Streamer Interview - NeverSink

I just want to say Neversink you are a God among men for how well you maintain your loot filter, and it's just insane that not only you do the filter work but your website to go along with it. Thank you times infinity plus one.
Thanks for the filter! Great job!
Thanks for the filter!
Thanks for the filter, enjoy using it so far.
Wauw, pc players can make their own filters. Wow imagine if xbox players could do that, wow, crazy! Imagine that!

Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
Neversink you are gift to this game!

Thank you for your passion and creation of your loot-filter, and Filterblade. Like you I have played POE since closed beta and have used your loot filter since it was first introduced. I can tell you have spent countless hours giving us what we have today to make one the greatest games of all time that much more enjoyable.

GGG are you watching? We believe he has got what it takes to be apart of your team!!!

(Neversink...ever thought of moving to New Zealand?)

Loved your interview!
Respect! :D love the sound of exalted orb :D
This is like the first interview I read a bit. At least the filter stuff. I use them since a while, but only update them at the beginning of the league...
Great interview! Great filter!

"Gratitude is wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk." Rumi
US Mountain Time Zone
Nice interview with many interesting insides, really. A big THANK YOU from my part, Neversink. I am using your filters since I learned they exists.

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