[3.4 Video Guide] Poet's Pen Arc/Freezing Pulse + CoC GC [Trickster or Inquisitor]

Build SHOULD be updated for 3.4 now! If you find any errors please send me a msg on Discord

Also a note:
The skilltrees won't be "correct" till PoE updates the website. So use PoB till that happens.
Build Guide List: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1686036
I go through my forum threads every 2-3 day

Hey there, so I'm loving the guide and am up to lvl 86 so far. Im running with a Tabula and looking at Inpulsa, but my god its expensive. In POB, switching to Inpulsa gives me a boost of about 10% to my DPS. Plus I could only afford a 5 link, so I'd have to drop either Faster Attacks or Culling Strike on the chest.
So how is it worth it, making this swap? I see I would also get corpse explosion, but it doesn't look like Inplusa would help me much with boss fights, which is where I am currently struggling.
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So i am enjoying this build all the way up until maps. It clears trash like a breeze but good lord it is damn near impossible to do any sort of boss with it. The single target damage is just not there AT ALL. Wish i could get continue it but being level 80 and still not able to do any sort of map boss i just can't do it anymore. Loved the build but once you hit maps you hit a wall hard with bosses.

(using a 6 link impulsas with warlord mark on hit ring and power siphon setup)
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