[3.3] CI Incinerate Occultist | cheap 1M+ Shaper DPS | 10k ES | Shaper down

Yeah, and i just found a good weapon, i guess i won't need Doryany's Catalyst, yet if i found something better, since i took some "reduced reserved mana" i get space to get 1 more Aura (at the moment i got Herald of Thunder, coz the lil lighting helps me to leech while moving :3)

In the other hand, when i get a Watcher's eye i could change some auras to meet the Wacher's :'c hope i get a Clarity - Discipline one ...

Regards, yeah it's doing pretty good and fun

People that see me playing, tells me: WTF are you playing? .. lol

Thanks for the build, and good luck exile!
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I'm lvl 91 atm.

Found a good weapon and shield, not to expensive.
Already bought a 6 L shavronne and Chayula
I'm at 8.7 k ES finishing yellow maps and doing some red maps :3!

Regards man! Good luck in Delve, thanks for the build
I'm running this in Delve SSF and enjoying it a lot! It's great for SSF since there's not a lot of required equips and the reward for crafting good equipment is high because of CI. Thanks for posting it!

I had a tiny mechanical question: if you can facetank something and don't have to move around, is it better to hold down the incinerate, or is it better to charge to max stages and release and then charge again?

I’m having a hard time through lvl 44 because I’m dying too quickly. If 4 monsters hit me at the dome time I’m 99% dead. What can I do about this?
My account is pretty new, I don’t have many unique items. I have about 600 ES 500 HP
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