Grinding Gear Games is hiring a Senior Environment Artist

Grinding Gear Games is looking for a environment artist to create evocative environments in the 'dark and gritty' Path of Exile. You will develop materials, tiles and assets implementation and work to maintain a consistent aesthetic across the game. The ideal candidate has a firm grasp of gritty texture, colour, and shapes. We are looking for an avid gamer that has a deep understanding of our game Path of Exile and its themes.

  • 3 year of environment work in games, or 5 years of work experience in related fields (sculpting, miniatures)
  • Experience with maya, zbrush and substance painter or designer.
  • Superior eye for texture, value, color and the ability to use them in creating gritty consistent environments.
  • Self-motivation and self-reliance; ability to research and learn new tools quickly.
  • Excellent communications skills and able to work within a team.
  • Deep understanding of the game we produce.

  • Portfolio and/or reel demonstrating relevant artistic skills required.
  • Must be willing to complete an art test if requested to do so.
  • Job Status: Full-Time.
  • Location: Henderson, Auckland

Please send your applications to
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Grinding Gear Games
*smirk =d
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I can draw a stick figure and am willing to work for exalted orbs
Must have own grit.
GGG hiring but game is ded...

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GGG hiring but game is ded...

Dumbest most inaccurate comment I've ever read.......
Txt me GGG, I’ve got great ideas and what you’re looking for!
Big works for 4.0?
IGN: JerleGC_Ripper (Incursion)
Tencent dollars at work! Let's go!
Hire a new design artist for mtx too plz

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