[3.3] Sub 1 exa Lightning Spire Budget Build for endgame [2M shaper dps]

Hi guys. As I barely have time to play I would like to share this budget friendly build with you so you can have fun with it


The Horribly Fast Murderer with the Extremely Efficient WEAPON a.k.a. THFMWTEEW



PoB pastebin of my character



This is a pretty common Lightning Spire/Arc Trap build but with a focus on Lightning Spire Trap (LST). The focus lies in Cast Speed. Unlike common (but probably more powerful) builds my LST hits faster and is much cheaper to build.

DPS is around 1,8 million against the Shaper with all 3 traps and flasks up, which is HUGE for low cost builds.

More details in the background section.


So we make LST great with Cast Speed.
Why Cast Speed? Cast Speed increases the DPS of your LST. I’ve made some research with random increased cast speed on gear and counted in timelapse the explosions to come up with the following formula (y = hits / second; x = increased cast speed):

y = 2 * x + 3,2


x = [y – 3,2] / 2

Also, this plot shows how much Increased Cast Speed is worthy to invest in:

The Y-axis displays the damage gain for each 10%-tick of Cast Speed increasement. We see an expected loss of damage gain with ongoing increasements. My character has 125% increased Cast Speed and every 10% increased Cast Speed gives from there on roughly 3,6% more damage. So we’re at diminishing returns here.
Right now I'm at 63k shaper-damage / hit. Hit Rate is 5,7/s. Assuming 2 overlaps per cast it is 710k DPS per trap so over 2M shaper damage!!

For clearing any content I’ve ran 4L-Arc so far. Its overpower is similar to KB, which also doesn’t need more than a 4L (ofc more is always better, but we’re playing on a budget here :P).

Defences are very good: 1. Blind Aura 2. ~50/40 Dodge 3. 6,1k eHP (MoM)… I spam red maps and never die – I’m an experienced trapper player, tho. It’s not ultra faceroll tanky.



Rare Helmett: 5 c
4L Belly: 5 c
2x Corona Solaris: 6 c
Essence Worm: 10 c
Rare pseudo-6L Gloves: 1 c (yes LOL)
Rare Ring: 10 c
Atziri's Foible: 3 c
Abyss jewels with Dodge + 2 Damage mods: 6 * 2 c (12 c)
Unique Flasks: 5 c
Rare belt: 10 c

Total: ~ 70 c = 0,5 exa

Where to improve?

2x Void Battery: 80 c (Highly recommended!!!)
Helmet Enchantment incl. Chaos Spam: 20 - 30 c
Abyss Jewels with Life + Dodge + 1 Dmg mod: 5 – 10 c each
Solid Rare Amulet: 20 c
20/20 gems: varies
Wrath (Crit Chance) Watcher's Eye: 1 – 1,5 exa
Essence of Hysteria Self-Made shaper gloves: unpredictable cost
And of course 6L Belly for more clearspeed: 6 exa – not needed at all

So even with Helmet Enchantment, 2x Void Batteries and a good rare amulet you're around 1 exa total build cost here.



1) Safe red mapper. Very good clear speed (for incursions).

2) Reflect proof

3) Great for endgame bosses, architects and such

4) no mana problems

5) Ultra cheap

6) No gem swapping


1) Dodge / Evasion can be a bitch sometimes.

2) Movement Skill: Flame Dash (but it’s very fast because of high cast speed)

3) Setup of Resists and attributes @ gear can be tricky for beginners


T14 Colosseum Map

No time at the moment to reach Shaper / Uber Elder...
Right now I've melted Uber Atziri and this is my common benchmark.


Lvl 90 Tree

For jewels I prefer Abyss jewels with following mods:

2% Dodge & Spell Dodge & Maximum Life > Added Lightning Damage to Spells (& while Dual Wielding) > Crit Multi > 2% Elemental Penetration > Cast Speed if you have crit recently -> Added Fire/Cold Damage

These are my jewels:
<to come>; example:

You will probably need one or two Abyss jewels with a bit of Resists when you don't have enough on gear.

Another offensive option is Watcher's Eye with Wrath Crit Chance but I'd say damage is enough and we don't want the build to exceed 1 exa :D

1) Chain Reaction (mainly for cooldown)
2) Born in the Shadows (great defence)
3) Pyromaniac


Shakaari for poison immunity, because why not?
Fully upgraded Lunaris is fine for us I guess.


No special routes here. You can look at any other trap guide. Worth to mention is that Acrobatics helps with survivability while leveling a lot. But since I'm a guy who plays 1-2 builds a league I wouldn't say you have to follow my advice.




Any rare helmet with LST enchantment is the way to go. The additional area enchantment is the one we want.


Belly. Res, Life – more eHP than cloak of defiance. 4L is enough for Arc :)


2x Void Battery gives a huge damage boost via crit, spell damage and cast speed! With Orb of Storms (which hits very fast in our build) + PCoC we have instant 7-Power Charges up.


Our bread and butter for LST. Since Trap+Mine / Faster Casting Combination is extremely pointless for any other builds this cost nothing and is on the other hand our best option.

If you want to try hard you can craft yourself these gloves additionally with Essence of Hysteria for a damage gain of around 20%. This will be an expensive project, tho.


Ideally you want at least 20% Movement speed and a bunch of Life+Resists on them. You can pay a lot of money for good boots if you want. Luxury would be the Uber Lab Enchantment, which gives you flat elemental damage if you haven't killed recently (which you never do, because you are a trapper).


Essence Worm for Wrath.

You need the rare ring to cap your resistances. You can pay a lot of money here to acquire a decent Life value. I'd say 30-50 to maximum life is OK.

This is a cheap rare amulet which will carry you through endgame. There is a lot of room to improve. If you are not able to spend some chaos orbs on a rare amulet just buy an Atziri's Foible; this is a cool option for MoM characters.


Stygian Vise is great but not necessary. If you have some currency to spare go grab one.


Vessel of Vinktar with penetration costs nothing. Added Lightning Dmg is better ofc. Rest is very cheap.


to come

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