[3.4] Trickster - Consecrated Path - SC/HC - ~500kdps - Theorycraft/WIP/Concept

3.5 changes Consecrated Path to no longer only use the main hand, as well as nerfing shaper 'added as' stat sticks. Basically what this does is bring down the max damage you can get on the build quite a bit, and severely harms the attack speed since we can no longer use prismatic eclipse in the off hand. Perhaps dual wielding Ahn's Might won't be too bad. It's also possible that the new main+off hand calculations won't cripple your damage when using a prismatic eclipse, but most likely not. I'll at least wait for the patch to declare the build dead, but dual wield Trickster is probably not even kind of worth it anymore.


Harness the Void + Consecrated Path + other random conversions = Kind of ok damage. Trickster because of free movement skills, movement skill synergy, Harness the Void, and Swift Killer is a beast.

This is mostly just a theorycraft and pob wankery post, but I am definitely going to be trying this build out. The guide is going to be pretty shoddy since it's my first 'guide'. I haven't the faintest how to link images, but maybe some day if this build actually works ok I'll redo things to be all fancy and helpful and device responsive.

Level 12 Tectonic Slam and Quicksilver with flat added standing in for Consecrated Path and Herald of Purity respectively until we get some actual numbers.

Initial Craft for posterity and reference:

Current PoB:


Notes on DPS

That 500k is techincally shaper dps, although there's no way the build could sustain against shaper. With flasks and charges off the dps is more like 200k dps vs. Shaper. Which I mean, that might be doable but it'd be slow and dangerous. The build can hit 1kk dps against white mobs by going loreweave and adding elemental focus as the 6th gem, so I could technically call this a 1 million dps build. Instead I cut it halfway between the two click baits, vs. shaper but flasks and charges up. You can toggle things in the pob but just to leave more work for me in the future, the dps vs. a standard boss with charges and flasks up (more likely) is 755k. Budget flasks (atzi's + diamond) it's 575k. So if anything I might be underselling things a little, but without proper/realistic items, 500k seems like the best number to call it at the moment. All flasks, charges, and a gg stat stick puts us at 667k vs. Shaper.

Another thing to consider is replacing Elemental Focus with Maim or Ruthless for general mapping. If you do that you can potentially shock and freeze, about half the time (aka crit chance). Inc Crit Strikes would also be a possibility if you go this route. Without Ele Focus you will shock and freeze anything under about 1kk health. This might mean you can shock/freeze some bosses but by the time you get the damage to do that you'll be out of white maps and won't be doing that to bosses. However against white mobs shocking and freezing will be safer overall. The only problem here is then switching to both Conc and Ele focus when you want to boss, and you can't easily swap a six-link chest since swapping two gems every boss can be a bit of a hassle. It's something to consider and decide based on what you feel you need (rare/boss/unique damage vs. freezing most trash)

Consecrated Path is like Flicker Strike and Tectonic Slam had a baby, even though everyone knows Sulphur Flask is the father. They're going to raise him as their own anyways. Trickster synergizes quite well with Consecrated Path in a couple ways. Weave the Arcane makes it free and also increases Attack Speed when you use it. Harness the Void likes the fact that Consecrated Path does some base conversion, since it gives us Chaos damage from both the base physical and the final converted amount. So we stack a bunch of conversion and let the ascendancy do some work. Phys to Lightning both gives us more conversion and lets us do Phys reflect maps, although you'll just go pop if you try ele reflect so avoid that. There's probably a way to do straight Elementalist or Scion Trickster-Elementalist to avoid that but the damage is less from my brief attempt at finagling things. I've seen a few theory craft builds for those ascendancies that put out the magic million though.

The point of Trickster is to not spend any mana on CP/leap slam and thus be able to reserve all of your mana for Hatred, Herald of Ash and Herald of Purity. HoI might be a consideration for the shatter explosions, but HoT doesn't really benefit us at all. Harness the Void and Ghost Dance are nice extras as well.


Main Hand: Ahn's Might. There's not really a contender except for a top tier siege axe. Ahn's Might, while it does unfortunately take away a frenzy charge, gives a bunch of accuracy and has decent enough damage on its own. Consecrated Path is Main Hand only and restricted to certain weapons of which the closest nodes to Trickster are the Ranger sword nodes. If you get a gg siege axe you can do some switching around and take the Duelist dual wielding nodes instead of the Ranger sword nodes. The passives themselves are worse but the raw damage from the siege axe will make up for it.

Off Hand: The Princess. This is really just a garbage/budget stat stick, but it's a shiny piece of crap: 'phys added as cold' which gets us going on stacking Harness the Void. Of course a Shaper stat stick with a couple 'gain x% of phys as <element>' will be better (and 'gain blah as chaos' for the extra good stuff) proper ones are a bit of money and I vaguely intend on league starting this.

I also found that 3G Prismatic Eclipse is better DPS wise than the Princess, and makes both CP and Leap Slam smoother to use. The damage is basically comparable, being only a couple thousand in favor of Eclipse, but going faster feels better so I feel like Prismatic Eclipse wins out pretty hard for budget options.

Starkonja's has everything you need in a hat: life, dex, attack speed and crit. Also it's a fucking bear head. How metal is that? We love this hat it's great. If you want to do something like Tombfist, consider getting a rare hat instead to make up the resistances.

There are Options here. Shroud of the Lightless (maybe acquireable in Delve?) is probably best even though it doesn't actually synergize much with Harness the Void/chaos damage. You just do so much elemental damage still that the level 20 elemental penetration is a serious DPS boost.

Loreweave is a good all-rounder: added flat phys, increased elemental, spicy max resist bonus, and at least some life. The crit is also nice, but the build doesn't go for crit so much as picks it up along the way. PoB shows Lightless as better dps but Loreweave is probably better for HC survivability.

Bronn's Lithe does slightly less damage than a Loreweave but also costs a helluva lot less. It's a good budget/starting chest and will be nice for at least until yellow maps. I feel like in order to push into red maps you'll definitely want a Loreweave, as the build is a bit squish without it. The attack speed on Bronn's is very good, though, and helps keep Leap Slam and CP feeling smooth to use. The only issue with this chest is that you have to get all off-colors. You can sub in faster attacks for something if that final socket becomes cost prohibitive, but FA is a rather suboptimal gem compared to even Maim/Ruthless unfortunately.

Other options that might work are things like Yriel's Fosterling (unsure if available in Delve). There's also always ol' reliable Belly of the Beast.

Rare with life, resists, flat added and something like accuracy or attack speed, whatever you feel like you need. Tombfist is an option as well but we're already pretty starved for resists and life without a shield.

Atziri's Step. 30% movement speed, life and that sweet spell dodge. This combined with Phase Acrobatics and Ghost Dance put us at 55% spell dodge chance. Incursion had spell dodge as a stat on regular rares, if possible to get in Delve a pair of those with life and resists might help free up slots for better rings/amulet/gloves.

Rare with life, resists, flat added phys, accuracy. If you're really posh you can slap another 'adds x physical as y' onto this sucker.

Steel rings that you've slapped around with whatever readily available Essences of Contempt there are. Craft life if you have to, pray to bob you get some resistances. WED is also really very good, and might be better than the flat added.

Either a stygian vice to keep with the whole Abyss league theme, or a good rare with life res, and sweet baby deitic figure do we ever benefit from wed

I wrote some incorrect things about Abyss Jewels here before, at least as far as this build is concerned. Ahn's Might doesn't have any % increased physical, just a monster amount of flat added, so we benefit much more from stuff like % increased physical damage iwth swords. Attack speed, crit chance, crit multi are also nice, and as always get that % increased maximum life. A single abyss jewel with chance to gain onslaught on kill is also very useful so we don't have to run a silver flask.

Here's another money sink if you want to get up to that mythical 500+kdps. Taste of Hate and Lion's Roar are the big ticket items, but you will do just fine with an Atziri's Promise and a Quartz Flask. I don't know if you're going to need a quicksilver (the one in the pob is just to emulate a herald not there yet) it really depends on the range of Consecrated Path. Diamond Flask because it turns out we can get to ~50% crit with that? Apparently there's a lot of incidental crit up around shadow/ranger/duelist. Who knew.


Consecrated Path - Physical to Lightning - Melee Physical - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect/Maim/Ruthless

Main Skill, conversion, standard melee gem, standard melee gem, we don't care about ailments. If you're not using Shroud you can add in Concentrated Effect for bosses and swap it with Maim or Ruthless for general mapping. Without Shroud we're not biased towards one damage type enough to pick a single penetration gem, so Elemental Focus gives us the biggest boost.

Just to note, Consecrated Path cannot be linked with Multistrike. I assume this is the tradeoff for not consuming charges to be used like Flicker.

Hatred is #1 here and you should always have it. It's like a shaper stat stick but doesn't cost money. Herald of Purity will be next priority (emulated in pob with the quicksilver flask) and Herald of Ash once your movement skills cost no mana. Blood Rage is good for attack speed, although you already gain frenzy charges on kill from Swift Killer asc. You can go without it if you want since it doesn't actually give us any leech (only gives physical attack damage leeched and we convert all phys to ele). Link it to CWDT to never have to remember it.

We don't really have room for curses so we make do with the regular CWDT - Immortal Call - Inc Duration. Add a golem if you don't want to blood rage. We don't have a way of generating endurance charges but it's still nice for maybe letting us live through things when we Consecrate the Path to Standard.

Arctic Armor if you really hate damage.

There's also a neat trick where you can link Flame Dash in the CWDT in case we Path into a bad place.

There's not really much room for these, but can be considered. If you drop the dual herald setup, losing a bit of damage, you can get blasphemy with Warlord's Mark for the endurance charges, Poacher's Mark for flask charges, or Elemental Weakness for damage charges.

While we probably won't use it often, it is always good to have a way up and down ledges when there aren't mobs around. Leap slam linked to Faster Attacks, or Flame Dash and Faster Casting are good options. You have a small amount of coincidental cast speed, but Leap Slam is probably going to be better and doesn't have a cooldown. In any case they're free so spam away. Whirling Blades, while it looks cool, doesn't go through the terrain features the others can, and Lightning Warp is still probably garbage.

There might be room for some other stuff I'm not really thinking of, but these should cover most everything. You're not using kaom's or BoR so you should have all the sockets you'll ever need.

Points or Alira. Alira I think is more damage and has nice resists which we might have some issues with depending on how you gear. The pob is made with points though because there's so many shinies to get on the tree.

We don't have to worry so much about firing squads this league so you can stick with Soul of the Brine King to keep from getting chain stunned. There might be a fancy trick with Arakaali and our CWDT-IC-BR setup, but we don't regen that much. There is a nice amount of leech though so maybe it would be nice. The minor trait is up to preference, but I like Shakira. We don't have a lot of chaos res, and what we do have comes from a flask.

Swift Killer > Weave the Arcane > Harness the Void > Ghost Dance

Weave the Arcane might be better to take first to zoom through leveling if you're having mana issues. Swift Killer is also zoom just less sustainable on bosses and we don't benefit from the power charges until we get more crit on the tree. Harness the Void is half the point of the build but doesn't help until you switch to Ahn's Might (around the same time you merc lab). Ghost Dance provides some nice defensive bonuses but isn't really important if you can't get Uber yet. You also lose them pretty much every time you get hit because we're not ES focused.

I don't think you can level this build with weapons. The tree doesn't really have much attack increase until much later, so the plan is to level as something like frostbolt, blade vortex or explosive trap. There should be enough straight physical damage on the tree for the later, and you can do a little bit of respeccing in the early tree (Elemental damage nodes from start, Elemental Focus the passive node) to carry you until 68 when you can grab an Ahn's Might and the Ranger Sword nodes (Brutal/Fatal Blade). Those nodes are really the only thing you should avoid until then, unless you want to try leveling as weapons. The build also only really goes in one direction so there's not much to say about pathing.

Innsbury Edge makes a decent main hander from 47 till you get ahn's might at 68. Equip a 3G Prismatic Eclipse in the off hand Leap Zoom through the later acts.

Let me know what you think. The rare gear in pob is all pretty sketch, it's more for poc than anything right now. I think the build will be relatively fun, like a shiny flicker strike build.
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reserved questionmark
hello man nice build. Think you is better your build or another one based on templar instend of shadow?
I think templar is better off going guardian and smite or dominating blow and having beefy minions. Inquisitor does offer some nice bonuses and I could see a crit aof Inquisitor build doing well. Templar is also near some really nice passives, like the new minion nodes that also give you damage and attack speed. However they're also more likely to go MoM, which essence worm only gives you one free aura, which would be Hatred. Trickster gets to reserve all of its Mana since every skill it would use is free. Templar also has to stretch quite a bit to get Acro/Phase Acro which are very powerful defensive nodes.

I think it would come down to preference. Inquisitor probably comes up a little better in damage, but Trickster has a bit of a different playstyle and more reliable charge generation. Inquisitor does also gets to ignore elemental ailments while on consecrated ground, which is pretty good. Trickster has to hope they can get by on one or two magic flasks (bleeds and freeze most likely). For HC that might matter more.
Many thanks! Are you going to continue developing this guide?
I like the concept and will try it out this league
Tadsdcz52 wrote:
Many thanks! Are you going to continue developing this guide?

I plan on it, yes.
Was hoping I'd find someone that also thought of a similar build. A few days ago, after getting bored with Delve, thought I'd create a consecrated path build...Trickster stood out because of the free movement skill and proximity to crit nodes.

Anyway, I used a standard character to build facebreaker(legacy 932%) crit based, without full elemental convertions. I haven't put the build into Path of Builds yet but it's really strong and fun to play.
A similar or same build could also be played with Charged Dash. It has a bad reputation because of its weird mechanics but I played a Berserker Charged dash Starter Build suggested by Mathil last league and if you get used to it it was a lot of fun.
Reading your build idea I am thinking that Trickster could fit nicely the way you describe it. :)

Did you continue playing your Consecrated Path Character? do you have a report how it went so far?
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Trickster is a terrible class for Consecrated Path...... no mana cost is a huge negative as it means no 6% reduced Damage Taken. Without that or MoM Trickster will be a glass cannon compared to other Melee classes.

Think it's hard to justify going for Trickster rather than an Slayer/Trickster Ascendant, which allows you access to the left hand side of the skill tree and is far more flexible.
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