[3.3] Poet's Pen Wander with KB Barrage and Arc -because it's 3.3

3.4 Update soon-ish tm
I am currently experimenting with 3.4
There are definitely some changes that I'll make to the build. Herald of Purity looks real nice and plays fine. Still need to experiment a but and get into red maps before I want to make a judgement
tree doesn't change tho and it should still play fine the way it was

Videoguide: here if you don't like reading - make sure to check out the gear section in the written guide for alternatives!

Gameplay Videos

T16 Pit of the Chimera
T15 Shaped Bog Map twinned Bosses, shaper influence
T11 Lair Map

and if you want to watch something really messy...
T15 Lava Lake 8 mods
  • Temporal Chains
  • Monsters have 365% inreased critical strike chance
  • +43% to monsters critical strike multiplier
  • 30% monster movement speed
  • 44% monster attack speed
  • 35% monster cast speed
  • monsters reflect 18% of physical damage
  • Unique boss deals 25% increased damage
  • Unique boss has 30% increased cast and attack speed
  • monsters gain an endurance charge on hit
  • monsters gain a power charge on hit
  • monsters cannot be taunted
  • monsters cannot be slowed below base speed

3 deaths on boss... with that much attack and cast speed it'd have been a miracle to survive. but 0 deaths on the map and incursion

Current Gear

Inpulsa feels better than Queen of the Forest!

Turned in cards for a unique belt and got a

what can I say. Yeah it's nice but not necessary.

Pro & Con + personal progress this League:

  • start leveling as wander from level 12 on! (with (vaal) power siphon)
  • fast, fun, flexible ! The gear and tree allows for a lot of modifications to adjust it to your preferred playstyle. MF, labfarm, mapfarm, you do it!
  • it's on par with any other wander - it's just a variant
  • very good and fast clear on maps, incursions and temple!
  • you are hexfont
  • you Arc like a pro

  • not super expensive (top notch gear will always cost you... but it's in the medium range for a working build)
  • Bosses that cannot be lured against a wall take a while to kill
  • no regen, Enfeeble, Vulnerability, Ele Weakness, monsters deal extra damage/crit more can be run with a little adjustment of gear or playstyle - and the occasional death. also depending on map tier
  • Temporal chains can be run at a good speed but only do this if you have to

  • Ele reflect maps cannot be run.
  • No leech maps cannot be run (because mana)

I do a lot of self found so I don't have all content done that I can do with this build.

Done Content on Softcore:
  • normal Atziri (some things still oneshot you in the Atziri fight but you can walk out of them. make sure you don't attack the Minion with the Mirror)
  • All white Maps, yellow Maps
  • A lot of red Maps of all tiers
  • Guardians: Chimera and Minotaur
  • Red Elder Guardians (Lightning is a bit rippy the others are fine. The physical guys weapon throws are rippy)
  • Red Elder (with 1 death)
  • T15 Lava Lakes with all kinds of Curses on me - deathless
  • 81 and 82 Temple of Atzoatl, full clear including boss - deathless
  • Couple of Labruns full clear, all silver and gold keys, Argus.

Know that it is possible:
  • All Guardians - Hydra will be unpractical. The others are fine
  • full atlas clear
  • T16 Corrupted Vaal Temple Map should be possible depending on the mods.

very unpractical content
  • Shaper and Uber Elder are probably possible with very well rounded gear - meaning expensive gear. You need Dying Sun and really good jewels (including Watchers Eye) for this. It's definitely easier to do with other builds
  • Uber Atziri if your damage is good should be possible, but a more defensive build might be nice for farms.

1. Mechanics of this Build
for the interested reader

This Build makes use of several offensive mechanics.
Damage conversion, added extra damage, shock and Critical Strike. I want to explain how we use the physical damage of the Poet's Pen to maximize our elemental damage. This is for the interested reader:

Poet's Pen has a base physical damage and an additional damage that is increased depending on your character level. The damage however is physical and with a wander it is easier to push elemental damage than physical damage.
So we want to convert this physical damage into as much elemental damage as possible. Preferably lightning damage because Lightning has better buffs on gear and tree than cold or fire.

Conversion works like this:
Let's say you have 100dps physical. you have 80% of that converted to lightning and another 60% converted to cold. That is 140% total but you don't get 140% of 100dps. you get 100% of your physical converted to those two elements at the ratio that they are at. The ratio is 4:3 which is applied to 100% of your damage and not to the sum of 140%. So you lose no conversion but it is distributed. So in the end the 100dps will be split up in around 57% lightning and 43% cold damage. So we have this:
100 physical dps
> 80% of physical converted to lightning damage
> 60% of physical converted to cold damage
57 lightning dps
+53 cold dps

the sum is still 100dps even though we have more conversion. Conversion does not add damage it converts percentages.

The next step is added damage.

This gem gives a 50% phys to lightning conversion and the higher you level it the more "physical damage as extra lightning damage" you get.

Lets take our 100 physical dps example again. lets say we use this gem and Hrimsorrow gloves (which convert the other 50% to cold damage).
meaning we now have 50 lightning dps and 50 cold dps.
This gem now adds 29% of our physical damage as extra lightning damage. Even though we do not deal lightning damage because we converted everything the game still knows that we originated from 100 physical damage. So we get:
50 lightning damage + 50 cold damage + 29 lightning damage
79 lightning damage + 50 cold damage
= 129 elemental dps

How do buffs apply?

This gem also provides a 10% buff to lightning damage and a 10% buff to physical damage.
Now I don't know the mechanics of how it is applied - but since you cannot double dip any more in the end you get a 20% buff on your lightning damage. and a 10% buff on your cold damage.

This is not how it works:
100 phys dps +10% = 110 phys dps.
50% cold 50% lightning conversion:
55 cold dps + 55 lightning dps = 110 ele dps
10% increased lightning damage:
55 cold dps + 55 + 5.5 lightning dps = 115.5 dps

This is how it works:
50% is converted phys to cold which is affected by 10% buff to physical damage:
55 cold dps
50% is converted to lightning which is affected by both 10% buffs:
50 lightning dps * 120% = 60 lightning dps
So in the end we have 115 elemental dps total.
Not 115.5 dps.
Yes it's only 0.5dps in this example but this obviously has been an issue in the past so it got changed.

Plus this build makes also use of Shock.
Because it's 3.3 and everyone is using Arc *cough* we make use of Arc as well.
Every spell socketed in our Poet's Pen is autocast on attack. Apart from the curse that is an Arc + Innervate combo.
Arc does some lightning spell damage, but it also has a chance to apply shock.
Every lightning skill has a chance to apply shock - but they usually only shock on a critical strike. Out Kinetic Blast does lightning damage and with a critical strike the target will 100% be shocked. But we do not always Crit. Some of our hits are normal hits. And this is where Arc + Innervate comes in. Once you have them on 20% quality this combo has a 40% chance to shock on its own - and that is with regular hits. critical strikes of Arc still have a 100% chance to shock.

Shock no longer increases the damage taken by enemies by a fixed amount for a variable duration. Now, Shock will apply to enemies for a duration of 2 seconds and increase the amount of damage the shocked enemy takes based on the Lightning damage dealt to the enemy. A purely Lightning hit which removes 10% of an enemy's life will increase the damage that enemy takes by 50% for 2 seconds, scaling linearly down to 0% at no Lightning damage dealt. Shock is still only applied by critical strikes or based on your chance to shock.

From the Oriath Patch Notes

Shock is a debuff applied lasting for 2 seconds if you hit the target with enough lightning damage.
Our Arc does not hit the Target for 10% max life in one hit. So the increased damage taken from shock will probably not be 50% - but it should hit within the threshold to actually set of the shock effect and allow for some increased damage taken. And with Inpulsa we get a little under 50% increased damage if we have shocked an enemy recently - which we do. Also shocked enemies we kill explode and as far as I see they explode quite a lot.

Actually I don't know if that is the be all and end all of damage increase you can do in a build, but since I wanted a Poet's Pen build this seemed like the smartest thing to do with it. You can only make use of spells in the poets pen and spells deal spell damage - but we deal and buff mostly attack damage which is something completely different. But having an incredibly high chance of applying a debuff reliably on an enemy seems like a no brainer. Especially since you can link it with Innervate - which grants the "Innervation" buff on kill. This buff gives us flat lightning damage - both spell and attack damage. Arc does enough damage on my build to actually kill enemies - quite often at that. So yes you get this buff quite often and yes that is the added lightning damage of two tier 1 rolls on an abyss jewel.

2. Gear in Detail
Alternatives for each slot

obviously. If you can get a corrupted with +flat damage like this one or "+x% attack speed" or "penetrates x% elemental resistances" you can but you don't have to. Make sure your weapon is 20% quality and you have three blue sockets on it because the linked spells are being autocast on your attacks. So this is important.

You have two choices here, but you can also get experimental and use something else.

Queen of the Forest is your top choice if you want to go faster than fast. Especially if you want to use a Bisco's Leash Belt and you need to keep your rampage up it's easier to go with this.
It is also the defensive choice because of the high evasion and resistances that come with it.
Getting 4 offcolors on it requires a lot of Chromatic Orbs or Jeweler's Orbs for the Vorrici Trick (google that if you don't know it) We need 3b1r2g no matter if we link Barrage or Kinetic Blast

Inpulsa is currently very pricy because Arc happened. It gives you a little more damage but gives you more worries how to cap your resistances.

You can use other chestpieces, but these are the two with the biggest benefit to your build

Damage conversion
Next up is conversion. We want to convert as much physical to lightning damage as we can. Converting more than 100% phys to light does not give us extra damage, but it removes all physical damage so you don't have to worry about physreflect maps or nemesis mods at all. However it comes with the price of wasting room for defense or damage.
Damage conversion will take up slots. It's your choice how many slots you want to sacrifice and how much currency you can or want to invest

Quote from the Wiki
Damage conversion is done before any increases, or multipliers are applied to damage guaranteeing that they are only applied once. However, converted damage is affected by modifiers that apply to both the original damage type it was converted from, and the new damage type that it was converted to.

What's important for us is that any increases to physical or lightning damage to apply - regardless if our output contains portions on physical damage or not. However the game ensures that the increase does not happen twice. Meaning increasing physical damage by 20% with a 100% phys to lightning conversion will increase our lightning damage by 20% and not more.

50% from

This uses up a gemslot on our attacks but we get +% damage if we have a gem with quality. So it's not the end of the world for a 50% conversion

25-40% from

Yes this is expensive. If you want to empty your vaults buy one that has another one or two mods for wrath. Like phys as extra lightning damage or lightning penetration. But this one is enough. If you cannot afford it use the following two options:

30% from

Stormcharger always gives you 30% conversion. You can get the best rolls for under 5 chaos easy.
it supports our lightning damage but has no life, only moderate movement speed and only 50% resist.
It is the "budget option to convert and probably the option to 100% convert

25% from

These are 3.3 rares that can be found in the Temple of Atzoatl and only there. The market is good on these and you can get them with life and a bit of resist and maybe even attack speed for a few chaos

20% from

this is not the right Vessel of Vinktar that I posted. the one that converts phys to light does not have flat lightning damage on it. I couldn't find it atm. You will definitely use the conversion Vinktar or the flat damage Vinktar. Conversion is cheap, Flat damage is expensive.

This is it. Puzzle yourself the items together that give you 90-100% or more. under 100% means you lose damage, under 90% means you lose a lot of damage and anything over 100% gives you nothing.

Other slots / Notable Uniques and Rares

Everything else is up to you. I will list the most useful items and tell you whats the pro and con with them. They are all good choices but you need to make them work together. Balance defense with Damage


Rats Nest is a Damage option. Slightly less defensive than Starkonjas.

I lurv Starkonjas. It's a good balance between survivability and damage. If you don't need the resists use it

If you need the resists because you want damage from other items use a rare

Get 90+ life on it, get evasion on it and get the resists that you want

Lightpoacher is nice for clearing maps, it adds a little fun and life regen. I don't like it that much. Especially for this build because we need the gems.


This is the "budget option" Find Gripped Gloves in maps, use an Alchemy on them and hope for the best.
You want life on them and attack speed. If you can get resists or evasion it's a plus.

Thunderfist is a good option for a 5-Link Kinetic Blast. It's a solid option and not expensive.
No life, no resists.

If you want a 5-Link Barrage. DO NOT use this for Kinetic Blast! KB with slower projectiles is no fun at all! Since we run a KB Barrage setup this is your choice for mapping. You can use it for Elders but not for Elder Guardians, Hydra or Shaper. Technically you can but it's not fun. Use a 6-Link for those bosses. However for Mapping its higher damage compared to Gripped Gloves - if you are lucky craft it on Gripped Gloves

If you want conversion on your gloves. The other options give you higher damage overall if you can get the conversion somewhere else. very budget.

Tombfists are not a good choice.


"Budget option" with a good enchant on it. Life - resist - 30 movespeed

If you convert with this - you probably will.

Solid defense option, but your resists need to come from somehwere else

just to mention it: this has been used in the past as a speed option. But you need onslaught linked with Herald of Ice (preferably) and you are fast enough anyways. So don't.

Magic find option

Bubonic Trail is an option if you use other items with Abyss Jewels - otherwise stay away from it. In my opinion this build is not made for Abyss Jewel stacking. You get damage on Poet's Pen and you don't need it on Abyss Jewels. If you really want to use them you can probably make it work somehow...


I am currently running this and it's quite fun. Gives you gives you high damage but only makes sense if you have or get 200 strength for the resistances to work. It's an option. Not the best one but it is one.

Bisco is the Magic Find option and is quite fun. If your Rampage runs out get more speed on boots, use Queen of the Forest and Flasks with Evasion.

Prismweave is one of the budget options. Good for leveling and early maps. Cheap and solid for damage.

Probably the best option. Life, Resist and inc Ele damage. Everything else is details.

If you can spent a fortune on jewels then yeah I guess use this. Otherwise any of the other is better.


Opals are costly and probably need to be crafted. They are the endgame choice and worth it once you can afford them.

Something like this is a very good option if you cannot yet afford Opals. This one is pretty good, but you need at least one ring slot to balance out resists.
As a base you can use any Two Stone Ring, the Prismatic or one with crit implicit. The other implicits are not that good
You always want flat lightning damage - +% lightning damage - +% ele damage with attacks on it. One at first then 2. The rest is Life and resist. Attack speed is nice but it's cheaper to get elsewhere.

Voideye is best used with a 21 Wrath

I am currently using this because it gives a lot of damage. It is however difficult to get enough life and resists if you use this. Still - I like. If you are using a lot of rares then this is a cheap damage pusher.

Valako is similar to Voideye - a solid Damage option but it makes it harder to survive

Sibyls is a good way to be halfway able to run a reflect map. However at some point your damage is so high that nuking a pack will instantly kill you. with our without Sibyls.
It's also a budget option! Try and get as little reduced rarity as possible and as much ele damage increased as possible. Also wear it in the left ring slot!

Ventors Gamble for Magic Find


Rare Shaper Amulet with extra damage
Sadly I can't link one because I haven't bothered to buy one yet.
you want a rare amulet with "adds x% of physical as extra lightning damage" if you have other ele types on it its okay but not that good.
The other stats should be the same as on a regular rare Amulet

As a Base you pretty much want the Strength Intelligence Base because those are the stats that you don't get from your tree.
You also want:
flat lightning Damage to attacks
+% lightning or +% elemental damage
You will not get all of them at once. So balance it out. If you use the Nomad belt its a good way to get at least some strength

Budget Option, seriously good damage pusher until you can equip or afford a good rare.

Magic Find option. This is an old version of Biscos - it has been nerfed since but is still the best option for magic find!


this isn't a good one but you want these stats:
High life (90+)
Attack speed (the more the better)
The best bases are the small 2x2 shields with evasion base. Movement speed on them is nice but not required. You can also use round shields or kite shields with + global physical or + elemental damage. Kite shields give good resists. But honestly its probably best if you use a pure dex base. they aren't that expensive until you want a lot of attack speed.

Lycosidae is a good choice if you have way too much currency and you simple don't want to care about accuracy

Esh's Mirror is for open area maps and fast runs. It adds a lot of damage as long as you keep killing things. I've never really liked using it but that's a personal preference.


Bleed Remove and quick life. I usually always use this just for safety. If you make a farm build that is constantly under expected damage and leech you can completely drop the life flask.

There are different versions of Vessel of Vinktar. The most expensive one is the one you want. It adds flat lightning damage to attacks! (not spells) during the flask effect. The one with conversion can be an option if you still need conversion. It is also one of the cheapest.

The Wise Oak needs some tricky metagame with resistances. For max use you want all three ele resists at the same number (uncapped). Realistic is that you have lightning the highest and maybe get to balance fire and frost to the same number. It doesn't change your damage but defenses. As long as lightning is highest you are fine. It is a good flask to run maps with elemental weakness

Definitely use a Diamond Flask!
Quicksilver and Jade are for mapping and going fast. make sure you have +% evasion and maybe a curse remove on them. they are usually up as a Pathfinder so no need to worry about too much.

Endgame Item for Barrage and bosses - drop the quicksilver for it

good leech option also a good way to get some Chaos resist for the 3.3 vaal areas! Incursions and the Temple really check your chaos resist sometimes.

If you have a Taste of Hate dusting up in your inventory you can use it until you get a Vinktar. But don't otherwise. I haven't tried it on this build but I can't see it.


For Conversion and Life. You need to cough up around an exalt for the Wrath effect.

Those are not the best but examplatory. A perfect roll would have
+1-60 flat lightning damage to attacks (t1)
+1-60 flat lightning damage to wand attacks (t1)
attack speed
35+ Life
crit strike chance
crit strike multi
damage penetrates % ele resists if you havent killed recently

some others are quite nice. If you craft them make sure they are searching jewels with itemlevel 74 or more. only 74+ ilvl jewels can roll t1 damage mods. and then roll two times lightning damage on them, regal and if that hits life, attack speed or crit then exalt. Having physical damage on them does almost nothing. phys damage rolls low on abyss jewels. Having fire or cold on them is okay but not perfect. It is nice to ignite with some fire damage, but in the end lightning is better because your tree pushes lightning more than any other element.

3. Tree Ascendancy Bandits Pantheon


No-brainer copy this tree:
Level 90
Mid Leveling Tree
Take Arcing Blows and Wandslinger after. Then life nodes then sockets

Build your own tree advice:

Tree, but read the following to know how to complete it
This tree has 25 points left. For a level 90 that's still 15 points. You complete it depending on your gear and maybe what PathOfBuilding tells you.

Life choices:
Heart of the Oak notable near Ranger starting point. imop only worth if you like the stun resist and make use of the life regen. (meaning no Vaal Pact)
Revenge of the Hunted wheel with all 5 points - makes sense for hardcore and then also make use of Forces of Nature to the right of it
Acrobatics is definitely worth it because you will use Evasion Gear - Phase Acrobatics is probably nice for Hardcore but for Softcore it's not that important.
Vaal Pact - depends. If your damage isn't too good yet then you don't leech enough single target and you need to take one additional point towards Vitality Void. The other node that gives you leech is Blood Drinker which we pass on our way. However you regenerate some life from your gear. so sometimes it is worth not taking Vaal Pact, leech a little slower and use the regen to counteract the Blood Rage gem.

Damage choices:
Both are good crit wheels. For some reason I get higher Damage using the
Fervour - Savagery nodes that give frenzy - that is attack speed.
Crackling Speed is the other half of the lightning wheel. I am not a huge fan of it. So I guess these are the last 2 points you place
Primeval Force (bottom right side wheel) will be touched from the top. The two nodes on the bottom give you chance to shock and freeze. I use one of them. You don't have to.
Point Blank - I am not a fan. Sometimes its nice for a boss but overall not worth it.

in my opinion a very endgame option once you have Dying Sun and Vessel of Vinktar.

my profile is public. Import account "JeansJoe" and Character "FourFoxSakes" level 92 Pathfinder Incursion. And then you can PoB it yourself. each 3 Frenzy and Power charges.

Help Alira - if you want it easy going
Kill All - if you have really good jewels that you want to use

Solaris or Lunaris is Major. I am leaning a bit more towards Solaris
Ralakesh and Garukhan are good options but take whatever you like

Ascendancy Pathing as Pathfinder
I use Pathfinder because its the fastest and most defensive of the Rangers. If you want to use Deadeye or Raider you can.
Pathfinder gives you immunity to elemental ailments during flask effects - means no chill, freeze, shock, ignite on you. So you only need to be able to remove bleed and curses. It gives you extra damage from your physical - guess what that's 10% damage on top. Your Flasks (almost) never run out.

shoutout to Queenliness

4. Gem Links

6 Link Main Attack goes in Chest and is 3 Blue 1 Red 2 Green:


4 Link Secondary Attack

When you use this I strongly advice you to use it in a Thunderfist Glove!
you definitely need the GMP and Conversion gem.
can maybe be switched with


4 Link Barrage
is a little tricky. Those 3 are set:

can be gotten from shaper gloves and then you need one of these 2

Weapon / Poet's Pen 2 Blue + 1 Blue

This is where the magic happens. First of all you curse enemies - as long as you have your mouse over them. Meaning you need to attack them by mousing over them not by shooting in their direction. You will soon get use to it.
Also Arc Procs a lot, shocking enemies and doing some lightning damage
Arc is linked with Innervate and Innervate gives additional chance to shock - especially when with quality! It also gives you a buff on kill giving you extra lightning damage. who doesn't like extra damage? Lucky we have a lot of +%lightning and +%ele damage on our tree so this Arc-Innervate combo actually does do some damage and it kills enemies quite often. So yes you get the buff a lot. And you can always expect that your enemy is shocked.

CWDT Defensive Setup

To make full use of this Link use Blood Rage with it. Make sure to cap CWDT and Immortal call to a limit where you feel safe. meaning they both need the same required character level.
Increased Duration gets as high as you can have it. You might only be able to get it to 19 because it needs a lot of Strength. The Quality on Increased Duration increases the duration further.
Blood Rage gets level 20, we use it to generate Frenzy charges and get increased attack speed. Make sure to recast it during longer single target fights! Also beware that having it with a 20/20 Increased Duration makes it tick for quite long. If you don't leech or regenerate life during that time it can completely drain your health.

3-4 Link Herald + Golem

On a 3 Link drop onslaught. The usual wander setup is to use Assasins Mark with Herald Of Ice, but since we curse with Poet's Pen we can liberate this link a bit. Having Culling Strike on Herald Of Ice lets you clear a little bit faster and safer. Meaning you kill single enemies that would otherwise still be alive. For bosses we use our Ice Golem to cull enemies. make sure to recast the Ice Golem whenever there is time for it during a longer fight - and make some time to recast it once the boss is in culling range!


Flame Dash is the only movement skill we can use as a wander. Use it with Faster Casting and maybe link a Portal Gem to it. My advice is to 20% the Portal gem and then corrupt it. 20% gives the Portal gem 10% increased cast speed and corruption might result in a Breach gem. Never happened - but the quality definitely helps to cast it faster

Unless you prefer portal scrolls...

5. Leveling

I will not give you a step by step walkthrough, but some advice on gems and items.
This build isn't exactly a starter build. I have made one starter as wander and got lucky with nice wands around level 40 and 70 (ssf). A wander is more of a second build. Once you have enough currency to buy a Piscators or Poets pen you can level a wander. Sometimes you can get a decent rare for a few chaos.

For this build I recommend having the Poet's Pen before starting to level!
Do whatever you like until level 12.
Which means, frostblades or spectral throw with a redbeak or any rare you find.
or using a rare bow, Silverbranch or whatever people can use at this level.

This is your starting tree:
Click here
after that you do the bottom part of the final tree, then the top part. and then remove what you don't need later on.

Once you are level 12 you use Poet's Pen and Vaal Power Siphon. Why Vaal Power Siphon you ask? Because you can use it at level 12, because it's hella fun, because it got reworked in 3.3, because it's better to level.

Main attack:

Power Siphon goes with Chaining instead of Greater Multiple Projectiles.
Add things like +cold +fire +lightning damage to it and switch to the other gems you use with Kinetic Blast later. In the end you run Power Siphon instead of KB and chain instead of GMP the other 4 gems stay the same.

The gems in the Poet's Pen are the same as endgame. You can use volatile dead if you like. It adds some extra fire damage

okay belt

better belt

helps with mana, a clarity gem can also help until you get to use wrath or need to use wrath.

adds way too much damage.

is obviously the best choice as a chest for leveling.

Conversion while leveling.
50% still comes from phys to lightning. In the first levels a +cold damage and +ele damage with attacks support is enough. you don't need to convert physical to ele from the get go. Physical damage is still damage!
you can use items like these later on:

other nice items are

high attack speed!

And Wanderlust boots that I can't find atm.

Vaal Power siphon helps you clear incursions really fast and some areas with high density. in most cases a regular PS attack is enough.
Use 2 Life 2 Quicksilver and one Mana flask. If you do the incursions when you find them you get so much experience that you can't underlevel even if you leave half monsters you pass alive.

Get a Barrage (I think its level 12 Merveils caverns) from Nessa and start using it as second skill. as long as your 6link isnt complete on your Tabula Rasa you can link it in there with Power Siphon. If you like do the sidequest in Act 3 Library and get Kinetic Blast and start leveling it. You can also just get it Act 6 or act 10. Power Siphon easily carries you through white maps. In general use the gem setups that you would use endgame with the exception of Kinetic Blast and GMP. Blood Rage can be leveled but is not necessary.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and if you have anything supportive to say please do so.
Questions are welcome!

Wand's Guide to Wanding from Science and for Science
Queenliness Wanderfinder by Toma_Hawk
Ele KB Poet's Pen build 3.2 by gonggeigagu
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So this build is better than piscator right?
Hoàng_Lanh wrote:
So this build is better than piscator right?

It's about the same.
Think of it as an alternative. The output damage is pretty much the same as a piscators build.

I enjoy certain playstyles and this build fits them a bit better than the classic Piscators build.
- you curse enemies with an autocast from Poet's Pen instead of the Herald of Ice explosion. So curses are up a lot more.
- there is more shocked enemies than with Piscators, making more use of the Inpulsa chest.
- Arc does damage to lower enemies while you barrage. For example while you cast on a boss or rare enemy with a lot of life, Arc will shock and kill enemies outside of your barrage/KB cast-area. This works only on low life enemies, but it works.

Its as fast as Piscators, damage is pretty much the same. I sometimes feel that the shocks do a little more damage and overall it feels smoother to me.

It's more of a personal choice if you want to play Piscators or Poet's Pen.
I just wanted to prove to myself that it works because I really like Poet's Pen. The item has a great mechanic and looks really nice.

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