[3.3] Vexray's "Orbital Obliteration" Lightning Warp Traps *UPDATED 6/13/18*

"With whistling speed his cloak explodes open to reveal thousands of minature metal contraptions"

"His traps spring forward unleashing crackling beams of light like Ive never seen before! There was a great flash over Oriath as the mighty gods and exiles of legend fight for our very survival against this beast Kitava."

Vaxal Clampfoot - Refuge of Oriath

This Build is still being leveled and may vary a little over time. Please be respectful when posting and I am happy to hear any opinions or variations that might spawn from this. My gear is not the best but is used as a general guideline of what will be necessary.


Updated 6/13/18 level 76
I have now reached high tier maps (9+) and have been very happy with the results so far. Getting into a Tinkerskin has made survival much more practical in close range. We ran a 127% Estuary and decimated everything however failed to realize the boss was twinned and had some seriously OP mods XD. Cant win them all!

I have also updated the gear section and will now show off my current equipment so others can see what results they bring. Ive removed all of my AoE and Duration modded gear and went straight defenses at this point and have had no issues with death on normal non-instagib maps.


Build Concept and Theory
Over the years I have wanted to make crazy unusual builds that you don't commonly see. Lightning warp has always filled the role of movement however I felt with the right additions they could turn this into a very very strong main skill. After the update to 3.3 traps and trap limit, LW can finally show off its true power.

Neat Gadgets and Gizmos of the Build:
Lots of Hits!
With lightning warp you are capable of hitting the same enemy several times, allowing you to shotgun the damage in a small or large area, massively increasing your damage. Your ascendancy will specialize in maximizing your trap output to boost your damage and crit levels. Each Warp is 2 hits, with Cluster Trap you have 4 warps per trap and 23 total traps. With enough AOE a large portion of these traps will hit the same target causing massive amounts of quick relfectless damage

Blinding Aura

As a Saboteur you gain an aura of blind that gives extra damage and survivability!

Extreme AOE and Single Target Damage
Reflect Immune
Easy to Gear - No Gear Requirements! (Tinkerskin is quite nice however)
Aura of Blindness
Not Arc Traps
15 Second Infinite Mana
Very Flashy - If you have friends who do not like flashy builds this is going to really annoy them

Very Mana Intensive - Vaal Clarity Highly Recommended
A little glassy at first - Can be mitigated with earlier defenses
Very Flashy - If you have friends who do not like flashy builds this is going to really annoy them

Because of the Lightning Meta, the cost of Lightning Warp and Lightning based gear has gone up alot. There are several items that can be purchased for a couple chaos that will easily put you into high tier maps before you get the better stuff.

Passive Tree and Leveling Guide
Path of Building Link : https://pastebin.com/1CDvhhBa

Levels 1-25

First 25 Points
It is recommended to reach Clever Construction as soon as possible as this will prevent your traps from being destroyed by area of effects and ground damage

Levels 25-50
Second 25 Points
On these points I concentrated on getting my frenzy charges along with some survivability1.You will get Charged Traps early in the game and the charges play a very big role in your damage and how fast you plow through content. I found mana to be a constant issue during the early game so getting this early would not be a waste.

Levels 50+
Transition to Endgame
A balanced meal of Defense and Damage, make sure to pick up a lot of crit at this point as this is where you start really hitting hard.
Situational and Intro through maps

Situational and Post Kitava
Situational Points
During leveling you may find that your missing life or damage, use these points as filler to increase your sustain and damage.

Ascendancy - Saboteur
Normal Cruel Merciless Endgame

Getting Perfect Crime early as possible will really help your damage both early and midgame. If you start having issues with survivability, go for Born in the Shadows earlier. Getting Chain Reaction will cause all your traps to unleash at the same time, completely changing the look of your skill. I will be taking Explosives Expert last to boost my damage and survivability. I did not feel it was strong enough for me to consider it earlier over Perfect Crime or Born in the Shadows.

(NOTE: Do not use Sunblast with Chain Reaction or Tinkerskin, it Nerfs your output of damage and causes you to gain less life back!

Gear Choices


Updated 6/13/18
I concentrated on primarily ES gear for the helmet, there are alot of really good choices but so far I have found the Increased AoE or flat defenses to be most ideal.

I recommend getting a 2 handed staff with + trap damage and + Level of Lightning Gems, any additional spell stats are incredibly nice but not mandatory. Adding lightning damage to spells will also increase your damage exponentially due to how many traps you unleash at once. The ultimate staff would be a Crescent staff with high spell, lightning, trap damage and + to gems. Mine sucks but is a good example. More damage can be gained from two one-handed weapons but I like having a 6 socket setup to play with with triggers and buffs.

Updated 6/13/18 Gear:
I am now using my staff solely for the purpose of movement, until I get a +2 Lightning staff or something that necessitates using LW in it, this staff makes a perfect choice for the high crit and high base lightning damage it adds to spells.

For survivability concentrate on energy shield + evasion gear. When you hit high enough level to wear a Tinkerskin they will provide a huge amount of bonus to survivability

Ascent From Flesh will help boost your effective HP and mitigate damage with dodge while providing you the much needed phase-walk that makes trapping a lot less tedious (I hate getting stuck on stuff)

Concentrate on maximizing your chaos resists and provide yourself with enough strength to use staves and your STR gems, Right now I need 112 Str to use everything at 76

I have not been fortunate enough to get any decent gloves yet that provide trap bonuses, when I will have to compare the value of sockets vs bonus gem levels for LW since its a flat damage gain per level it might be better on the staff. Still testing.

Videos: (More added as I level this character)


Random Boss Kill Low Tier Rare Map

Graveyard Rare Quality Boss Kill

T9 Estuary Twinned 1xx% Insta-Gib Bosses lol

My Other Older Builds:

[2.2] Dual RF Totem Templar
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This looks promising. Looking forward to seeing some end-game clears to show how far this build can go.
Thanks. Adding new videos as I come across a chance to record one. Being tethered sucks

Bump* Updated with tons of new resources and info!
Do you have a PoB Link?
Oh wow I completely forgot to add that. I need to update the videos too. I ended up doing some Atziri runs the other day that turned out well.

I will add it to my main link:
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