as an alternative to Loreweave? I'm having little luck buying/finding the unique rings, and I'm not really wanting to drop the money on a Loreweave straight up. Cheers.

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