[3.5]The Chuuni Sword and You: A Guide for Crit Oni-Gorishi Molten Strike

AlleyKat777 wrote:
thanks for the reply. I will look again. so far its doing well, but I freely admit I am a summoner at heart. I have 3 diff Necros, and a couple Templar totem builds. Wanted to try a melee type build, and this is where I landed. :)

being fairly new to melee in PoE, I am wondering about the leech mechanics in general. the nodes you mention do indeed all add life leech with attack. But what defines an attack? just the initial swing, or all 5 orbs that land around you immediately afterwards?

for molten strike its all parts of the skill (initial and orbs). it may be diffrent for some other melee skills but pretty much anything that comes from a skill gem tagged "attack" leaches life on those nodes
Purple & black don't go together visually (hard on the eyes), change the text color if you can plz. THX.
'i'll be updating and testing the build in the coming days for what im wearing currently you can always check my character "mychuuniswordwontshutup"

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