[3.4] Poet's Pen VD Zerphi Ultimate Edition

Long time lurker first time poster here.

I've been running this build and am just trying to save up currency/farm my own zerphis as they are 18 ex in delve league as well as a watchers eye which is a lot as well.

One thing I had a hard time with was understanding how the flasks work:

1. "The Wise Oak"

Originally I thought uncapped meant below the 75%, but after some reading I found out that it means that it takes the highest and lowest resistance, the number in brackets, eg: Fire Resistance 75% (104%) would be my highest and Cold Resistance 75% (79%) would be my lowest.

With this flask it would be best to have your resistances at all the same level, but that doesn't matter if you have spec'd in avatar of fire as all your damage will be fire anyway.

2. "Divination Distillate"

This flask only works when you aren't at max life or max mana, the best way to make this flask work is to spec into mind over matter as the tree shows.

3. "Zerphi's Last Breath"

This is the same as above, it won't work unless you aren't at max mana as this is a mana flask.

4. "Taste of Hate"

This flask raises your cold resistance by 50% so if you are spec'd into avatar of fire this is going to change your highest resistance to cold and mess up your damage. I'd suggest not using this flask until you refund avatar of fire when you have a Zerphi's.

"During Flask Effect" Why this wording matters:

Both Zeriph's Last Breath and Divination Distillate say that their effects are only active during the flask's effect. This means that if the flask says it is active for 4 seconds, but you recover full mana for Zerphi's and both full mana and life for divination distillate before the full 4 seconds then the effect ends even if its only been 2 seconds.

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So why don't we use Indigon?
Indigon is the dream,. however it's roughly 100ex to get additional VD corpse so you have to run lab yourself.

Long story short, i'm 20ex down the hole spent on twice enchanteds, and still have not gotten the buff.. GL fellow farmers
Hi I saw a video of you face tanking aul with the build which made me wanna try for myself, but I keep getting 1 shot after the first wall/cocoon phase. One thing is sometimes my flasks end early cause my mana gets fully regenerated. But even with all my flasks up i still get 1 shot. Can I get some pointers?

Here's my POB: https://pastebin.com/eGtzQ6RM

On a scale of one to disco music, how dead is this build?
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