[3.5] Arc Totems/Blood Magic/Armor/Life

3.5 updates
3.5 has yet again brought new content and a rework on the skill tree. Not too much has been changed, but there has been some that apply to this build. I used this as league starter this time and had to rework and made some changes for that simple fact. I did try to get to using Blood Magic as early as possible with some help of fairly easy to get items. But for the most part this build hasn't changed all that much, mostly all minor things.

I jumped into this league late, but found they worked on one of my favorite skills of the game, ARC. Being on vacation for a good portion of this league, I'm coming out with this guide a bit late in the league. There are some real nice arc totem builds out there, but mostly all Heiro. I made one of those leagues ago and wanted to go a new way with the arc totems. This is a blood magic build, so life is the number thing we look for when building. It only relies on three totems and DOES NOT use soul mantel in the final build, but may use it while leveling for that extra totem. There are a few unique items I use, but found they really aren't all that needed depending on your budget. I will get into all those later. So let's get into it.

Pro's and Con's
Pretty quick at clearing
Your totems feed you life
Has done all maps through T15
Uber Lab


Like other totem builds, movement is your main defense
Gear can get pricey, but it can on pretty much any build
This is not a flash around the map build using your movement skill's, you run from one group to the next for the most part


Elder Gaurdian-Constrictor/T8-Laboratory


Leveling can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. Grabbed what ever lightning and trap skills I could at level one, and ran as self casting what ever until I was able to link Arc and Totem. I ran with Lightning Tendrils until I was able to get Lightning Trap, link this with Multiple Trap Support and use this as your main skill until you can get Arc in Act 3 Library. Spark/Totem is a good secondary skill to use until this point also. Once you have Ancestral Bond, leveling starts to move a bit quicker. At this point the only unique item I would try to get is Trolltimber Spire for the life leech from totems.

This still all applies for 3.5

I will add I grabbed Malachai's Simula Iron Mask once I was able to link Arc and Spell Totem gem's. Malachai's Simula give's you Blood Magic early off, thus mana and mana regen become no issue at early levels. Paired with Troll Timber you pretty much have the low-level version of the Chieftan/Blood Magic pairing which is what makes this build work. And when you add in the new "Multiple Totems Support" gem this will give 4 totems, in two casts at a lower level. Although your damage is reduced, the extra two totems at this level makes up for it all.

-side note- (I have not done end game content with this build in 3.5, so I may still remove Mutli Totem Support for the final gem setup and use the set up from the previous league. But, so far MTS is a nice addition for this build.)
Skill tree PART ONE

Leveling from here on out, put your points into the intelligence nodes working your way all the way to Annihilation. After that, start by grabbing Cruel Preparation, and then pick up the life nodes that you had past along the way.

Skill Tree PART TWO

As you continue to level, pick all missing nodes you can that you had past working your way through the Templar and Witch area's of the tree. I put off ascending until I was able to do normal, cruel, and merciless all at once. This allowed me to focus on finishing and collecting the nodes in this area of the tree prior to moving onto the Marauder portion of the tree, which is a good portion of your life nodes.


Finishing the builds leveling, it's pretty much all life, armor, and blood magic. First go after Blood Magic, head directly across from there and grab Ironwood, finish by grabbing what ever life and armor nodes are left in the area.

Skill Tree PART FOUR

3.5 Final Tree

Older Tree's

Skill Gems and Links
Main Skill: Arc Totems-Spell Totem, Arc or Vaal Arc, Faster Casting, Lightning Penetration, Increased Critical Strikes, Increased Critical Damage.

Secondary Skill, for bosses and harder mobs: Lightning Spire Trap, Lightning Penetration, Increased AoE, Added Chaos (can be replaced with added lightning or other supports)

Utility Skill-Curse: Conductivity, Curse on Hit, Orb of Storms, Increased Duration

Utility Skill- CWDT, Immortal Call, Increased Duration, Summon Ice Golem

Movement Skill and Culling- Flame Dash, Faster Casting, Culling Strike (picked this set up from another player, after learning that even though you cannot inflict damage yourself the culling still procs from the fire on the ground, thus allowing you to cull with Flame Dash.)

Added DPS- Wrath, Herald of Thunder (These should only be used one at a time until you get 2x Essence Worm Unset Rings. Once you have two of these rings, the reservation is nullified.)

Bandit's, Ascension, and Pantheon

Bandits are simple, KILL ALL.

Ascending: Take the Marauder ascendancies first, so you can continue to place your skill points as you get them. There are plenty of options to get additional totems until you get the Hierophant ascension.
So it should be: Marauder-Strength Node, Passive Point, Cheiftain,Passive Point, Path of the Marauder.
Templar- Strength/Intelligence Node, Passive Point, Hierophant.


Minor God- Soul of Shakari. The lack of Chaos and Poison Resist is helped a touch by this Pantheon.

Major God- This depends, as for most builds. Most will decide between Souls of Lunaris or Solaris, depending on the fight. I tend to use Lunaris more often than Solaris. Another option if chaos is still an issue, and you can max out Soul of Arakaali, the additional Chaos Resist is nice.


3.4 Gear

Useful Unique Item's

*Soul Mantel can be used in conjunction with the rings listed here to get extra totems until you are able to get it from the Heiro Ascendancy.

*Adding Blind Support to the Curse set up, and using the either Solaris Wand helps with making sure most mobs are blinded.

Links to Past and Current Build via Path of Building and Pastebin

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Added video 8/15/18

Added Skill Gems and Links...
Added Bandits and Ascension...
Added Gearing...8/14/18
Is this also with totem?

"Secondary Skill, for bosses and harder mobs: Lightning Spire Trap, Lightning Penetration, Increased AoE, Added Chaos (can be replaced with added lightning or other supports)"

if not than this is not very usefull as you took ancestral bond on tree and deal no dmg
I wanna play with this BD
Dekres wrote:
Is this also with totem?

"Secondary Skill, for bosses and harder mobs: Lightning Spire Trap, Lightning Penetration, Increased AoE, Added Chaos (can be replaced with added lightning or other supports)"

if not than this is not very usefull as you took ancestral bond on tree and deal no dmg

Ancestral Bond has no affect on traps. Ancestral Bond and I quote "You can't deal damage with skills yourself." A trap is not "yourself, it's a trap, thus still does damage. Ancestral Bond works against the self cast's and attacks. Me throwing a trap is the casting part that "yourself" is part of, once that trap hits the ground it "triggered" by the mobs and thus no longer be cast by "yourself".

So long story short... you are just mistaken on this, traps still work on ancestral bond.
ardye wrote:
I wanna play with this BD

17K views, and no feedback on this build?

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updated pantheon

added viable leveling skills gems prior to getting arc

coming soon

Video of Betrayal HC

until then feel free to check out the videos of the play of this build on my Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/aucuba

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Looks cool. Im going to give this a try. Edit: Got up to lvl 65 today. The build seems to have a bit less damage than the templar. The survivability is miles better on this build though. I only have the marauder ascendancy unlocked but i absolutely like this build better than the standard templar arc totems i have started the last two leagues with.
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