[3.4] Good Starter - League Freezing Pulse Occultist (Guardians/Shaper down)

-- Build is updated to 3.4 --

Killing Shaper & Guardians with this build - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zbewn06znA [2.25min]


Hi everyone. My name is Jessica and welcome to my Freezing Pulse Occultist Guide. I wanted to do completely different build in Incursion because I've been pretty bored of doing TS/Barrage bosskiller Raider every single league and I wanted to do a more hipster build. This league (3.3 Incursion) seemed like a perfect one to do a mapping character so here it goes. I wanted to do a caster based on ES because I never have played this type of character before. It was pretty fun learning this character and now that I got to 95 lvl I wanted to share my thoughts.


☑ Very cheap (both starter & endgame versions) as not a lot of people are playing it
☑ Great clear speed
☑ Stacks crit & power charges = Freezes everything
☑ Very safe with 8k+ es using basic gear
☑ Up to 100% faster start of energy shield recharge
☑ Can do Guardians & Shaper pretty comfortably
☑ Good for 90+ leveling
☑ Actually pretty fast movement when using both Flame Dash & Warp
☑ Fun to teleport around with 2 skills and freeze & pop all the mobs


☑ Not the best single target in the game
☑ Freezing pulse gets stuck on random things sometimes but it's possible to play around it


Killing Shaper & Guardians with this build - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zbewn06znA [2.25min]

T16 Incrusion Temple run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbCR2I-1Nmo

Guardian of the Chimera kill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGbm8Nf5feY

Temple farming guide


I think the Temple mechanic is one of the most profitable things to do now in the game. 83 lvl temple is the size of four maps, consistently drops Guardian maps, currency, gives full exp and you can luck out on corrupts/headhunter etc.

Basically the priority is to do the temple as fast as possible.

Spawning The Temple

Temple level is an average lvl of 11 incursions + 4 lvls capped by the highest level of a map. What it means in a nutshell: to open 83 lvl (Guardians lvl) temple you need to run:

1 Guardian map + 6 T12 maps and 4 T11 maps
1 Guardian map + 8 T12 maps and 2 T10 maps


This build is really good at clearing Chimera in particular as you can freeze all the dangerous mobs and easy recharge your shield against Chimera attacks. Chimera is also always the most expensive map so you want to only unlock this guardian to get the most profits (all the t16 map drops that you get will be Chimera).

As we want to spawn the temple as fast as possible I usually just casually run through the map trying to get to Alva as fast as possible. I would suggest buying the cheapest T10/T11/T12 maps for that. I've been using Torture Chambers which cost 2 chaos per single one which is very, very cheap. 10 maps + Temple clear takes around 20-25 minutes with this build.

How to Build The Temple & Room Tiers

God tier Rooms:

Surveyor's Study/Office of Cartography/Atlas of Worlds - The best room for 83 temple, when fully upgraded you can literally walk away from the temple with 5 Chimera maps which each is 40 chaos.

Shrine of Empowerment/Sanctum of Unity/Temple Nexus - At level 3 this upgrades connected rooms by 1 tier. Can upgrade up to 6 (!!!) rooms. This can give you the fattest temples, always try to upgrade it when it's in the middle.

Very good rooms:

Strongbox Chamber/Hall of Locks/Court of Sealed Death - new 3.3.1 Room. This room contains respectively 2/4/6 random strongboxes and can contain diviners and unique ones. Boxes contain mobs and more mobs - higher chance to get maps which makes this room even better.

Storage Room/Warehouses/Museum of Artifacts - This contains a lot of random stuff but can also contain maps and league specific uniques (at level 3). In general I like this room a lot.

Vault/Treasury/Wealth of the Vaal - currency, drops exalts / mirror shards etc.

Corruption Chamber/Catalyst of Corruption/Locus of Corruption - Plenty of cheap-ish items that can get very, very valuable with a good corruption. See: Tombfist.

Splinter Research Lab/Breach Containment Chamber/House of the Others - Has 3 breaches at lvl 3

Workshop/Engineering Department/Factory - 5/10/15% increased item quantity in the whole temple

Guardhouse/Barracks/Hall of War - 10/20/30% increased number of mobs in the whole temple

Royal Meeting Room/Hall of Lords/Throne of Atziri - Has Atziri at lvl 3

Good Rooms:

Sparring Room/Arena of Valour/Hall of Champions - contains weapoons/div cards at lvl 3, dropped a starforge card the other day

Armourer's Workshop/Armoury/Chamber of Iron - same as above only, with armour

Gemcutter's Workshop/Department of Thaumaturgy/Doryani's Institute - drops quality and leveled gems, mostly valuable early in the league. At level 3 you can also double corrupt a gem which can yield a 21/23 gem.

Jeweller's Workshop/Jewellery Forge/Glittering Halls - amulets/rings and div cards associated with them

Miscellaneous rooms

Torment Cells/Torture Cages/Sadist's Den - New 3.3.1 Room that contains tormented spirits. Not sure what's the point of this room, the spirits never droop anything good only occupy room that would have been better occupied by having packs of mobs.

Explosives Room/Demolition Lab/Shrine of Unmaking - contains respectively 1/2/3 explosive charges which allow to break though temple walls. Convenient.

Poison Garden/Cultivar Chamber/Toxic Grove - Spreads plants around the temple that pop and poison you as you walk over them. The best of the "bad" rooms because the posion is not very strong and the plants have a small chance to drop items, including currency and maps.

Trap Workshop/Temple Defense Workshop/Defense Research Lab - Plants trap all around the temple. This is a horrible room - not only traps slow you down but they also take space in front of the doors that would have been otherwise occupied by packs of mobs. Avoid this at all cost.

Tempest Generator/Hurricane Engine/Storm of Corruption - This room contains a "valuable item" at lvl 3 which is either a new non upgraded 3.3 unique (they are mostly worthless) or a magic item with a temple preffix/suffix which can be valuable on certain bases. In addition it spreads small "tempests" around the temple which can either buff or hinder you for a short period of time when you walk over them.

Flame Workshop/Omnitect Forge/Crucible of Flame - Same as a above - contains a "valuable item". In addition this makes the final temple boss have fan like spinning flames which is very annoying to fight against because it makes you burn which stops ES recharge.

Lightning Workshop/Omnitect Reactor Plant/Conduit of Lightning - Another "valuable item" room. This time around it makes the final temple boss harder by argumenting it with lightning.

Hatchery/Automaton Lab/Hybridisation Chamber - Another "valuable item" room. In addition it makes the Omnitec fight actually slightly easier as it spawns mobs that give you extra flask charges during the fight.

Pools of Restoration/Sanctum of Vitality/Sanctum of Immortality- Another "valuable item" room. This one makes all the mobs (except for the Omnitec) have a pretty fast regen. Very annoying.

Item choices

Weapon(s) / Shield

Taryn's Shiver is a starter option, costs literally nothing but when you look at its stats every single one of them is really good: 20% cast speed 130% increased damage, +2 to gems is basically a better empower. This weapon can get you deep in maps on a 4 link.

Upgrade: 2x Void battery or 1x Void battery and 1x Apep's Supremacy. Void Battery has a great synergy with power charges and provides a lot of dps whereas Apep's Supremacy is a more defensive option that provides a lot of extra ES + up to 50% faster start of energy shield recharge.


Shavronne's Wrappings is needed to stop chaos damage going through the shield. It also lets us reserve extra auras though Blood Magic. Shav's is literally 13c now on Poe Ninja since ES is not very popular atm.


Rare helmet with Freezing Pulse cast speed enchant is BiS here. This one did cost me around 10 chaos.


Again Rare ones are the BiS probably because of Es/resists/cast speed. Also very cheap. You can always swap them for Sadima's touch too if you'd like to have more Item Quantity.

There is a new mod that spawns from the temple on gloves that gives a lot of cold res and up to 50% inc damage vs chilled enemies:

That's basically free 50% increased cold damage because we chill/freeze everything. It's hard to get a good pair of gloves with this mod but if you can get one that's of course BiS for this build.


Several options here: Rainbowstride are a good starter option due to decent ES and resist along with move speed. Sin Trek can have up to 200 es and 30 intelligence giving us a lot of ES. They are also cheap so it's easy to find a good enchant on them. 2 socket Bubonic trail are a more DPS oriented option - they can have up to 120es with good jewels + 6 remaining mods from the jewels and 30-40% increased damage. As this is a low life character you can also use Greedtrap for Item Quantity and decent ES.


In general I think Bated Breath is the best option for both budget & BiS simply because it gives so much ES and ES recharge. However there are other decent options like Doyrani belt with cold damage or well rolled Stygian Vise.


Pandemonius is BiS here because of 20% penetration, cold damage, cold res also blinds & slows on hit. Basically a perfect amu for this build.


Lori's Lantern is a good starter / safe option for a low life build: has good resists and makes enemies unlucky (basically decreases their damage by quite a bit). You can upgrade it later to 2x rare rings with /ES/resists/cast speed/cold damage/crit/cit multi etc. Craft Leo's faster start of ES recharge on them.


2x First Snow - Baisically GMP for Freezing pulse. 1x Energy From within by the Melding cluster gives a lot of ES. Rare jewel with % chance of onslaught on kill is very good for Temple / mapping so don't forget to get it. Watcher's eye with faster start of ES recharge is pretty cheap and can give up to 40% of that mod so get it if you can spare some chaos.


The Wise oak gives us cold penetration and is basically the only "expensive" flask to get. Don't forget to have you uncapped cold resistance the highest to get the penetration bonus.

1x Crit flask, 1x Mana flask, 1x Move speed flask - they don't need explanation. You need to roll anti freeze/bleeding/ignite on them.

1x Phasing flask - Phasing is really good in this league so you won't get interrupted by mobs when entering tight corridors/hallways.

Skill Tree & Class choice

Why Occultist?

I chose Occultist because we get a lot of ES + stun immunity + damage doesn't interrupt shield recharge etc. Basically you get very tanky which is great if you want to actually lvl up 90+ when you map and not die to some random stuff. Also you get a free power charge generation so you don't need to do any orb of storms shenanigans etc. Profane bloom is also like Impulsa on Steroids. Picking Elementalist and trying to make some kind of Freezing Pulse boss killer just misses the purpose imo.

Ascendancy in order: Forbidden Power -> Wicked Ward -> Vile Bastion -> Profane bloom

Pantheon: Lunaris & Shakari (immune to poison)

Skill tree:


Skill Links

Main skills:

Freezing Pulse + Spell Echo + Increased Critical Strikes + Cold Pen + Controlled destruction + Empower

If you're playing 2x Void Battery Power Charge on Crit is actually more damage than Increased Crit Strikes so feel free to replace it in that case.

Flame Dash + Faster Casting + Increased Duration + Arcane Surge

Make Sure that mana cost of Flame Dash is higher than Arcane Surge so it always triggers. It means that you need to keep your Arcane Surge at a certain level (mine is lvl 9).

Lightning Warp + Faster Casting + Less Duration + Swift Affliction

I like to use this skill as an off movement skill complementing Flame Dash. It's actually pretty fast with 3 supports.

Frost Bomb + Faster casting

This is very good and you should use it on bosses.


Clarity + Discipline + Blood magic (+Enlighten)

Frostbite + Blasphemy

Herald of Ice + Curse on hit + Poacher's Mark


Immortal Call + Cast when Damage taken + Increased Duration

Good to have if you can fit it somewhere.

Leveling Advice (courtesy of stoudtlr)

I'm playing a very similar build that tackle70 created and thought I would share the leveling advice I posted there since there are questions here. You'll need to adjust the trees a little bit since i was following tackle70's build and the pathing is slightly different, but it shows the basic progression.

My leveling advice...

Pick up a Karui Ward Amulet as soon as your first Alch drops.

Gives needed strength and dex for leveling your gems along with move speed and projectile damage.

Grab the First Snow jewels as soon as you reach a gem slot for each and get two Tulborn wands at level 24. They are only an Alch and are awesome leveling wands.

Get a Goldrim when your first Chaos drops

For the skill tree I went a bit different than the general leveling guidelines of saving crit and charges for near the end. With this build high crit is also a defense since mobs that are frozen can't hurt you.

38 points

65 points

If it's really needed you can grab more life nodes as well since we get 20 free refund points from quests.

Ascendancy order for me is Wicked Ward > Vile Bastion > Forbidden Power

Saving Forbidden Power for last since Power Charge generation can be done with Tulborn until you reach Merc lab. The defense from the other two is better to grab first IMHO.

When to switch to low life?

At level 55 when cruel lab is unlocked or shortly after is when I normally switch to low life and I'm doing the same with this build.

These items make great starter LL pieces:

The longer you can wait to go LL the easier it usually is since you'll have more points to put into ES. If you don't have much experience with LL builds I would definitely wait until you get Shav's instead of jumping in with a Solaris that doesn't have any ES on it. With experience it can be done though. I've leveled into the low 80's while LL with a Solaris Lorica several times before I had farmed enough cards or currency to get a Shav's. Once you make the LL switch you may want to consider dropping one of the weapons in favor of an ES / spell damage shield until you get the rest of your gear straightened out. Especially if switching early with a Solaris Lorica, you may be hurting with low ES.

That said, freezing pulse is probably one of the safest early level LL builds I have played. Having minimum ES isn't an issue when everything around you is frozen so it can't attack you.

Ending Notes

This is my only build in incursion and my first try so I'm expecting there is a lot of stuff that could be improved here. However the build works just fine as shown on the videos. Any questions just ask.
My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2255805
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Thanks for the guide. I tried it on hardcore and it was smooth until I ran across some giant skeletons next to a divine shrine!

The temple guide was super informative.

Thanks for the fun build!
Hey I think that the build is great, just one question!

What pathways did you level first in your skill tree? I'm having trouble finding out which direction is correct :)
What pathways did you level first in your skill tree? I'm having trouble finding out which direction is correct :)

I will add this soon.

The temple guide was super informative.

Thanks for the fun build!

No problem :)
My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2255805
Also found out couple of days that this mod drops from the temple:

cold resist / extra damage to chilled enemies - it's actually 1 mod

So gloves like this are of course BiS for this build. I am currently wearing this pair:

But I'll be looking for better ones.
My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2255805
That's a pretty neat temple mod right there!

What do you think about a dying sun in this build? I kind of dig the wider arc of freezing pulses.

Can you look up my character and see if theres any big upgrades I can get? Apart from the 6th link on shav's :>
What do you think about a dying sun in this build? I kind of dig the wider arc of freezing pulses.

you won't get increased area of effect, doesn't apply to freezing pulse. But you can use it for 2 extra projectiles. It's basically subbing a flask for a gem slot on the tree.

Can you look up my character and see if theres any big upgrades I can get? Apart from the 6th link on shav's :>

Enchant on the helmet with faster casting and gloves with 50% inc damage mod apart from the 6th link would be my best bet;)

My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2255805
Hey i was just wondering how this build would fair on a scion ascendant, would it be viable to sustain?
Updated this build today with a lot of new stuff including a new vid (finally got around to killing shaper&guardians), new temple rooms and new items.

Allure_5 wrote:
Hey i was just wondering how this build would fair on a scion ascendant, would it be viable to sustain?

Tbh Scion occultist asc is kind of a joke compared to actual Occultist. For example Scion gets 1.5% es regenerated per sec while Occultist gets 30%. You also lose +250 es and any damage will stop your shield recharge. It's not good.
My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2255805
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Looks super solid, especially considering its cost
My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1641740
My 6link collection: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1656425

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