[3.3] EZ GG Build. Shackles Wander. 63 sec HH Buffs

The EZ GG Build.
EZ is my tag in Path of Exile. GG is Ghudda Gloves.

TL:DR 318% Multiplier to Effect Duration
64 sec Headhunter Buffs
32 sec Zerphi's Soul Eater (100% uptime)
33 sec Vaal Grace (100% uptime)
6 sec CwDT Immortal Call

Carried by Headhunter (because that's the entire point of the build)

Level 83 clearing T16 UGS in 1:22

This build does not have to be played as a Wander. Just personal preference.

Core Mechanics

The core idea of this build is to scale two of the most fun and powerful mechanics, Headhunter buffs and Zerphi's Soul Eater, via Shackles of the Wretched self Temporal Chains. By using Kaom's Roots to bypass the slowing effect and stacking curse effect, effects expire 68.2% slower, which is basically a 318% multiplier on effect duration.

This means Headhunter buffs last 63.6 seconds and Zerphi's Soul Eater lasts 31.8 seconds.

Headhunter Buffs and Soul Eater have pseudo exponential scaling. The more Headhunter Buffs and Soul Eater Stacks you have, the faster and stronger you will be, which means you will be able to collect Headhunter Buffs and Soul Eater Stacks faster, which will then make you even faster and stronger.

So what is possible with 64 second Headhunter buffs and 32 second Soul Eater?

(Spell Dodge is only 35% here because I was two points from Phase Acrobatics)

But wait, there's more.
Thanks to the insane 318% multiplier to effect duration, Vaal Clarity and Vaal Grace last 55 seconds and 33 seconds respectively, which makes it trivial to have 100% uptime. So in addition to the defensive bonuses from Headhunter buffs, I have 75% Dodge and 65% Spell Dodge.

Any monster that manages to survive the first hit will be tripled cursed by Herald of Thunder with 75% capped slow Temporal Chains, Elemental Weakness, and the curse of your choice (Warlord's Mark in my case). Compounded with the chill that will be applied by the attack, the monster will basically stop moving.

And in the case that anything manages to hit me, the level 1 Cast when Damage Taken procs a 6.26 second Immortal Call.

The Core Items

Secondary Core Items

Luxury Items
Watcher's Eye with Grace Movement Speed and Grace Unaffected by Enfeeble
Shackles of the Wretched with Elemental Weakness on Hit. (Any curse on hit works but Elemental Weakness is the best)
Kaom's Roots with corrupted Movement Speed. (Max Life and Max Endurance Charge are also nice)


As long as you're able to kill the first couple packs in order to activate a Vaal Skill, almost any reasonable gem setup will be "viable." (Please no Heavy Strike - Slower Projectiles - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun - Spell Echo - Arcane Surge - Cast While Channeling build please.)

I chose Kinetic Blast because I really enjoy playing Kinetic Blast in Underground Sea. If you like Tornado Shot, you can play Tornado Shot. If you like Blade Vortex or Reave or Flicker Strike, then play that. Make adjustments to the Passive Tree as necessary. I recorded videos (In the Videos section) of a Lightning Arrow variant and a meme Blade Vortex Flicker Strike Tabula Brightbeak variant with minimal changes to the gear and tree.

This works because almost all of the power of the build comes from Headhunter buffs and Zerphi's Soul Eater.

If you want more life, you can wear a Belly of the Beast and there are plenty of 5% life nodes available. You can even opt for Kaom's Heart if you are choose a Bow or Two-Handed Variant. If you don't like Mind over Matter, you can drop it, take more life nodes, and run an Aura.

The only required curse is Temporal Chains in the gloves. The remaining two curses are up to you. If you prefer a more defensive setup, something like Temporal Chains, Enfeeble, Warlord's Mark works nicely.

Current Gear

Passive Tree

Path of Building

Level 83 T16 UGS Clear in 1:22

Double Beyond T16 UGS Clear

Lightning Arrow Version T16 UGS Clear

Blade Vortex Flicker Strike Meme T16 UGS Clear

Cannot go full MF. Shackles of the Wretched and Kaom's Roots are mandatory.
First pack of every map is a bit dangerous.
Cannot do trades mid map because lose all Headhunter buffs. (Though maps should only take ~2 mins)

This has been one of the most fun builds I've ever played. After you kill the first couple packs, you basically become a god. Once you've experienced 63 second Headhunter buffs, it is hard to go back to 20 second Headhunter buffs. Also having 32 second on demand Zerphi's Soul Eater is too good to pass up. I've played around with permanent Gluttony of Elements variants but they felt so lackluster without the Zerphi's Soul Eater.

I hope that GGG nerfs this build because I like the idea of creating a build so powerful that it influences the balance of the game. This is probably very unlikely though, as only something like 1% of the player base will be able to afford this build. They may nerf Temporal Chains slowing of effects scaling, which can provide up to a 4.0 multiplier to effect duration, which is the core of this build.


Disclaimer: This build is designed and optimized for farming dense, beyonded maps. It will not feel as good to play in non-beyonded maps. You will still have 32 second Soul Eater and 64 second Headhunter buffs though.
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you did not pick up any of the drops
I do not offer or accept any external services and/or money in any form, for whatever reason.
Spacecom wrote:
you did not pick up any of the drops

This build is not meant to be a farmer. It's only for pure clearspeed.
Hello I have a question.
Congratulations, this looks very fun.

See all my reddit posts (even the shadowbanned ones)

Thanks. Is that the real VOC
100k ES ez
The one and only

See all my reddit posts (even the shadowbanned ones)

tie23he wrote:
Thanks. Is that the real VOC

The one and only

See all my reddit posts (even the shadowbanned ones)

Cool idea!

Since you tried with flicker, how about with some Mirage archer setup?
That could be a "click once every 10secs" build, plenty of time to loot and such :)

Thanks for sharing this chase-meme-build :D
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wow nice build
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