[3.3] Great Balls Of FIRE!! - Burning Poet's Pen

GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! (つ◕౪◕)つ━☆゚.*・。゚

SC (Softcore) Incursion

I hope you guys are ready for GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!

Note: This is a build IN PROGRESS, but so far it has worked very well.
Worked on this build with a special someone named Azalet.
This build is by no means a solo idea!

This build works well for farming, farming and oh yea, FARMING!

Tags are:
Life Based / Spell / Fire / Elemental / Burning / Elemental Proliferation / Projectile / AOE / Leech

Note: You MUST have 2 of the Poet's Pen Wand in order for this build to work.
This build is only tested for maps at the moment.

Beware: Before doing Guardians, Atziri, Shaper or Elder make sure to research and understand the boss fights before trying this build.

-Easy Leveling
-Fast Clear Speed
-High Damage

-Ranges From Mid-Expense to Expensive
-Can get OS (one shot) if not careful and/or don't bring the right flasks!

Leveling With Poet's Pen
Level 1 - 11
You can use any spell you prefer. It won't take you long to level to use Poet's Pen.

Level 12 - 17
From here you can level with Flame Surge and Combustion in your first Poet's Pen.
And in your second Poet's Pen you will use Fireball, Combustion and LMP
(Lesser Multiple Projectile).

Level 18 - 37
Now you want to swap Combustion for Conc Effect and add Elemental Focus onto your first Poet's Pen.

Level 38 +
Finally you want to swap out LMP for GMP (Greater Multiple Projectiles) on your second Poet's Pen. This will be your final endgame setup.

Note: Honestly, you can level with whatever skills you prefer on Poet's Pen because it is just fun to experiment and see what combinations you get or what skills you have the most fun with.
This leveling guide is just for people who are new or don't know what to do.

Leveling Without Poet's Pen
Level 1 +

Poet's Pen is the easiest way to level.

If you prefer using a skill you can cast, you can use any skill you prefer to level with.
I would suggest to level with the Flameblast gem as soon as you are able to get it.
You will go through content quickly and easily.

NOTE:For this build to work in its entirety, you WILL need Poet's Pen or it will just be another spell cast skill and will not be the same build at all.


You will need 2 Rolling Flames Jewels.
The corruption on them aren't a big deal. You can use them without any corruption.

Any other rare jewels you use will have #% or +# life and/or fire damage.
The IDEAL abyss jewel you would want, would have these mods:

Skill Gems
Main Skills

3L: Flame Surge / Elemental Focus / Concentrated Effect

3L: Fireball / Combustion / GMP (Greater Multiple Projectiles)

4L: Barrage (Lvl 1) / Faster Attacks / GMP / Life Gain On Hit

Aura / Curse / Golem Setup

4L: Frenzy / GMP / Curse On Hit / (Flammability OR Warlord's Mark)

4L: Anger / Clarity / Herald Of Ash / Summon Flame Golem

Deal With The Bandits Quest

Skill Points

Skill Tree
NOTE: You can choose if you want Mind Over Matter on the skill tree. It's your preference.

Version 1 - Pastebin Link:

Version 2 - Mind Over Matter + Unwavering Stance Pastebin Link:
(Be sure to get rid of Anger if you use this version of the build)

Path Of Exile Website Link:


You MUST HAVE 2 of these because we will be dual wielding.

You can choose whatever you find fits your preference for this build.


Normal Lab:
Shaper Of Desolation

Cruel Lab:
Beacon Of Ruin

Merciless Lab:
Pendulum Of Destruction

Uber Lab:
Mastermind Of Discord

If you have any questions about the build, feel free to message me in game.
My IGN is: CautiousWallabyMuffZ

GOOD LUCK fellow exiles.
I hope this build proves amazing to you if you get to try it. :D

If you are interested in my Twitch, go to twitch.tv/Asi_MuffZ
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could you Show the Skill Tree?
The skill tree has been put up! Enjoy!
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Asilehs wrote:
The skill tree has been put up! Enjoy!

Thank you very much
The URL you list for pastebin in NOT a pastebin link.

Do you have a pastebin link you can share?

I found OP's profile on Poe.Ninja and was able to get the Path of Building from that.

Which can be found here https://pastebin.com/FtvtFw1X and also the actual Poe.ninja page for their character, https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/Asilehs/CautiousWallabyMuffZ?i=0&search=class%3DElementalist%26item%3DKaoms-Heart%2CThe-Poets-Pen%2CRolling-Flames

There's currently some differences between the their character's tree, and the tree in the OP.
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Sorry guys, I just updated the tree and Pastebin! I am looking for optimizations for this build, so it may change a little here and there. I will try to keep the post updated as much as I can! :)

Thanks you very much @Laufeysoni for helping others with finding the updated build! :D
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Just updated the build for a Mind Over Matter + Unwavering Stance version, for those having trouble with stun lock or trouble leveling up! It's under "Skill Tree."
Sry, Can this build endgame?
I'm looking for endgame builds. Thank you!
Depends what you mean by endgame.
Yes this build can do high tier maps.
Yes this build can do Shaper.
I haven't tested Elder or Uber Elder as of yet.

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