The Spirit Portal Effect

nice portal .. might get
You need to show us what it looks like in a hideout, with the portals close together.

(Some portals clip into each other and don't look so good.)
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I don’t know about this one is to simple for my taste
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would rather want that map device :(

Would been better without the bones.

Maybe if bones were a ground effect.
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Yeaaahh.. any chance we could get those spirit footprints before anymore spirit mtxs?

Edit: Imo, I feel the bones kind of ruin it.
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GGG keeps releasing the same things over and over again. How about interface skins (we'd love to have the naked chicks back) ? Or h/o decorations ? Or some entirely new category ?
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I really like it but I think it would be even better without the spinning bones rotating around the portal. Still a very nice portal effect.
GGG is always scamming with video, which always shows map device from the location, which is not used by the players anyway. Hide the poorly designed, clipping mtx.

Without the bones would be best portal ever, but nice anyway, shame that it's poorly advertised, not showing the real look in HO.
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It looks great but stop making more portals until you give us a way to shuffle through them or to have more than 1 mtx active at a time so we can actually use and see some of them.

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