[3.3] "Permanent" Vaal Righteous Fire Occultist CI

SerSablich wrote:
Did you level up using vrf and scorching Ray?

Yep, just simple SR leveling with VRF to supplement.
Very nice build, really like it, very tanky and good clear speed usually.

I am struggling a bit with red tier incursions, did not had a chance for any elder so far on this build but I guess that should work.


My 92 occultist, I went for a helmet with burning damage and more elemental damage and that helped a bit with clearing them. I am thinking about switching to low life to have a normal RF active all the time too to help with incursions especially. And yes I know the watcher's eye is not the best, but still trying to get one with faster start + recovery rate.
after using VRF before and 1 shotting the guardians I felt almost in love with VRF (still to this day) so I am absolutely loving this build idea.
as it stands I can amass 20k ES! however my regen will pay the price. I will post my current gear in the pastebin found below

here >>> https://pastebin.com/5sRgUqVz

first off I have a 5B and 1R chest :(
im not sure how i can work around that. . .

second is that im reserving my life for more regen and to shore up my resistances.

Notes: Im only using this chest piece to PoB my maximum ES potential. Normally I'd be using a shavs to protect against poison.

optional gear I would like to use or think that is possibly good:

for the increased skill effect duration, again "maybe" usable. who knows.

if farming souls becomes an issue.

this was expensive but might help. limited to 2 so we could get +50% increased duration!

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