[3.3] Astraldream's Life-Based Whispering Ice Saboteur (Shaper / Uber Atziri / Red Elder Cleared)

#Update: Cleared Shaper!

Hello Exiles, I am AstralDreams, and this will be my first ever guide for a build.
Hope you enjoy c:

#Disclaimer: While I did come up with this build myself, the idea of whispering ice trapper have already been thought of by other players in incursion. Just thought I'd give credit where credit is due.

[3.3] Whispering Ice Trap Fire Conversion Saboteur
[3.3] 2100 Int Whispering Ice Trapper

Aside from this, I used the following guide as reference for my skill tree.
[3.3] All Uniques Whispering Ice - 2ex Total (All Content, Shaper/Elder Deathless)


The aim of this build is to integrate traditional Whispering Ice builds into the new trap meta. By stacking intelligence, damage is increased on the ice storm skill, while life is gained using the new incursion unique, Mask of the Stitched Demon.

While this build is capable of clearing T16s and Uber Atziri, it is not as efficient as top-tier farming characters. It is, however quite budget-friendly. Hence if you are interested in a wacky non-meta build, this might be a good build to try out.


+ Budget friendly.
+ Relatively tanky for a trapper build. (>5.5k HP, 79/79/79 resists, Acro/Phase Acro, Born in the Shadows, elemental ailment immune)
+ Decent damage against stationary bosses. (i.e. Uber Atziri)


- Cannot be used during leveling. (Transitions about level 68)
- Playstyle needs getting used to, can feel a bit slow.
- Duration needed for max damage (3-3.5 seconds) > Cannot full clear incursions easily.
- Requires good GPU, reduces fps by 50-60% when stacking ice storms. (60 > 20 FPS for me)
- CANNOT do no regen maps.


Mapping: Due to the slow arming time of traps, and time needed for ice storm's damage to build up, the build requires a Fire-and-Forget playstyle. When passing by mob packs, throw 1-3 clusters of icestorm traps into the pack. Run forward while using both quicksilver and quartz flask. As the mobs left behind begin to die to the traps, your flasks will refill. Rinse-and-repeat this for maximum mapping speed.

Bossing: This is the part that may get difficult, especially against b]mobile bosses[/b]. Place down a Decoy Totem to taunt the boss, along with a Bear Trap. If the boss gets slowed by the bear trap, spam traps on him and pop all your flasks.

When Vaal Grace and Vaal Impurity of Ice are up, chose the right time to use both, along with all your flasks and spam traps while being near the boss. This will be your maximum damage output, so choose the time wisely.

In incursions, it is recommended to use Vaal Grace and the quartz flask together, as they are effective against the Vaal construct one-shots.

Current Equipment:

Rationale for Uniques:
As mentioned in the introduction, both Whispering Ice and Mask of the Stitched Demon scale using intelligence. This gives them great synergy, making them the core of the build.

However to scale int, two Perandus Signets are used. Individually, each ring gives 2% increased intelligence per unique item equipped. As such, the build aims to maximise the number of unique items on the character.

This gives rise to a resistance problem. Since unique items often lack resistance, triple purity auras are used to cap the resistance, along with a pair of two-toned boots.

With the massive amount of mana reserved, Slavedriver's Hands are chosen to give blood magic to ice storm. This makes the traps consume life instead, which is then mitigated by the saboteur ascendancy, Pyromaniac.

Budget Approximation:
1x Max int roll The Whispering Ice: 1c
1x High roll Mask of the Stitched Demon: 15c
1x Slavedriver's Hands: 20c
1x High roll Belly of the Beast: 10c
1x Max roll Cyclopean Coil: 20c
1x 40/40/40 Two-toned Boots: 30c
1x High roll Astramentis: 30c
2x Perandus Signet: 40c
2x 6 Socket Vorici: 700 jews > 120c
1x High roll The Wise Oak: 10c
1x High roll Atziri's Promise: 2c
4x Max Roll Fertile Mind: 40c
1x Max Roll Brute Force Solution: 10c
1x Pure Talent: 10c
1x Freeze Immune Watcher's Eye: 30c
Total Budget: 388c

Gem Links:
Main skill: Icestorm - Trap - Cluster Traps - Trap and Mine Damage - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect
Auras: Purity of Fire - Vaal Purity of Ice - Purity of Lightning - Enlighten
Movement Skill + Totem: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (Lv 7) - Decoy Totem
CWDT Curse + EO Proc: Cast When Damage Taken (Lv 1) - Ice Spear (Lv 7) - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Frostbite (Lv 5)
CWDT: Cast When Damage Taken (Lv 1) - Immortal Call (Lv 3) - Frost Wall (Lv 10) / Frost Bomb (Lv 10)
Duration Skills: Bear Trap - Increased Duration - Vaal Grace

Path of Building:

Viablility Update:
- Cleared T16 Hydra
- Cleared T16 Phoenix
- Cleared T16 Minotaur
- Cleared T16 Chimera (2x Damage/Attackspeed/Enfeeble)
- Cleared Uber Atziri

- Cleared Red Elder

- Cleared Shaper
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