...and GGG has delivered the long waited KB Nerf

So... back on topic boys...

Played alot of kb since the nerf, to test out what i can kill and what i cannot.

My conclusion is it became a situation skill. to swap in only vs glass. i spent all my flasks trying to dps a aegis tank with only 9k es with 65% bcr and failed. that is without lmp. without flask and lmp, it feels like poet's pen with vd in 3.4. Given its mana cost being high enough, a few spams and you're out so its almost necessary to run a mana pot or dropping wrath for clarity ( which still i'snt enough ) and by doing so reduces your dps even further due to resist balancing.

End of the day, given that my current setup/gear and i am having difficulties, i feel for people who have just started using that skill with average ~ good gear.

My thoughts?

Was a nerf warrented? yes. to this extend? no.

However, in PvE its still great cant feel a difference apparently.
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In pve with good gear it's still great
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