Some feedback that came up over the weekend was that players would like Delve upgrades purchased on one character to be available to all other characters they have in that League. After discussion, we believe this is a reasonable change and will be making it this week. Azurite will also be shared between characters in a league.

We're also working on improvements to flare/dynamite usage, and will keep you posted when we have that ready to go. Expect patches over the next few days with fixes as they are ready.

I'd like to thank the team members who stayed at the office over the weekend to handle launch issues and create fixes for problems. This was our smoothest launch ever from a server stability point of view and the bulk of the client/instance crashes were fixed in the first 12 hours.

Thanks for your continued feedback and support. It's really exciting to watch people explore the deeper depths and discover the secrets that are waiting down there.
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Thank you.
These nuts on your chin
thanks alot!

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