Good Day to ALL! PLEASE read the full content before critics or suggestions!

Introduction![PLEASE READ]
I made this build as an alternative for the typical TS MF build!
and also the reason why i'm making a forum post about it is only because i have random people adding / asking me about my build after they check my profile out from god knows where or idk, and curious to know how am i running ele hit for MF. so right now i can just redirect them here!


This Build isnt min/maxed! you can say its still on beta testing :P

This Build is initially a fire based ele hit for end game content. i swap to cold just to MF for currency. I just swap a couple of items and gems for fire ele hit. It is my main build.

This Version of the build is just to allow a way cheaper alternative in regards to a TS MF build without having to invest crazy amounts of exalts in helm enchants+flask+quiver!

This current version of my build runs t15-16 maps with aurabot & cursebot (able to solo but slightly slower)
My Lovely Bots : Cheendian94 (Aurabot) & Mickx3 (Cursebot)

I Will constantly update and try to min max this build.

I'm open to critics and also most importantly suggestions(i will give credits)

feel free to either pm me or write here in the forums!

DO LET ME KNOW IF I MISSED OUT ANYTHING!! <---------------------- x)

Reasons why i prefer Ele hit over TS:

1) i have full control of my build in terms of auras, gear setup and gems!

2) i don't want to spend over 50 exalts just for helm enchant + quiver + flask just to do
higher tier maps!

3) i can do high tier maps with ease (SOLO) and guardian bosses with my bots!

4) very close to the same clear speed in comparison to a TS build.

5) I can change a couple of gears for fire ele hit and do ALL end game content bosses without touching my tree! so i get a pure MF grinder and a end game boss killer with the same character! how cool is that??

6) Again i have to emphasize, The term super budget used is excluding the BASIC MF GEAR!. i don't need the +projectile helm enchant, rigward's quill quiver, dying sun to run higher tier maps! so i think i just saved 50 exalts for the same map clearspeed hence the budget title :P !!!

+require just 2 mandatory unique jewels
+insane clearspeed
+t16 viable
+super fast movement speed!
+able to freeze bosses!(for WR IIQ bonus)
+Many Gem choices including auras, curses.(will be explained later
+Doesnt Require Expensive Flasks!
+3 million Shaper DPS without much optimization

-Unable to do Elemental reflect maps
-Not Much Fire and Lightning Conversion to Cold in the game
-Have to swap out 1 ventor's gamble ring for call of the brotherhood ( to increase dps for higher tier map bosses)
-Not the best Boss Only DPS (since little conversion from the game itself)
-Build is still in beta stage(can achieve greater results)


All future edits/updates will go in here!

15/07/18 - added videos, gear breakdown, updated DPS scaling & PoB Link

Still in Beta. Will update x)


T3 Burial Chambers - https://youtu.be/UkHEBAxWFuo
T6 Atoll - https://youtu.be/_NYF1F0OWxo
T7 Underground Sea - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW4iEUpCL7Q
T13 Malformation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa32YVPjmzY

More videos coming soon!

Gear Setup!

Mandatory Uniques for build to work!

This is so it utilizes the cold damage for our Windripper IIQ bonus.

The Green Jewel is placed here:

The Blue Jewel is placed here:

The Unique Jewel is placed here:

Basic MF Gear; Also My Current Gear

Gem Setup

Main DPS(Please see Gear Breakdown for more info on Customization!)
Elemental hit -- Elemental Damage With Attacks -- GMP -- Cold Penetration -- Mirage Archer -- Increase Critical Damage Support.

Blink Arrow -- Faster Attacks

You can use any aura to fit your needs!
if you're lacking resistances use Purity Of Elements.
if you're using QOTF and want movementspeed + evasion, use Vaal Grace
if you're lacking attack speed you can run Vaal Haste
you can also run HOI for curse on hit with Assasin's Mark for Power charges or with Elemental Weakness.

Defense & Charges
Cwdt -- Immortal call

Blood Rage for frenzy charges

Choice is yours!
If you lack attack speed = Lightning Golem
If you lack crit chance & accuracy = Ice Golem
If you lack damage = Fire Golem

Flask Setup

Immune to Bleed life flask

Diamond Flask for crit chance

Evasion flask for the bonus movement speed by QOTF

Quicksilver Flask for movement speed

You can use either The Wise Oak or Onslaught for the last Flask

Rare Jewels

Look for :

-Max %Life
-Crit Multi
-Attack Speed
-Projectile damage
-Resistances if needed

Gear Breakdown and Customization (important!)

Helmet (Ignore my enchants)

+Starkonja has nice evasion + life + some crit
+Devoto's has nice evasion + atk speed + movement speed (QOTF synergy)
+Rare helm is also a good option if you cannot meet your resistances!


+Queen of the forest has nice evasion and some resists + insane movement speed
+Greed's Embrace is a full retard MF choice for the IIQ & IIR, i like it.
+Loreweave has nice DPS boost with 80% max rez + crit chance
+Kaom's Heart gives us huge HP boost (really nice for t15-16 maps)
+Belly Of the Beast gives us decent HP + all rez


+Sadima's Touch for the IIQ
+Rare Gripped Gloves gives us DPS boost, resistances, life and atk speed


+Goldwyrm Boots for the IIQ
+Atziri's Step for the movement speed + dodge + life
+Rare Boots for life + Resistances + movement speed


+Rare Quiver gives us everything we need. life+crit chance+crit multi+rez+ele damage.(Do note that extra projectile don't increase our damage!)


+Rare Shaper base amulet is the best in slot! IIQ+life+dps+rez+WHAT HAVE YOU (yet to get myself one)
+Bisco's Collar amulet for IIQ + IIR


+The Pariah Ring(White socketed) Best in slot! for the IIQ (yet to get one)
+Ventor's Gamble is a good choice for IIQ + IIR + life + rez
+Call Of the Brotherhood ring is a MUST have for higher tier maps! huge DPS boost
+Thief's Torment if you don't have any IIQ rings


+Bisco's Leash for the IIQ + Rampage(crazy shit going on in the screen + kill count)
+Perandus Blazon for the IIQ!
+Rare Belt if you lack resistance + life & abyss belt works as well(DPS boost)

Bow (Note : you don't need the same colors as mine)

+Windripper is our main reason why we went cold ele hit MF. (IIQ bonus)
+Chinsol on switch for insane DPS boost if you think you wouldn't be able to kill the boss with WR. (you would need your main DPS gems in Chest Linked)[and of course you won't be getting the IIQ bonus from WR]

Pantheons & Bandits

Bandits : Help Alira (For Crit Multi & Resistances)

Major Pantheons: You may choose either Soul Of the Brine King, Soul Of Lunaris or Soul Of Arakaali. (I Use Soul Of Lunaris)

Minor Pantheons: Soul Of Garukhan

Skill Tree

Do note!!: My Skill Tree is a hybrid version used for my Fire Elemenetal Hit Build to do END GAME content. it isnt fully optimized for pure cold elemental hit build!

Lvl 95 tree :

use the POB link tree provided for better results.

Ascendancy : Gathering Wind > Fast and Deadly > Far Shot > Ricochet

My Current DPS (No enchants calculated)

My Current DPS for Map Mobs

My Current DPS for hard Bosses
Do Remove Mirage Archer & GMP and Replace with Slower Projectiles & Hypothermia for Difficult Bosses.

For Very difficult Bosses replace One Ventor's Gamble ring with Call of the brother hood ring!

and you can drop a frostbomb

DPS after Ring swap +frost bomb:

DPS for t15-16 Bosses / Guardians

Replace both Ventor's with Two Call of the brother hood!
Dps after 2 ring swap + frost bomb

If you really think you cannot kill the boss,
Use Chinsol on switch (you need to have main DPS gems in chest then)

DPS with Chinsol + 2 ring swap + frost bomb

POB links

POB link for t15-16 boss / guardians :https://pastebin.com/dJRQwqFU (you can play around with the setup to see how or where you can fit)

more POB links will be posted for different tier maps and setup! stay tuned.
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Awesomme guide! Very well explained and so inspiring to try this!

Keep it up! Will definitely try the build. :)
Nice build gonna try it.

Would Yriel's fostering be a viable chestpiece?
DACHMAN29 wrote:
Awesomme guide! Very well explained and so inspiring to try this!

Keep it up! Will definitely try the build. :)

Thanks man. still in beta so do come back for updates!

IVIarcus wrote:
Nice build gonna try it.

Would Yriel's fostering be a viable chestpiece?

yes i believe so. only if its the summon Bestial Rhoa (atkspd + ms bonus)
Thinking about respeccing a bit from TS to this because it looks way cheaper with same power...

But I definately need a POB link to this. I hope you can provide one until this evening!

Thank you for the nice guide bro
Beweise wrote:
Thinking about respeccing a bit from TS to this because it looks way cheaper with same power...

But I definately need a POB link to this. I hope you can provide one until this evening!

Thank you for the nice guide bro

Thanks man! definitely. gotta abuse ele hit before nerf hammer comes x)
but yeah will provide a few pob links for different tier maps as soon as im done.
the current pob link i have is for hybrid ele hit. both fire and cold so that i can MF and at the same time do all end game content bosses when im bored, without touching the tree.
I'm Following this guide, but I have a question, why you took the claw nodes? only for the leech?

EDIT: Now i see why, lol
Last edited by Fabriciormk on Jul 18, 2018, 10:56:02 PM
Because of loving cold dmg and shattering on Ele hit so i'll follow you build in next Temp league. Thanks.
First time playing Elemental Hit.

But whats up with the Jewel? They don't reach the requirement, so wouldn't be better when u use other Jewels like Life, Crit etc?

How is this considered cheap?
Just checked lioneye's jewel price, 5ex (standard). Windripper ? 3ex mini and more likely 5ex to get the links.
I don't even speak about other items, but at least 10ex budget is not cheap :(

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