[3.3] Blade Vortex Occultist — Perma IC — Low Life CI (NOT a meme anymore!)

Whoa, okay, I didn't expect to get so many replies on this crap. Sorry for the late answers!

aDoreMe wrote:
Thanks for the Tree.

I leveled it up over the Weekend to lvl 81.
Its fun :). Its also very unforgiving but thats mainly because of the BV mechanics and your need for it to be up absolutely allways. If you screw it up, your just immediatly dead because whiteout the Endurance-Charge boosted IC your just toast ;).

I went with a bit more offense on the tree but couldn't test it with Hrimsorrow yet because Vorici is a giant turd (I use Kalisa's Grace instead for the pseudo 5 Link until I get the chest linked).

What the guide is missing imho (i never played bladevortex or CI):
The Dex/Str-Requirments for BV and IC are pretty big and this build gets like nothing from the tree. Same goes for resists and i actually use a Manaflask to make it "smoother". I had to alter the Talent tree to adjust to that.
A suggestion for what Kind of Weapon/Rares/Jewels to use would also be really nice.

My char isn't optimized at all, I don't have a single Jewel socketed and parts of the gear are really just "mix and match what i had lying around" but I cleared ~T10 and Xophs breach whiteout issues (had to refill flasks once against Xoph).
Its also the first time i played CI and BV... So i'm really no expert especially when it comes to the CI playstyle against bosses.

Its really fun and engaging build to play, you actually need to be really awake because if you aren't you just immediatly fall over :D.

(Disregard my profile, i was playing around with some stuff and thats how i logged out :))

Btw: Fuck Vorici, coloring Hrimsorrow should really not be that hard... One could think...

Thanks for trying out the build! If you're struggling with the whole LL/IC thing, the build is still versatile enough so you can just switch out a few uniques for some rares, should solve some of your issues too. Still, I enjoyed the challenge

I'll update the guide with some suggestion for weapons, but you're just looking for as many "phys as extra fire/cold/lightning/random-element" mods as possible.

About the attributes, it was a pain for me only because the statstick I got early on was a foil, that requires 212 dex. That was pretty tough. If you find just a regular sceptre it shouldn't be that hard to find the necessary attributes. If I did it to 212 dex on a really tight budget, anyone can do it.

But yeah, once you get everything up and running you wont have to be on alert all the time, just uploaded a new video you can see I don't really watch out for much, and even after a big hit the regen just tops you up again in no time.

Edit: updated the guide with a rare items section and updated the leveling section of the build

Gryphenprey wrote:
Hey, I wanted to throw in some input in here. I leveled this build (took the concept at least) and am currently 89.

I liked how memey it was, but the IC uptime felt clunky to me and made me prone to 1-shots from big phys hits. I inevitably dropped the Belt+Romira's+Voll's package for a more mainstream (blegh) approach.

That being said, there are a couple of suggestions I would make for you:

First, drop hrimsorrow for ES gloves for a Hatred phys -> Cold conversion watcher's eye. You can get up to 40% conversion this way and you don't sacrifice a Gear slot. I get an extra 800es from my glove slot. IMO worth losing 10-15% conversion.

Also, it's actually very easy to then as well get some decent ES gloves with 25% phys converted to Cold/Fire/Lightning. Not even that pricey for 100+ES

The next one is a little wonky, but it made sustaining IC feel a bit better, I actually kept this setup because it let's me start ES recharge, maintain 100% uptime on boot regen enchantment, keep myself always poisoned for apep's, and spam lvl 1 CWDT effects.


ES isn't great (obviously) but the self damaging aspect of this will help keep IC up as well as let you start your es recharge at will (even more tankiness)

I initially dropped the helm for a 300es one and felt squishier. I went back to it. The self-hitting also procs Soul of gruthkul or upgraded yugul pantheons.

I really enjoyed the style of this build and the concept of it. Unfortunately it was not for me. I might try this as a Juggernaught/Scion+Jugg with the Scold's hits generating endurance charges to fully automate the process. This would also grant more Endurance charges for greater duration. easing the "downtime" of IC and requiring a lower level-which again, means more reliable procs.

The last suggestion would be to put an intuitive leap jewel in the slot by the endurance charge and power charge. this saves you 5 passive points (assuming you take Faith and steel+2 charges) You can do lot with 5 points and the leap is not expensive right now.

Below is my current gear on my character at level 89, while I have strayed from the original concept, I did keep some of the mechanics that made it so tanky.


Those are some nice modifications to the build! I thought about the Scold's method too, but before I tried it my IC had already no downtime. I'm uploading another video (link already in guide) and as you'll see the IC is completely reliable.

I like the intuitive leap idea, might add it to the original post! If you've got some currency laying around, why not.

Masaaki14 wrote:
looks like a very interesting, build, hope you don't mind me asking but can you provide more videos? preferably showcasing this build and it's capabilities with at least a 5L and with the LL bonus, among other buffs

Uploading new video to YouTube right now, link is already on the guide
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I found this build last week and have been playing it over the weekend. This is everything I was trying to look for in a Shadow or Scion, but better. I have only died once so far at Act 6 when I was dying frequently with all of the bosses before. I did change a few things, and I got PoB to hit a million DPS also. One thing I did was drop the health/shield nodes and took the two groups in Witch. This gives me more health early, and I convert all to ES with Energy from Within later. I am also using Zombies and Arc w/ phantasm on kill for leveling. Arc I mostly use when there are mobs on a ledge or I get stuck in doors or other obstacles. I am excited to get a bit higher and switch all my gear over with IC. Also for leveling, I took much of the witch, then I went over to shadow and then down to Scion area. I am just heading over to the Templar zone now to get the Energy Resistances you need in act 6.
Where's the new vid? I do want to see how the clear is
How is this an affordable build? The belt alone is 4ex, and the shield start at 16ex+ I don't see how this is "affordable" *scratching head*

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