We've just introduced another mythological-themed armour set to the store: the Gorgon Armour Set! Check out the video below or get yours here.

Just like the Gryffon Armour Set, which was released last week, the new Gorgon Armour Set is made of pure metal and has a simple but unique design. This armour set doesn't have a matching cloak yet, but you can always use the Gothic Cloak which works pretty well with it.

Thank you so much for your support!
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IGN: Emfx
Advertising a giant armor set with 1h normal mace : >
GGG is turning into EA - Metrics matter and "fun" is not a metric. PoE is now a ridiculously easy, lazy and shallow game, filled with more and more forced activities each league that exist just to waste your time, not provide a fun experience. Won't delete my builds but also won't update them.
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more like the candelabra helmet
I love POE thiiiiiiiiss much (see avatar picture)
Getting some Dark Souls Silver Knight vibes from this. You guys are killing it with the MTX - my wallet hurts :D
And just like all your other lovely skins i'm sure it will only cost me about as much as an entire AAA game would. How can anyone afford these overpriced skins?
armor looks great except the helm - not my taste.

these cloaks...can you plz make them wider. seems like we're strapping flags to our back for no reason.
fix sin char effect pls looks like there is no mtx
420 for dis? Srsly?

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