[3.6] Medusa the cursebot (occultist)

Really nice build, but how do you level this build on your own? In the new league starting soon i have friends to play with when i am done with the ten acts, but they are rushing the acts and i can't participate all the time and need to be able to level the build alone.. any suggestions to do so?
Best regards :)
hello, i really like this build but i´ve got some questions:
Why don´t you take iron reflexes when you do run with an aura bot and do you think heartbreaker ist useful?
How do you run with fast clearing builds? We´ve got the problem that my curse range is not big enough to help speedclearing
Shouldn´t the 30 str nodes be as effective as the 6% es nodes (with the upside that it gives you life and the ring corruptions with more str are making it more effective) or am i missing something?
sorry Cerridwen_Liang not to have answered but I changed a lot of things in this build

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