[3.3] Jugg's Not Hot. Self-Igniting, Immortal Caller with Incinerate CWC Firestorm.

Hello internet people! Do you ever shield charge into packs and wonder why you are back in your hideout? Do you ever sit and ponder if a mechanic will one shot you? Inevitably discovering the answer to be yes, yes it will. Well fear not, the Jugg's Not Hot TM build is here to help.

This build uses much fire and the Eye of Innocence amulet in order to generate all of the charges you will ever need, as well as cast all the spells you probably can't be arsed pressing buttons for.

For the newly initiated, this amulet deals 100 damage to the player each time an enemy is ignited. With the passive tree changes to ignite and fire damage we reach almost 100% chance to ignite, meaning we can hit ourselves in the face constantly \o/. Both incinerate and firestorm provide lots of small hits on enemies (which all ignite) producing all the self-harm we need to generate endurance charges through the ascendency node Unflinching and cast bloodrage, immortal call, descecrate and cremation.

With the Sunpite unique boots we also increase our chance to be ignited , which causes the fire damage taken to also set the character on fire. This in turn activiates the 2% of fire damage leeched as life from the amulet and the increased movement speed and life regeneration from the boots.


Updated Build With Haste and Malachai's Artifice:
Phoenix map/kill

Build with Anger:
Facetanking t16 Minotaur:

Deathless Red Tier Elder

Build Update

I have made a few changes to the build which I think are for the better. I have managed to squeeze in Malachai's Artifice ring which provides -37.5% fire res to targets. i use orb of stomrs in the ring and self cast my curse which is linked with arcane surge and increased duration.

In order to use malachai' artifice you must have NO added fire damage to spells. This means dropping Anger and changing my sceptre and one jewel. The damage proivided by the Malachai's Artifice outweighs the damage provided by Anger (Including a Watcher's Eye with Fire Pen whilst Anger is active) and allows me to run Haste.

I now run a Watchers eye with '- cost of skills whilst affected by Clarity' and 'Gain Onslaught for 4 Seconds when you kill an enemy whilst affected by haste'. This change mens my DPS has gone up in all cases except for Elemental Equilibrium maps. My clearspeed is massively improved as well.

The only problem will be mana. The three options for solving mana problems are to get a ring with both life gained on spell hit and mana gained on spell hit, to use a watchers eye with reduced mana cost of skills whilst afffected by clarity ( this is the option i have taken) or to get the boot enchant with life and mana regen if you have bneen hit recently (this will require some mana regen on gear aswell to work).

My gear changes are:

I am also now running Vaal Righteous Fire in my glove setup making the links VRF - Increaed Duration - Flammability - Arcane surge.

These changes provide more DPS, at the cost of making the build more complex to play. We also lose around 300hp from the loss of life on one ring.

The aforementioned Eye of Innocence is required:

The sunspite boots are used to generate the self ignite:

You could also use the Mokou's embrace ring:

A loreweave is used to reduce incoming elemental damage and to circumvent the minus maximum resistance map mod:

The important stats are the maximum resistance roll first of all (go for 80%) then get as much life and elemental damage as you can.

The new Unyielding Flame shield is used as it has life, resistances, cast and attack speed aswell as Commmandment of Inferno on critical strike. This provides the build with clearspeed from the attack and cast speed aswell as a source of decent ignite damage from the commandment.

A well rolled rare shield will provide more dps, but less utility. Look for a shield with the temple mod which provides fire damage % and flat fire damage to spells.

Before you are able to get shaped rings with life gained on hit for spells use a Ngamahu's Sign ring to offset the self inflicted damage. This is also a good option for before you get the Eye of Innocence amulet, providing some sustain.

A rare Elder helm is used in order to support Cremation with Immolate and Concentrated effect. This could be further improved with an essence roll of 30% More Elemental Damage, but this sort of item will be pricey.

Look for Supported By Immolate and Supported by Concentrated effect and a life roll for starters and get some resists if you can.

Rings are both Shaped, one with Life gained on hit for spells and one with Mana gained on hit for spells. You can get both rolls on one ring. Otherwise just look for life and resists

Belt is straight forward belt with life and resists, go for a shaped belt with reduced cooldown recovery or a Stygian Vise if you have the monies.

Use a sceptre as your weapon for the elemental damage or penetration implicit. Just get as much damage as you can; fire damage, spell damage and flat fire damage to spells are all good. An attack speed roll is also preferable in order to boost Shield Charge speed. Grab a shaped sceptre if you can afford it, but this will be very costly to beat a simple temple modded sceptre.

You could also use a Doryani's Catalyst.

The gloves I have chosen are Shaped gloves with the Supported by blind/Global chance to blind affix, as this provides another defensive layer. the chance to blind is low, but we apply so many hits that we will blind any target that survives longer than a second. grab life and resists aswell.

Your main skill setup is Incinerate CWC Firestorm linked with Combustion, Concentrated Effect and Controlled Destruction. Swap the Concentrated Effect out for Increased AOE while clearing.

In your helm use Cremation linked with Greater Multiple Projectiles, Combustion and Cast When Damage Taken. I'm currently using a Level 20 CWDT which requires a significant amount of damage to proc, but will provide a level 20 Cremation. This will not trigger that often from the self-inflicted damage alone and could be self cast. Just replcace the CWDT with Controlled Destruction in this case.

In our gloves we have Orb of Storms linked with Curse on Hit, Arcane Surge and either Flammability or Enfeeble

This setup will provide quick access to more damage against bosses and some defence if you opt for Enfeeble.

Your boots will contain Blood Rage (lvl 7) , Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1), Immortal Call (lvl 3) and Descecrate (lvl 1). Make sure Blood Rage comes before Immortal Call in your links (moving clockwise) so that it triggers before Immortal Call and provides the bonus from the Soul or Arakaali Pantheon.

In either your shield or weapon you will have Shield Charge linked with Faster Attacks and Fortify. The unused item will contain Anger Flame Dash and Herald of Ash.

Passive Tree


The two possible damage flasks are Atziri's Promise and The WIse Oak so grab both of them. I also use one life flask with bleed immunity, one Quicklsilver with curse immunity and a silver flask with shock immunity. swap out a damage flask for a mana flask on no regen maps.

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nice build, bandits?
Hi, thanks. I always take the two points, don't think there is a better option here.
I'm new to this type of build so forgive me for the basic question, but what is the purpose of running blood rage?
No worries. Blood rage has a couple of uses. Firstly it gives attack speed which improves the speed of shield charge. Secondly it provides frenzy charges, whilst we are clearing, which provide attack speed, cast speed and damage. Finally, because Blood Rage procs before Immortal Call, we will count as having 'stopped taking damage over time recently' for the purposes of the pantheon 'Soul of Arakaali'. This will provide the '50% increased Recovery of Life and Energy Shield' which applies to both our regen and leech. The build has an Immortal Call duration of 3 seconds, which is its entire cooldown. As such Blood Rage will proc before Immortal Call (due to the Blood Rage gem being placed before the Immortal Call gem in the CWDT setup) every 3 seconds, therefore the Soul of Arakaali buff will be up nearly permanently. Hope this helps.
hi, thx for the build , why no golem ?
Hey np. Literally just cant fit one in. You could definately drop the flame dash for a fire golem if you wanted, or grab an unset ring. Golems are a bit of a waste of time IMO though. For the required upkeep, or CWDT setup, they don't offer much.
Hi i'm currently lvling your build, is there an optimum ascendancy order? Thinking about rushing unrelenting than unstopable?

Anyway thanks for sharing build look strong.

Fly safe
Hey, np. Just grab Unflinching first and then its really up to you. Afterwards, I took Unbreakable, then Unstoppable and finally Unrelenting. I've made a few changes to the build, which I will update soon, but they only really matter once you hit Guardians.
fredmebob wrote:
Hey, np. Just grab Unflinching first and then its really up to you. Afterwards, I took Unbreakable, then Unstoppable and finally Unrelenting. I've made a few changes to the build, which I will update soon, but they only really matter once you hit Guardians.

Thanks =)

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