[3.3] The Evolution of the Bow Trapper ~ Tanky ~ 100% Hit [Uber Atziri/Shaper deathless]

Was looking to respect a char into a blast rain/bladefall and wanted a trapper at the same time, found this gem of a build, cleared all endgame bosses besides uber elder on a 5l chin sol (i didnt attent uber yet cuz it didnt spawn, but i cleared red fairly easy deathless) The only change i made to the build was downgrade from a 2abyssal sockets tombfist to a 3L to fit stone golem there and replace it with a cwdt IC set-up in boots, solved the burst damage problem i was fancing even tho its a tanky build for a trapper. Overall, solid build, tons of fun, clears any content and I managed to do it on a 5ex budget including gems on std. 10/10 would recommend :D shoutout to the author, great job dude.
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