[3.3] The Evolution of the Bow Trapper ~ Tanky ~ 100% Hit [Uber Atziri/Shaper deathless]

Hi guys. As everyone here creates some fancy build names I welcome you to my new build


The Evolution of the Bow Trapper

A Shrapnel Shot+Blast Rain ||| Blast Rain+Rain of Arrows trapper with good defences

yes, this is uber atziri. and yes i usually acquire crap drop :>

Notes on 3.3

Nothing has changed with 3.3 except that Blast Rain is a solid choice as a main skill now. You could use Blast Rain in 6L and Rain of Arrows, which is very nice now as a pack clearer inside your helmet. Oh yes and we lost 30% of our damage because of Trap Support nerf :(

vvvv Everything below is @ 3.2 state - not making new vids or something for 3.3 vvvv


PoB pastebin of my character


This is a trapper which uses shrapnel shot (boss) / blast rain (mobs) as attacks. You don't have to switch gems in this build, it's fairly easy to play.
It's also pretty defensive compared to other trappers so you don't have to fear crowded red maps, breaches, etc (which is usually shitty as a trapper because of the cooldowns).
The burst damage is very nice. I'm one-shotting every boss till T16 Guardians. Even Uber Atziri split phases are one-shots.

More details in the background section.

Numbers against bosses with above gear
Damage per throw vs Shaper (40% Res): 315k / shrapnel shot trap -> 1,26 millions / click
Damage per throw vs Shaper (40% Res): 180k / blast rain trap -> 717k / click

Damage per throw Atziri (30% Res): 355k / shrapnel shot trap -> 1,42 millions / click
Damage per throw Atziri (30% Res): 200k / blast rain trap -> 800k / click

Damage per throw Mobs:


Shrapnel shot trappers became popular some time ago. I've theorycrafted around with shrapnel shot+traps very long ago but it always resulted in too low defensive values like in the above mentioned thread. Now with 3.2 there are some new options which can make this trapper also solid for endgame. With solid I mean: You're still alive after you didn't managed to one-shot a hard mob.

The essential advantage of 3.2 is the following item, which is some crazy shit with the new 3.2-Saboteur

This amulet is extremely underrated and fits perfectly for our needs, providing 78% MORE DAMAGE in my PoB. Nice to have is also that you have the 100% blinding aura and the huge life regen.
With the correct setup of the tree (Primal Spirit) and Clarity you have enough mana regeneration AND damage to use Kaoms Heart. With Life-Abyss Jewels you can reach now over 5500 HP.
For a trapper with blinding aura, 50(40) Dodge(Spell Dodge), 800 HP/s it's the tankiest trapper I have seen in a while. Next to my max-block trapper of course :).


pseudo 6L Helmet: 5 - 20 c (+12 c for 3 green sockets @ vorici?)
Kaom's Heart: 200 c / Belly of the Beast: 10 c
Tombfist: 3 c
Belt: 25 c
Boots: 25 c
Ring: 10 c
The Effigon: 15 c
Abyss jewels: 25 c (5c/jewel)
Quiver: 10 c
5L Chin Sol: 25 c

Total: <4 exa (no Kaom's Heart: <2 exa. Not recommended)

Where to improve?

Wrath/Anger Watcher's Eye (1-2 exa)
Tombists 2 abyss jewel sockets (1 exa)
Elder Helmet with "Socketed Attacks have x% to Critical Strike Chance" (1-2 exa)
More Life on Ring/Boots/Quiver (2-3 exa)
High Rolls on Abyss jewels (20 c / jewel)
6L Chin Sol (5 exa)



1) Safe red-mapper (High Dodge, blinding aura, CWDT with Enfeeble)

2) Reflect proof

3) Great for endgame bosses

4) no mana problems

5) "Cheap unique"-build except for Kaom's Heart

6) No gem swapping


1) Dodge / Evasion can be a bitch sometimes. Still I'm chaining T14-T16s and I never die.

2) no speedy gonzales map clearer. I can clear maps and breaches/abysses fast tho, so it's OK

3) Mid budget, because of Kaom's Heart.

4) Movement Skill: Blink Arrow

5) Setup of Strength / Resists on gear can be tricky for beginners


Lvl 87 Tree

For jewels I prefer Abyss jewels with following mods:

2% Dodge & Spell Dodge > Added Fire Damage > 2% Ele penetration > Crit Multi > Added Lightning/Cold Damage

So these would be Dodge + 3 Dmg Mods. You can go Dodge + Life + 2 Dmg mods too, but it's fairly expensive and I think we have enough survivability. Life + 3 Dmg mods is OK, but for general mapping I think dodge is superior to a bit of max life.
You will probably need one Abyss jewel with a bit of Strength when you don't have enough on Belt+Ring.

My jewels:
For Tomb Fists

In the Tree

Is the creme de la creme. Priority has Hatred (flat crit, too expensive :P) > Wrath (global crit) > Anger (Gain) > Anger (Conversion). Other mods are not sooo good and you probably want to use a good abyss jewel if you don't have 2 of those above mentioned. Note for 3.3 - As Blast Rain has 100% conversion now, anger (conversion) is pointless when you use BR as main skill!


1) Chain Reaction (now your traps don't suck)
2) Born in the Shadows (now your amulet works and you are very hard to hit)
3) Pyromaniac


Kill 'em all!


I've leveld until 68 with Poet's Pen (Volatile Dead + Bodyswap, so nice). You can use fire trap and lightning trap from the beginning of course. Make sure you have by level 68 enough strength to wear Kaom's Heart. If you don't have a Kaom's Heart you don't have this problem and your gearing is much easier (no need STR on gear).



Helmets like this will your make your Blast Rain shine. Basically you want Life + some resistances on your helmet. The Elder/Shaper skill mods are luxury.
Those helmets cost like 5 - 20 c so it's not even expensive for 80-100% more damage.

Note: Enemies with very high life may not be chilled by your blast rain because you have to damage a minimum of 0,33%/(1+effect of chill) of their maximum life. so with a common hypothermia (shaper) helmet you will have to take 0,244% of shaper's maximum HP = ~48k HP. My blast rain can crit with ~2k damage (unchilled shaper configuration @PoB, i have very low added cold damage) so I'm extremely below the threshold against shaper. Other enemies are no real problem

Since Elder Helmets can have additionally the "Socketed Attacks have +x% to Critical Strike Chance" they are far superior... but can be very very expensive.

Note for 3.3: When you use Blast Rain as your main skill then you really want to aim for "Blast Rain has a 75% chance for an additional blast" enchantment. This should be 18,75% !!!! more damage


I designed this build to work with Kaom's Heart. Meaning when you have Belly of the Beast or something you have ofc another 6L trap or maybe a CWDT Setup, but at cost of very much Life.


Chin Sol gives your traps 100% more damage. There is no other bow which can beat this. It perfectly synergizes with point blank. And that is the reason why this build is so powerful.
The quiver is a good source of damage. If your other rares are not extremly good, you will reach your resist cap via your quiver like I do.


This provides Maim (enemy slow) & Intimidate (10% increased damage taken). That's a good chunk of survivability and damage. Every attack build should try to build those in.


Your important rare item piece. Ideally you want at least 20% Movement speed and a bunch of Life+Resists on them. You can pay a lot of money for good boots. It's worth it.
Luxury would be the shown Enchantment (ideally Uber Lab), as YOU never kill, just your traps do.


Essence Worm for Wrath.

Why Essence Worm?
Because you can use Anger (or Hatred) now and still have mana left for low-level Clarity. Two big auras like Wrath+Anger run perfectly with a Watcher's Eye like this one:

You need the rare ring to cap your resistances. You can pay a lot of money here to acquire a decent Life value. I'd say 30-50 to maximum life is OK.

This amulet is godly for us. Gives 100% Hit, fire penetration, res, dex, added fire dmg. omegalul


Because you get much ele resists on boots and ring you can acquire a Stygian Vise with a good amount of life. Those can get very expensive if you need much resists on the belt so we try to get the resists elsewhere.


Vessel of Vinktar with Added Lightning Damage to Attacks is actually much better but more expensive


to come

Advertising other builds:
[3.2] The Reckless Trapper ~ Max Block ~ IceTrap ~ Blood Magic [Shaper/Uber Atziri down with Video]
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Nice, i'll like to try it!

But i have a question, what gem you take out for a 5 link chin-sol?

Also, since i never played a trapper before, do you have a brief or small leveling guide?

Tkx in advance!
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i have a little leveling section @ passives. but not too much.

drop trap and mine damage on a 5L
i have a little leveling section @ passives. but not too much.

drop trap and mine damage on a 5L

A big TY mate!
hey folks

I re-designed this guide layout. hope you enjoy

Now with uber atziri faceroll GIF and deathless shaper video :)
upped for 3.3

blast rain has become a viable alternative to shrapnel shot. then you could use rain of arrows as a pack clearer. the build should be much better this way, because from time to time projectiles from shrapnel shot can miss. blast rain never misses!
I've settled on this for my league starter. RoA/BR. I'll test SS out as well, but I'm really excited for BR.
I actually just made a build similar to this one and then came to the forum for ideas for something else in case i change my mind.

Anyway. Don't forget to mention the blast rain 75% chance extra explosion helm enchant. It's a huge damage increase.
Good build
upped for 3.3

blast rain has become a viable alternative to shrapnel shot. then you could use rain of arrows as a pack clearer. the build should be much better this way, because from time to time projectiles from shrapnel shot can miss. blast rain never misses!

Shrapnel shot should be better on DPS for single target, as the cone and arrow can both deal damage. And the threshold jewel can even double the cone part damage.

Also the amulet Effigon can guarantee 100% hit rate on blinded enemy, which can be supported by Born in the Shadow accendancy.

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