[3.3] FunRoom's MemeWalker - The Permanent VEQ+VMS Mjolner Herald Bomber Walking Simulator


This build id FOR FUN. It is expensive, not new player friendly and the guide will be short.

The main purpose is to showcase some unique synergies that you can abuse in this game to create hilarious results. Hopefully, by reading this post you can learn something you did not know before.

It is also a demonstration for people who have thought of the idea but unable to risk their currency to try it.

If you want a real ethical build try this. Yes, it is a promotion of my other build.

Disclaimer of Disclaimer

Many builds have insane unique synergies
Windripper, Queen of the Forest, Bisco's collar, Ventor's Gamble, Sadima's Touch, Goldwyrm and Bisco's Leash have the best unique synergy in this game.
This insane synergy enables 24/7 unstoppable Doctor card drop and nothing else can replace that.
If you hate your life, stop reading this, close this page, get these items and start your 10k Burial Chambers run now. I don't fricking care.

Gears and Gems

All Mechanics Explained

Vaal Molten Shell
1. Ignites enemies with Abberath's Fury from Boots (also with other skills)
2. You take fire damage from Eye of Innocence by igniting enemies
3. Fire damage taken converts to physical damage by Rat Cage
4. Physical damage taken triggers Vaal Molten Shell.
Note: Only physical damage taken triggers Vaal Molten Shell.
The trigger does not have a cooldown time. So igniting a large number of times will keep triggering the shell and do a lot of dps.

Vaal Earthquake
1. Each step you walk with Vaal Earthquake triggers Arc and Discharge alternatively from Mjolner
2. Every non-crit hit gains you a power charge from Romira's Banquet (or the Blue Dream jewel)
3. Chance to gain a frenzy charge on kill with Blood Rage (or the Green Dream jewel)
4. Chance to gain an endurance charge on kill with Warlord's Mark (or the Red Dream jewel)
5. Charges gained on 2,3,4 will be discharged and deal decent damage.

Innervate and Esh's Mirror
1. Innervation is a global buff which adds lightning damage to all your skills.
2. Both Innervate and Esh's Mirror will add a lot of lightning damage as long as you keep shocking enemies.
3. All skills will get lightning damage buff and thus will maintain a high chance to shock thanks to Elementalist Ascendancy.

Methods to sustain Vaal skills
1. Generate Vaal souls faster with Flesh and Spirit, Sacrificial Harvest and Chill of Corruption.
2. Extend duration of Vaal skills with Increased Duration gem, skill tree nodes, and Atziri's Reign.
3. Soul Catcher or Soul Ripper is used to letting vaal skills gain souls faster before they expire.

Regarding to Soul Ripper
1. Using Soul Ripper will prevent itself to gain flask charges for 4 seconds, so normally 20% quality is not recommended for Soul Ripper.
2. However, using another Quartz Flask after Soul Ripper will stop the effect of Soul Ripper, and thus it will start gaining charge instantly.

Regarding to Movement Speed
1. Abberth's Fury will start skipping steps when your movement speed reaches above 160%.
2. 8 steps per second are optimal for Mjolner with 2 active skills for VEQ trigger.
3. You will want to keep your movement speed below the 160% threshold.
4. Both Headhunter and Rampage will actually be bad for this.
5. Phase Run gives a lot of movement speed until you cast another skill. So Phase Run will actually keep its movespeed buff for the whole duration if you cast it after you cast both Vaal skills.
6. This build in fact accidentally maintained its movement speed right under the 160% threshold, at around 150%-ish. It's like this build is meant to be played like this from the start.

Casting Skills without moving to the cursor
This is a thing now in 3.3. You can click on the skill in skill bar to find that option.
With this you wont need to move when casting vaal earthquake.



You can try Juggernaut as well, I think JUGG will be able to do T15 maps.

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