[3.6] Medusa the cursebot (occultist)

Hello everyone, here is my build, enjoy

Introduction :
Nice support build to play. 9 curses/2 auras (discipline+dread banner) /aspect of the spider and blindness.

For leveling, use whatever you want until you have enough points to turn you into support.

Additional information :

For 3.6 i change many items...

- For great survivability, I use Inoculation Chaos and a lot of ennergy shield + 110% reloading

- 9 curses even if they are a little weakened by -25% of the armor, still remain very powerful. Anytime you can play less and use enhance + empower lvl4 to increase the effect of the latter.

- Rejuvenation totem for a better regenaration of life.

- The equipment can obviously be better improve
Exemple : with double corruptions like +1 gems +2 curses on armor (good luck ^^)

- Phase run + gems duration coupled with a speed flask for the better speed

My Gear



look in my gear, easy to understand mechanism

Passive Skill Tree




Bandit reward
Kill all


Thank you ;)
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Hello, is atziris reflection required? or just best in slot?
Hello, no, the shield is not required for the build but I just find it better (defence and 20% curse effect).
Yea forsure, I just dont want to sell my HH for one lol. anything else you recommend or no?
Not anything special to recommend, the build is not the best. I optimize according to what comes out in new item. Each is free to reshape it in its own way.
Hey, fapioleto
Really interesting build

Just one question: How do you sustain hp? You spend life when casting phase run (blood magic), and then you have Zealoth's Oath (so no life regen), and you're not using any hit skills like shield charge(which means no life leech per hit from poacher and warlord's mark).

Edit: Nevermind, just saw the life flask xd
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Hi The_Guardian:)

Thank you, yes you have your reply^^, i use a life fkask.
Any reason for using Astramentis? Just because you found one with +1 curse? Or do you need it for stat requierments?

Also, where does your resists come from? Others in party using Purities? since I can't seem to figure out how this is even close to res capped?
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Hello, yes I use astramentis for statistics although with good jewel you can surely do without this amulet for another +1 curse.

My elemental resistance comes from my items / jewel and my aura purity of element.

When to armor and escape, I rely on the auras of others.

I use a lot of energy regeneration shield / start (now +75%) ... as well as phaz run to evade enemies.
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