[3.4] Quill rain Auto Turret Caustic Arrow Trickster WIP(starter/budget)

Hello Silky here, this is my Caustic Arrow Trickster I've thrown together for delve league. So far I have made it to level 89 and up to t12 maps.

Path of Building Link for my upgrade goals and you veterans: https://pastebin.com/8ALRQHej

Is this build for you?

-> Do you like speed?
Full projected build will have 218% movement speed with a koam's heart. 273% ms with Queen of the Forest.

-> Do you like to just run around as stuff dies?

-> A build that you can start playing as from the get go.

-> A build that really shines with some investment.


Pros & cons
+ Good clear

+ 124% increased skill duration for smoke mine and phase run. Smoke mine lasts 13.3 seconds, phase run lasts around 4.18s with no frenzy charges up. The cooldown on phaserun is 4 seconds meaning we have permanent up time with no frenzy charges, With 6 frenzy charges youll get about 15s of uptime, great for delving into darkness.
+ smoke mine + phase rune = 80% increased movement speed at all times.

+ Mirage archer + CA is amazing for indoor maps.

+ Has one of the most amazing feelings of
progression for a character I've played so far, and im just into maps.

-Kind of squishy until you can get some life on gear.

-During leveling and mapping you're going to find bosses and some rares tanky, especially hexproof mobs before you get some really high end items.

-New Caustic Arrow is kinda ugly so you'll want the mtx

Here is my current character in delve league

Gearing up your character
Will update this later when I have time to expand on it.

Required uniques

Higher-end upgrades

Stats to look for on rares








For clearing

Once you acquire your offhand 6l +3 bow use these
[Caustic Arrow + Swift affliction + Vicious Projectiles + Void manipulation + Empower + Concentrated Effect

Leveling section

Great news is with the CA buff you can start the game with CA now, The skill has pretty decent clear, but single target is going to be lacking earlier in the game before you get major item upgrades.
Leveling uniques
Shameless self plug check my signature for a sunder leveling build that you can use if you want.

Or we can level with CA so you get that nice feel of character progression.

Useful uniques
Quill Rain bow 1alch - 1 chaos Get this ASAP
Ondar's Clasp gloves 1 alch for 30% attack speed from level 5 on 1 alch
Goldrim helmet for resists4c currently as of 9/3/2018
Wanderlust boots for movement speed and cannot be frozen 1c

Passive Trees
15 points
30 points
45 points
60 points
75 points
90 points

Bandits & Ascendancy
Bandits = kill all
Ascendancy = Patient Reaper -> Ghost Dance -> Prolonged Pain -> Swift Killer
Pantheon = Sould of the brine king and Soul of Shakari

First things first out of the gate if this is a league starter character for you. Find two 1 hand weapons with 3 green sockets for your offhand and equip two of them, Then fill the sockets with spare caustic arrows. Fret not you can level the gems even if you don't currently have the weapons out. This is for a vaaling them for a chance at a level 21 gem, good damage boost later on.

Rares should focus on resists in the earlier acts more than life. Try to find res as high as possible early on and try to find something with equal or better res but with better life as you play.

Look for a 4l green to carry you to maps. CA > pierce > swift affliction > mirage archer/void manipulation
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Nice looking guide! Was looking somerhing like this :) going to save money for this on my starter.
Why greater multible projectiles? As i see, you kill with the dot, so it just reduces the dot damage alot, and only increaases the ara of effect by a tiny ammount. Mutch less than an area of effect supportgem would.
IGN: Toxic_Artillery

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IsodorRodosi wrote:
Why greater multible projectiles? As i see, you kill with the dot, so it just reduces the dot damage alot, and only increaases the ara of effect by a tiny ammount. Mutch less than an area of effect supportgem would.

Because currently I don't have a dying sun. I currently don't need the damage in maps besides bosses, without it i only have 1 projectile. I can clear just as well using pierce instead of gmp while mapping, but gmp just lets me be lazy honestly. Try out whatever method of area coverage you want, see what you like best.
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Very nice build, but might I suggest a 4l toxic rain for single target able to stack poison with it for crawler and its much more solid than barrage with withering touch. Also drop the conc for decay for 5th link and damage on full health for 6th or vice versa much greater sustain for bosses if you choose to run CA and Gmp works great for the area explosion of CA better quality of life with it. I'd drop mirage for CA set up though.
what about bandits?
klasseman wrote:
what about bandits?

Added to the leveling section.
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Hi, any short answer for what stats to look for on the rares yet , loving it so far man
jens01325 wrote:
Hi, any short answer for what stats to look for on the rares yet , loving it so far man

Can't write it out completely right now I don't remember all the new shaper/elder affixes and I'll want to look into them to see if we can abuse any of the mods, not sure if many are super useful for this build.

But mainly you'll want life and resists foremost, I suggest buying rares with your boots off if you plan to use bubonic trail so you dont have to make up for that res loss later. On belt, increased flask effect and or a elder belt which gives #% increased Projectile Attack Damage during any Flask Effect would be juicy for example.
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