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Nerf of the week incoming ;)
Why are people ctrying about build nerfs? This is poe it is all about making multple chars for different builds..... your build gets nerfed you make a new one, it's that simple. I got tired of 90% of people using arc on any setup or blade vortex triple herald elementalist.... Thats what should be nerfed so people would learn to be creative like that person who made last build of the week.
Also i don't think that last build was nerfed intetionaly, it was just a balance for traps that are still too strong in literaly 95% of any set up.
I spent my whole week making this build as good as possible. I think i came to perfection. This build uses 4 spectres+frenzy charges+soul eater+rampage for clear speed and a 5link skeletons setup for single target which they can get up to like absurd amounts of dps. Check out notes for the dps calculations :) Hope enyone is intrested in it :)
maybe i'll wait till i have what i feel is a more interesting build to submit
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Message doubled wtf)
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thanks GGG for destroying the "friends with benefits build" in 3.3
what ?

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