Streamer Interview - TarkeCat

Mathil next
Anyways Mathil, POGGERS!
This might be the most reddit news thread ever
Surprised it didnt implement forum upvotes

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
must fund that Bex on Baeclast
Sighted wrote:
castlemaid wrote:
What is the tragedy of 11+4?

It's a reckful/hearthstone joke.
Mathil now PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! :D
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I agree with Mathil.

But I also want to see slipperyjim

Suitsizesmall (poelab) and Neversink (filter) have contributed much to the community and they are not as trafficed, so I hope they are given attention in the near future
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Tarke? Is that a country?
LOL! Fucking TarkeCat!
Go interview some better players, like Alkaizerx.
Hougnougange is that a name?

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