3.3 [Hybrid MoM Crit Arc Totem Hierophant] 3.34Mil Shaper DPS - Atziri's Reflection / Cowards Legacy

Hybrid MoM Crit Arc Totem Hierophant
668k DPS Per Totem (5x Totems)

Want a build that is arc totems that does not use Shimmerons? Better movement than typical totem spell builds? Good AOE damage and Great Single Target? Totems...? This build is for you!
(This guide is a working progress)

-Massive single target damage
-Good clear speed for most people (not the best)
-Uses SHIELD CHARGE!! (which means NO wands(aka shimmerons))
-Curse immunity (Curses show up, they do not affect you, and the more you have the more damage you do)
-Can do all content in game (will post videos soon)
-Very quick on all incursions
-Can run all map mods (elemental reflect is annoying and so is Cannot regenerate life and mana)
-Can be hardcore viable if you play slow

-Totems (I like totems not everyone does)
-Expensive build....
-This is my first build i feel comfortable enough to make a guide for, there may be room for improvement, my gear is not perfect but it works for me.

(I do not know how to post items in my guide so i can't show them, all i really know how to do is show my POB (which will be below) and type everything out... Please be gentle in the comments.)


Pursuit of Faith -> Ritual of Awakening -> Conviction Of Power -> Divine Guidance

Alira (Mana Regen, Crit Multiplier, Resists)

Soul Of The Brine King & Soul Of Gruthkul

Unique items:

-Atziri's Reflection
-Soul Mantle (6 link)
-Coward's Legacy
-Clear Mind
-Essence Worm

Gem Links:

Damage (Chest)
-Arc, Increased Critical Damage, Lightning Penetration, Faster Casting, Controlled Destruction (5L), Added Lightning Damage (6L)
Curse (Weapon 1)
-Conductivity, Increased Duration, Arcane Surge (KEEP LEVEL 1)
Golem (Shield)
-Summon Stone Golem, Minion Life, Minion and Totem Elemental Resistances
Aura (Essence Worm)
Movement Ability (Gloves)
-Shield Charge, Faster Attacks, Fortify, Leap Slam (flexible)
Defensive (Helmet)
-Cast when Damage Taken(LVL6), Increased Duration(MAX), Immortal Call(LVL8), Enfeeble(LVL 8)
Frenzy Charges + Defense (Boots)
-Cast when Damage Taken(LVL1), Cold Snap(LVL6), Phase Run(LVL3) (NOT LINKED VAAL HASTE(LVL7))


-Hybrid Flask (Bleed Immunity)
-Silver Flask (Burning Immunity)
-QuickSilver Flask (Freeze And Chill Immunity)
-The Wise Oak
-Diamon Flask (Poison Immunity)

Coming Soon...
Carcass T15 (Just to show some idea of the build):

Uber Elder Kill

I tried to take a video of the kill but i had to shut it down mid way, i was lagging way too much and died. I took a quick snipping tool screen shot but it's not great. Next time he spawns ill get a good video!!

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I'm trying it out right now. Wish me luck!! Thanks for the build.
why Coward's Legacy Chain Belt?
hukkcotton wrote:
why Coward's Legacy Chain Belt?

Because it makes you low life, then you can spec into Pain attunement for 30% more spell damage
Can I borrow your shield?

Nice build btw!
Uber elder down after changes
I'm sure you have shaper shocked, with all 4 dps flasks up, with 3 frenzy charges generated by cold snap, with 24 charges of pursuit of faith and vaal haste on, for the entire shaper fight.
New P.O.B. tonight
I'm still leveling this build. Smooth as butter so far, fyi. Looking forward to safely taking him higher.
Saw @loudnoises1112 sub to waggle last night. Glad someone is enjoying the build, most people giving it hate bc they can't afford it. I just hit 96 maybe I'll make the uber elder video tonight.

PS, i have only got 3 exalt drops the entire league, i grinded out all my currency to buy it... didn't take long people just play poe and you get money, not a hard concept.

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